Just Testing Something Out…

18 09 2007
…so it really sucks to be me because my work has blocked blogger on the computers over there so I can’t blog anymore from the office. And that’s where a lot of my blogging was done.
So I just wanted to test something out because I’m emailing in my posts so yeah, just bare with me…while I test some things out.



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20 09 2007

I was thinking of you today as JT was on Oprah. I’ve never seen him perform live and WOW, he blew my mind. I hope it ends up on Youtube so you can catch it – it was the ‘around comes around’ song. Amazing.


24 09 2007

Hey, Ro–
I know the feeling about not being able to net surf at work. Absolute pits!!!

25 09 2007

Hey Cindy,

I totally watched JT on Oprah last week, I stole the little tv that our receptionist has at the front desk and took it up to my office so I wouldn’t miss my man on Oprah…and I saw him perform What Goes Around…he so rocks my socks! =)


Aint it though? I seriously HATE going to work now…hate it, hate it, they took away my blogger! Ugh.

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