Prison Break: Season 3, Episode 1.

18 09 2007
Alright ya’ll, its that time of the year when fall is here and our favorite shows are coming back on the air with brand spankin’ new episodes…and last night was the first episode in the new season for one of me, Izzy and Grace’s favorite shows, Prison Break.
Last night we got to see Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows and the rest of the crew (well the ones that are still alive and kickin’ that is) back on the small screen and boy was I one happy camper.  I had forgotten just how hot Wentworth Miller and I had forgotten just how much I loved me some Michael Scofield.  And Dominic Purcell? Holy hot damn, that man is lookin’ good too…where have I been?
Not watching TV that’s where.
But you can bet the farm that I will be watching TV from now on.  No more FHE’s for me, I’ve got to stay home and do the family FHE and then I’ll be watching Prison Break because holy hot damn, there’s going to be so much stuff that I’m going to miss if I start going out again.  So I’m going to try very hard to stay home and catch up on my shows.  Because, you know, TV is where my heart is. =)
Anyway, on to last night’s show.  So last season we had Michael and Lincoln out of prison and on the run, still determined to clear Linc’s name and get that pardon that will get them out of this mess and out of hiding.  So much drama went down and at the end of the season, Lincoln is a free man, Sarah’s free but Michael, well, Michael is back in prison in Panama and something else is brewing in the air, with Michael Scofield in the middle of everything once again.
Last night’s season premiere starts off with some chick covering up deep scratches on her face, who she is? I aint got a hot damn clue.  Then we see Lincoln trying to beg the peeps at the Embassy to get Michael out of Sona (the name of the prison he’s at) and they’re telling Linc that the only way anyone makes it out of Sona is in a bodybag.  Linc is not too happy about that and then we see a horrified Michael witness just how the guys at Sona get down…fighting to the death.
It’s been awhile since I’ve watched any Prison Break so my mind was fuzzy on details from last season but I’m up on my game now so I think I’ll be straight, or as straight as I can because a new season of what if’s and is Michael going to come through in the nick of time is just what I need to keep coming back for more Prison Break.
First of all, can I just say that I heart Michael Scofield because he is super duper frickin’ hot! He’s such a stud and now that that’s out of the way, I can’t wait to see this new storyline unfold…just who is the guy that Michael is supposed to break out of prison so that he can save the lives of LJ and Sarah.  I want to know if Sarah really is coming back to the show after her maternity leave because I heard conflicting stories, that yes, she is coming back and other stories that say she’s not returning to the show and if she doesn’t return, I’m going to be hella mad because seriously????
SHE HAS TO!  She’s Michael’s lobster, they belong together.
I knew some monkey business was up when Lincoln was hearing all of this good news about Michael being able to walk out a free man and get transferred to a better and safer prison.  I knew that there was a reason Michael is in there and at the end of the episode, we find out what Michael’s role is.  His new role on the show is to get someone else out of prison but what I really want to know is…who is this guy and what is he doing behind a wall?  What is his significance to anything? Is he related to the whole President thing or is this guy totally new to everything?
What’s really going on?
And while Michael is trying to find a way to break out the secret guy, in a week to boot, what the hell is Lincoln going to be doing? Twiddling his thumbs?
Goodness, so much to wait and see this season on Prison Break and for like the fiftieth time, WHY THE HELL IS T BAG STILL ALIVE?
Somebody kill that man already, he’s tainted the small screen for too long on this show and I’m just waiting for them to kill his ass off.  And what’s up with C Note? Do you guys think that he’ll back? I mean, he’s got to come back for Mahone’s trial but do you think we’ll see him before all that?  And dude, it’s weird not having Kellerman on the show, I mean, I know he’s not coming back because he’s on Addison’s new show, Private Practice. But dude, I miss that sorry fool.
Anyway, Sucre, I’m kinda over him…the only person or people I should say that I actually want to see every week is Michael, Linc, LJ and Sarah…so they better bring Sarah’s ass back or I’m going to be one pissed off viewer! And dude, who the hell is home chick with the scars on her face and well, you know …all that?
So much to look forward to and so much to remember, HOT DAMN I CAN’T WAIT!!!
Welcome back, Prison Break!



3 responses

19 09 2007

You know, how is T Bag still alive. Ugh… I hope he gets off’d soon. Geez. Although, I was laughing my ass off watching Bellick clean the toilets. HA HA!


21 09 2007

I wish T Bag would shrivel away and die a slow and agonizing death.


But hot damn I can’t wait for next week’s show!

25 09 2007

Alright, I need a recap izzy…I missed it tonight! Ugh.

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