31 10 2007

So, my bestest friend, Izzy sent me a Halloween treat:

And now, I’m passing it along to five of my friends!

So Happy Halloween to these guys and EVERYONE ELSE ON MY SIDEBAR:


I hope you guys eat lots of candy and don’t get any cavaties! ENJOY!


My Desktop!

30 10 2007

So, I was tagged a few weeks ago to do this on my blog by my good friend, Dev over at Good Reads!

Here’s how you play:

A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by going to your desktop and pressing the Print Screen (located on the right of your F12 key). Open a graphics proram (like Picture Manager, Paint or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V) If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.

B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can tell why you preferred such a look or why it is full of icons. Things like that.

C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.

D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participating.

If you want to see a directory of the people that have participated in this, check out this link: Dev and Good Reads.

Here’s what my desktop at home looks like:

Alright, this is a picture that was taken this summer at my family reunion, this is most of my family on my Mom’s side. We’re a big Polynesian family and this is what we look like. I’ll have to do the one of my work computer later.

Another Great Weekend!

29 10 2007

This weekend was pretty cool.

Friday after work, I came home and got Brennigan dressed for the Primary Trunk or Treat at our Home Ward and then Chloe and myself went to Target to grab some stuff and then headed over to the Trunk or Treat to pass out some candy to the Primary kids. There was a good turn out, since we combined with the other two wards that meet in our building. Lots and lots of kids and lots and lots of candy was passed out and eaten. The whole family turnd out with the exception of the boys, Dad and Henry went to watch Jared’s football game against Lawndale and of course, Jared’s team stomped on them because well, I heard Lawndale sucks so good on Jared and the rest of the Tartars. Us girls (me, Blanche and Delene) showed up with Lesley coming with her girls and Mom then not too long after that, Pete and Tiffany showed up and the party train was complete! The kids had a good time, they got too much candy and a good time was had by all.

After the dance, Maria and I went to grab something to eat since it had been ALL DAY since I didn’t eat and then we were sitting there, me pouring my heart out to her while she listened on and offered whatever advice she felt was necessary and then not too long after that, Mulu called and she came, met up with us at McDonalds (you know how us broke people do it!) and then we dropped Maria’s car off at my house and headed to the Inglewood Stake Halloween Dance, which if you asked me was the perfect dance for Polynesian people. They played lots of reggae and lots of hip hop which made for a good time had by all of the Poly’s there. Levi and Aaron weren’t too wild about the lack of other types of music played but we (read that as me and Mulu) loved the music. Every other song, we were looking at eachother, saying, “THIS IS MY SONG!” They played lots of old reggae cuts that we had forgotten about and then they played a lot of cuts that had us groovin’ right along to on the dance floor.

We had a good time hanging and dancing with the peeps from our Branch and it was good that we got a group to go to show support for the Inglewood Stake, so hopefully they’ll return the favor at our dance this coming Wednesday…DJ’s McShorty Shorts say that they’ll be tearing it up so I hope they bring it because a lot of hype has been made about these guys, I hope they don’t let us down.

After the dance, Mulu, Maria and myself went to get a bite to eat for Mulu (Maria and I weren’t hungry) and we hung out, chatting while I texted unsuccessfully with The Boy and wondered over that. I went to bed thinking about the Boy and wondering what’s going on with him.

Saturday was another Saturday spent at the park. Makenna had the early game this weekend, she played at 9:30 and she tied her game and then after her game, Cheridan played against Brennigan’s team. Brenna’s team was winning the game, 3-0 until the 4th quarter. Coach Oscar put Brenna in as goalie (a first time at that) and Brenna let two goals slip through, she had a really good block, one that surprised the heck out of me but there were too many girls for her to keep track of (don’t ask me what happened to her defenders, I have no idea, it was Brenna against three girls from Cheridan’s team, Cheridan being one of them) and then right before the game ended…Cheridan got the ball and booted the heck out of the ball and scored from outside the goalie box and that ended the game. So we didn’t lose but we didn’t win either which for me was not a big deal but I don’t think the parents on my team was too happy with me for jumping and cheering for Cheridan when she scored the tying goal….but oh well.

After their game, Nathan showed up to the park with his parents to watch his niece’s game which was the game after Brenna’s game. We had a whole conversation with our eyes, it was pretty crazy…Chloe was like, “That’s the second weekend, we saw Nathan at the park and you guys didn’t say anything to each other, what’s wrong with you guys now?” I told her, “Nothing, we talked…just because we didn’t say anything doesn’t mean that we didn’t say anything to each other, we… talked.” And I left it at that and she said, “Ohhhhh, I know…awwww, that’s so cute! I wish I had that.”

I had to wait for Blanche who ran home to get some stuff for Chase and we waited for Pete, Chloe and Kurt to bring lunch back from McDonald’s. Me, Chance and Chase sat on the opposite side of Nathan’s niece’s team and paid little attention to the game while we played…Chase’s tooth came out on the field and he wasn’t too happy with me about that but it was okay because I talked him into being happy about it since the tooth fairy was goign to hook him up with some money and as soon as I said he’d get money for his tooth, he forgot all about being mad at me.

LOL, kids!

Chase won his game, 1-0…with no goals from him and then after his game, we had our last game of the day…Chay Chay’s game, she lost her game, I forget what the score was but her team is the worst of all the teams, I think and her coaches are frickin’ hilarious. But Chay Chay did a good job, she’s a great defender so that was all good in the hood.

I was too tired from the days activities to go out Saturday night so I stayed home, helped clean the house and get the house ready for Halloween night and then this morning, Maria came and picked me up for Church and we were on our way.

I saw Aaron today, things went down with Aaron on Monday and he told me that he wasn’t going to be coming around much because he needs to focus on his calling in his own ward and I was pretty bummed about that since I like hanging out with Aaron but after spending time with him this weekend (at the dance on Friday and then today at Church), I need to stop leading the guy on. I’m not digging him the way that I am, Nathan so I just need to leave that one alone. We talked on the phone and then emailed throughout the week and either he’s playing with my emotions or I’m playing with him and either way, it can’t end well so I need to just bust a Keisha Cole and let it go…but, if Aaron was taller and buffer, I would totally date him. Oh yeah and if I wasn’t diggin on Nathan like TLC sings in their song, Diggin’ On You.


I need to pray about this because I need an eternal companion dangit!

Movie Watch: P.S. I Love You.

26 10 2007

So while I was breaking Nicole this morning at the front desk, I was looking through the sidebar at Book Binge and clicking on different authors to check up to see what’s new in their writing lives and what not. I came across, Cecelia Ahern’s website and found out that she’s the writer behind, Samantha Who? The new Christina Applegate show on ABC. That brought me up short because I wasn’t planning on watching the show (which premiered last week, I believe) but now that I know CA is the writer behind the show, I will most definitely check that show out.

Another thing that I noticed when I was browsing through her site is that she’s got a movie coming out for her book, P.S. I Love You, a book that was read and reviewed by two of my friends, Grace and Isabel. Both of my friends read and really enjoyed the book, which is why I don’t understand why I stopped reading the book, I have had the book for the last like year or so and I just haven’t read it…I read Love, Rosie a few months back and absolutely loved that book, it reminded me so much of my friendship with one of the guys that I had the biggest crush on and so it was a personal read for me and Cecelia Ahern sure knows how to weave a story that draws the readers into the world of the characters and I just absolutely love that about her.

I clicked on the website for the movie, P.S. I Love You and found out that it comes out this Christmas season and stars Gerard Butler (HUNKALICIOUS FOR REAL!) as Gerry and Hilary Swank as Holly…now I haven’t read the book but I totally want to see the movie, have a look at the trailer for the upcoming flick.

Doesn’t it look cute? I’m sooo dragging Mulu and Theresa, or maybe even Nathan to see this movie. For real. I so want to see it!

To check out the official website for the movie, click here. And to check out, Cecelia Ahern’s official website, click www.ceceliaahern.ie.


Ugh, Let’s Just Face It…

24 10 2007

…I’m a horrible blogger.

I haven’t updated in a few days and I really don’t have a good excuse for it because, I’ve started plenty of blogs but I haven’t finished any one of them and they’re sitting in my drafts, unfinished and I’m still…uninspired to finish them.


This bites, on top of all the ash that I’m now seeing on the cars parked outside my house, on top of the smoke that I’m inhaling because of the fires in nearby cities, I just can’t be arsed to finish anything for the blog.

My mind has been on a lot of things lately and I can’t seem to hold onto a thought long enough to write about it so I just haven’t.

But I’ll get better, eventually, you know I will.

Until then, enjoy these videos to my favorite songs of the moment:

There are plenty more songs that I’m listening to right now but those are the ones that have videos on youtube…Happy Hump Day!

Thursday Thirteen – Things That Irritate…

18 10 2007
…the everliving crap out of me about my coworkers, or one of them anyway.
So, I guess you can say that a lot of my co workers have been getting on my hot damn nerves lately and I spend a few minutes each day, sitting in my office fantasizing about slowly choking them to death.  Okay, so I don’t do that because I’m a good Mormon girl but still, sometimes I just want to smack the crap out of some people that work here.  So many people have been getting on my nerves lately that I need to vent it all out but goodness, I just want to trip some of them in the hallway…
Here’s why:
1. Co Worker #1 – My issue with you is that everytime me and Nicole order something from the cafe for breakfast or for lunch without consulting with you first, you get all butt hurt and you throw a fit, so we make sure to never forget to ask you if you want something….but do you do the same for us? HELL NO, this morning when I couldn’t find you to ask you what you wanted, I wondered where you were, until I got to the cafe and found you scarfing down your breakfast, the breakfast you didn’t ask me and Nicole if we wanted…I could have thrown a fit the way you did, but I just rolled my eyes at you and said, “Enjoy your breakfast” even though I wanted you to choke on your egg.  That would make it the like 12th time that you’ve done this without us..from now on, I dont’ want to hear lip about us forgetting you, you stupid fat heiffer!
2. Co Workers #2 – My issue with you stems from the fact that you yelled at me about the damn rug being crooked in the front lobby.  If it bothered you so much, THEN FIX IT! If I’m answering phones, guiding people around to where they need to go and badging people, do you think I have time to walk around the front desk to FIX THE DAMN RUG that is bothering YOU…if you’re not going to fix it then shut up, close your eyes and go back to your office where you don’t have to see it, you dumb crackface!
3. Co Worker #3 – My issue with you stems from the fact that you can’t seem to read your emails correctly, therefore making you look like AN ASS because you swear that you know it all.  When I logged in a ticket to have the display on my phone changed to my name instead of it saying “Contracts”, I expected, well my name to be changed.  What I didn’t expect was for you to email everyone in the damn building, telling me that if I wanted my name changed that I would have to change it myself, I wasn’t expecting you to give me directions on how to change my voice mail recording since THAT WASN’T WHAT I NEEDED CHANGED and if you had read your emails correctly, I wouldnt’ have had to email you back letting your know it all ass know that you read my email wrong and that the help that I needed wasn’t to change my voice mail recording but to change the actual display on my phone, you know, the display that YOU CONTROL, you dumb broad..read the whole email first before you start sending emails to every Tom, Dick and Jane, you don’t start nothing, there won’t be nothing…see?
4. Co Worker #4 – My issue with you is that you seem to be so butt hurt that I took over the support of some of your peeps, I’m taking trainings to take on more responsibilities and that doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is that you’re so unwilling to help me even though our boss has practically commanded you to.  It’s like, you don’t want me to succeed any more than you have.  It’s not my fault that I was hired on permenantly 90 days after I started working here where it took you almost 4 years, it’s also not my fault that everyone likes me more than you, that’s just the way of the world sometimes, just deal with it…and stop being an ass because, you holding me off on the stuff you’re supposed to be helping me with makes me want to one up you each and everytime and from now on, I’m going to the Company Angel for all the help that I need, my sister and when she finishes training me, you’re gonna wish she hadn’t because then I’m gonna take EVERYONE away from you and where will you be then?  You dirty sneaky tramp.
5. Co Worker #5 – My issue with you is that you’re forever taking off and asking me to sit at my desk and answer your bosses phone calls.  Hello? I’m not going to sit at my desk forever just so that you can go to lunch with your friends, that’s your job, if I’ve gotta get up and make copies or deliver faxes then I’m gonna do it, I’m not going to wait until you come back from your 2 hour lunch to do it and I don’t appreciate you asking me to.  You’re not the boss of me and I do what I want, so if you want someone to sit at their desk to do YOUR work, then find someone else because I’m not going to do it anymore…do your own dirty work you stupid good for nothing punk, you’re not above me or anyone else here, so quit walking around like your Caroline from that OutKast song, cause I know you like to think your sh*t don’t stink, but lean a little bit closer and roses really smell like doo doo doo ….just like you.
6. Co Worker #6 – My issue with you is that you’re extremely fake.  If you don’t want to talk to me, then don’t.  My day will go on, my life will go on because I don’t give a rats ass about you.  I’m nice to everyone because I want to be, not because I feel like I have to be…so if you don’t want to talk, then just don’t…your fakeness makes me want to smack the ugly off of you.
7. Co Worker #7 – My issue with you is you don’t not wear shoes.  You run around the office building with no shoes.  I don’t want to see your crusty feet or smell your feet funk, I’ve blogged about this before and I have seen this happening more frequently in the past weeks, PUT YOUR DAMN SHOES ON OR I’M GONNA HIT YOU WITH THEM, what is wrong with you anyway???
8.  Co Worker #8 – My issue with you is you ask me stupid questions everyday.  The other day when you saw me in the hallway upstairs and asked me what I was doing up there, like I had no business upstairs since I always see you downstairs when I’m manning the front desk, yeah it was stupid…Umm, I don’t know, maybe I’m up here because I WORK HERE.  I guess, I wouldn’t have taken offense to the question if you were merely curious but you seemed shocked that I would dare show my face upstairs, WHERE I WORK and it brought me up short and it made me even more mad when you were quizzing me on what exactly I do up here.  Your question, “You, work here like for this company? I thought you just answered phones downstairs.”  Oh really? You stupid jerk and I thought you were only a little bit ugly, now I know better…fag.
9. Co Worker #9 – My issue with you is that you’re a meanie person.  You think you’re so superior to everyone else because you’re a Facilities Manager. Well let me clue you into a little secret sweets, NOBODY LIKES YOU IN THE BUILDING.  You think you’re so cute and so nice but really, you’re just an old lady who orders office supplies, quit worrying about what the hell we’re doing and go order some post its or something, the coffee machine is leaking so go fix that…and stay out of Contracts business.
10. Co Worker #10 – My issue with you is that you talk too much.  Before I walked into your office, I heard you talking about my sister, I asked you what you said and you said nothing, that it wasn’t important then I told you, alright just making sure you’re not speaking ill of my sister since she’s the best damn Admin in this whole damn building and that the only reason you’d have to talk about her was that you heard that your boss wants her as his Admin, therefore replacing YOU, jealousy doesn’t look cute sweetie so quit it….and my sister doesn’t care what you say anyway since she’s happy with her life which is more than you can say.
11. Co Worker #11 – My issue with you is that always leave your dirty dishes in the sink, hello??? When I want to go and rince out my plate, I don’t want to have to wash your dishes too but since I can’t rinse my plate without all of your salad bowl crap making the water go everywhere, I have to wash your crap too! Wash your crap yourself and quit leaving dirty dishes around for everyone to wash around…you dork!
12. Co Worker #12 – Since you’re last day is tomorrow, I’m going to go real easy on you and just say this, STOP COMPLAINING SO MUCH IN THE HALLWAY AND MORE PEOPLE WILL SMILE AT YOU…nobody likes a negative Nancy.
13. Co Worker #13 – I hate parking in the parking lot because nobody knows how to park, I’ve said this before but I’ve gotta say it again, WHERE DO YOU GUYS GET YOUR FRICKIN LICENSES FROM? HOW DID YOU PASS????
Ugh, can you tell that I’m just a little bit irritated with my co workers? I promise next week, no matter what I’m going to count my many blessings and name them one by one, I promise!!

The Fall TV Season.

17 10 2007

With the Fall TV Season in full swing, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in myself for not having taken full advantage of all the new episodes of my favorite TV Shows. I haven’t watched one episode of Grey’s Anatomy since it came back so I don’t know what the hell is going on with Meredith and Derek (although truth be told, I just don’t give a damn about these two anymore which surprises the hell out of me since I was such a huge Mer/Der supporter last season), George and Izzy oh and Callie, not to mention Burke (or whatever happened to Burke) and Christina. Can someone fill me in on this since I can’t be arsed to watch the shows on ABC.COM

I haven’t been faithful in watching Prison Break either, shocking huh? Last season, I was all about it and now that I found that they did the unthinkable with Sara’s character, I really don’t want to watch it anymore…the shame!

But there are a few shows that I AM watching this seasons, aside from my favorite guilty pleasure, The Hills. This season, I’m watching: America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl (which has fast become my favorite show so far this season) and the one show that I’m dying to watch again is Brothers and Sisters. I haven’t yet but I plan to fix that soon.

Are there any new shows that you’re watching and enjoying? I have watched Pushing Daisies and think that show is cute but I’m more into ANTM then PD, and since they come on at the same time (and I still don’t have TiVo) I watch ANTM since that’s the show that me and Mulu can discuss while we watch TV in two different houses across town from each other, LOL. I’ve also watched bits and pieces of Addison’s show Private Practice and while I think it’s a pretty good show, I’m more into the new CW hit, Gossip Girl and that has become the show that I look forward to watch every week and discuss with my sister girly girl, Grace of old Confessions of a Shoeaholic fame. =)

I missed Men in Trees and ooh, I still watch CSI on Thursday nights since that’s the show that my sisters love to watch, so we all watch that together and last week’s show was hecka good. The whole exorcism stuff had my eyes popping out of my eye sockets and my jaw glued to the floor. I was completely shocked and I’m curious to see what’s going to be happening this week on CSI since it looks like Grisson proposes to frickin’…SARAH! What the bleeding heck is that all about? Ick…but then I heard that Sarah’s leaving the show (no sweat off my back really since I don’t give a damn about her character) so I guess she doesn’t marry Grissom…now Izzy and I have been talking in emails and we’ve discussed this particular topic in the emails…do you guys think that Sarah is going to say YES or say NO…I think she’s going to say yes and then bust a Runaway Burke or Bride or whatever, LOL. But Izzy doesn’t see that happening, I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow night.

There are some shows that I want to check out, like How I Met Your Mother, since I have a friend from Church who said she came on the show a few times, I haven’t seen anything about her on the show and I’m still laughing from when Mulu asked her a couple of weeks ago when she was talking about her experience at The Emmy’s, if she was really on the show and when our friend said, yes she was, Mulu asked her, “So, is your character like on vacation or something cause I’ve never seen you on there.” I could’ve died…no shame, I’m telling you. LOL. I want to check it out because I was watching clips of the show and Neil Patrick Harris (of Dougie Howser fame) is one funny guy on the show and he’s got a hilarious blog set up for his character as well. haha…so yeah, will definitely have to check that out sometime.

Another show I want to check out is Carpoolers, it premiered last week but I didn’t have time to watch it but I heard when Jerry O’Connell came on Ryan Seacrest’s Early Morning show last week to do promotion for the show and I was very intrigued to see just what this show has to offer my funny bone, so I’m going to check that out sometime soon as well…cross your fingers for me please.

What is everyone watching these days? Anything I’m missing in the shows that I used to love and just can’t be arsed to watch anymore and any shows that I’m missing out on?