Kids, Kids and More Kids.

5 10 2007

So this weekend, my sister Blanche and her husband are heading back to Utah for another wedding…this time on his side of the family. Now two weeks ago, Blanche was in for a wedding on our side of the family and I had all 6 of her kids. Well I had 4 of her kids with the help of her two oldest kids and this weekend, we’ll be doing it all over again. That means that starting tomorrow morning at 7am we’ll be up getting the kids ready for their games and the first game starts at…8 IN THE DAMN MORNING! And that just happens to be Brenna’s game, so after Brenna’s game we have Chaylene’s game and she’s got snack duty, OH JOY! After Chaylene’s game is Cheridan’s game and then Chases game. I have no idea how Chance is going to get to his football game and depending on what time his game is, we’re going to have to make the drive over to his game to support him as well.


I know that I’m going to be hecka tired come Monday morning but goodness, atleast we don’t have to get up and get dressed for Church since it’s Conference weekend and we can just watch Conference in our pajama’s in our living room. You would think that watching Church at home would miss out on the spirit and everything but that’s not the case, the spirit is always so strong that it never ceases to amaze me that I can actually pay attention and get something out of each Conference talk.

I’m totally not looking forward to this weekend on one hand but on the other, I’m totally up for the challenge…so much so that I’m like, BRING IT ON! I just hope to high heaven that I’ll be able to get some reading in, finish Whispering Rock and then start and finish Cam’s book.

There’s a lot going on around the blogosphere…so I’m going to head on around and check things out on my Google Reader since I’m at work and can’t access or comment on anyone’s blog..maybe that’s what I”ll do this weekend…I’ll update my blog and switch my template over to my favorite template, the sexy girl one…it’s a good move with the fall season upon us and all that, so yeah…bring on the darker template, unless I find something else that I totally love.

Alright, you guys have yourselves a great weekend and I’ll see you guys around!





2 responses

6 10 2007

You changed your template. Again. lol. Damn girl, try and keep sane during your weekend. 🙂

6 10 2007

Yeah, I changed my template back to something a little darker for fall…I missed this template so it’s back!!! And well, you heard the madness that is my house so I’ll try as hard as I can to stay sane with all of these kids!

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