Thursday Thirteen….My Favorite Family Memories.

5 10 2007

In keeping with the Strengthening the Family week theme for this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I thought I’d list some of my most favorite memories that have to do with my family…

1. The time me and Pete fought after Ward Camp and I kicked his tail and then he chased me with the tent poles because he was embarrassed that he got beat up by a girl. I was like 10, he was 8.

2. The day me and Pete watched while my brother’s Henry and Seko fought and because Seko was in a wheelchair, Henry got out a folding chair and sat down on it and then put his dukes up so that he was on the same level as Seko, he looked like such an idiot, it always makes me laugh.

3. I wasn’t there when this happened but it’s one of my favorite stories to hear being retold when the whole family gets together…the day that my sister, Helen called my brother an “asshole” because he was beating up my brother, Seko. Helen is a Molly Mormon and curse words don’t ever come out of her mouth but boy was she boiling mad when she said that and everytime they tell that story, she gets sooo embarrassed, it’s cute. It’s also hilarious because Helen cursing? NEVER THAT.

4. The day that Pete and Chelsea poured cold Pepsi into the Bathroom window while Chloe was taking a shower, her screams lit the air and I remember rolling on the floor laughing so hard…

5. The day that Chase peed on the floor because he was too busy playing Halo on X Box…and come to think of it, I think that was the last time Chase has played his X Box, he’s STILL being punished for that.

6. The day that Cheridan stomped her way into the yard, pretending to be Pork Chop.

7. The day that Pete almost got arrested for practicing his fire knife dance in our front yard…the neighbors called the cops on us and when Blanche came home, she was spitting mad at us. I was a senior in high school and Pete was a sophomore.

8. The day that Brenna tried to teach me the correct way to say Backyard…which was backydard. This is how she taught me, “Say this Mommy, Back?” I’d repeat, “back” and then she’d say, “Yard” and I’d say, “yard” and then she’d say, “Backydard. See?” Hilarious.

9. The day that my Mom sang Lipgloss by Lil Mama. I can still hear her singing it in my head and I’m laughing all over again.

10. My first driving lesson with my sister, Delene…I made her cry. LOL.

11. Singing Church songs around the piano while my sisters Delene or Ingrid played it on Sunday after Sunday dinner.

12. Watching 90210 and Felicity with my older sisters.

13. Our Family Reunion with my Mom’s family this past year, sooo much fun even though my brother lost my favorite cell phone that weekend.

By the looks of this post, you would think that my family is really quite voilent but I can assure you that we’re not, I just think that the fights we got into were the most hilarious of them all…haha.




5 responses

4 10 2007

LOL, how many siblings do you have? 😀 and no. 10, were you driving or were you the instructor? it’s impossible to go through childhood and adolescence without fighting with your siblings, even if you have one 😛

4 10 2007

There are 9 of us in our family, which means there were plenty of fights, arguments and just all other crazy nonsense going on! haha…and with #10, I was driving, she was the instructor…she said I never listen to her and cried because I almost wrecked her car, so she says…I was SOOOO not anywhere near the other car, I was never going to hit it! Older sisters! LOL.

4 10 2007

Those are some great memories. lol. I don’t think I could think of 13 family memories….lol.

6 10 2007

Chase slays me. I read that one to my hubby because I couldn’t stop laughing. What a character!


8 10 2007


Funny how I can think of plenty more with my family…we’re a funny bunch.


Chase is a funny one for sure…he is my heart, even though he drives me absolutely bonkers some of the time like this weekend when he peed in the cooler! I could’ve killed him! haha.

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