Movie Review: Take a Chance.

7 10 2007

Starring: Corbin Allred, Kirby Heyborne, Lara Everly.
Rating: Not Rated
Grade: B

Corbin Allred plays Elliot, a hick from Texas who sees a photo of a gorgeous girl (Lara Everly) and falls head-over-heels in love. He and his slow but sweet brother Eugene (Kirby Heyborne) set out on an epic journey to Idaho to find her, and hi-jinks, of course, ensue–especially when the pair decides to meet her by posing as foreign exchange students named Gustav and Gayzeh.

So this past weekend, we sat down as a family to watch a few Church movies and I can’t believe how much I enjoyed this movie with one of my favorite LDS Actors, Kirby Heyborne. Ron and Blanche brought this movie back from their trip to Utah and we watched this one last night and our whole house was filled up with laughter. This is one hecka funny movie. Kirby and Corbin’s Hungarian accents were so horrible and yet so funny, it had me laughing a mile a minute while I enjoyed the heck out of this film. Everyone from Ron right down to Cheridan and Brenna enjoyed this movie.

It’s about two brothers, Elliott and Eugene Buttles I think that’s their last name but anyway, so the movie starts off with their father running over two Security Alarm guys (and if you’re LDS, you totally get that joke, right? LOL) and he brings them back to their house to see to their injuries since in their little backwoods town, their father is the town Doc. So anyway, one thing leads to another and Nathan (one of the guys that got ran over by the Dad) shows the brothers a picture of his family back home in Idaho and it’s in that picture that Elliott falls in love with Nathan’s younger sister, Natalie. Nathan tells them that they had two Hungarian Foreign Exchange students that were supposed to come and live with his parents for a little bit but they cancelled and because Elliott is smitten with Natalie, he starts planning a trip to Idaho to visit the girl who he thinks is THE ONE.

The whole concept of this movie was to let us viewers see how crazy love makes us. It showed us how Elliott was willing to do some crazy things just to be with his girl.

Posing as a Hungarian Foreign Exchange Student while looking like a total hillbilly constitutes as CRAZY IN LOVE…and boy was it funny to watch these hillbilly’s trying to fit in the Idaho community.

They went to Church, stole little kids snacks while in Church, they snuck out and got roaring drunk and then pretended to be homesick when they were really hung over. The one that totally made this movie though was Eugene aka GAYZEH, haha…oh man, when they find out what their names are and to see how pissed off Eugene was to find out his name was Gayzeh, man it was just too funny.

This is one of those movies that I’m sure I’ll watch again and again just because it’s so hot damn funny, I’d recommend this movie to those of you guys who just want to laugh at corny dialogue and just want a fun movie to watch, I liked this movie better than Accepted.

Good stuff.




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