10 Things I Love Most About…

9 10 2007

…my brand spankin’ new office.

So last week my boss came up to me and told me that she was moving me from the office I had set up in our department fileroom into my very own office. So, since I’m in a list making mood (as previous posts have shown) here’s my top ten reasons I love most about my new office.

1. I’m not right across the hallway from the big boss of our building.
2. I’m nowhere near his ASSistant anymore, thank the good Lord for that one.
3. I have a bigger desk where I can pile more junk on top of. =)
4. I have a bookshelf, one that’s filled with whatever I WANT…and I’ve got some books for lunchtime reading on there.
5. I can listen to my music louder than I could before with the big boss only a door away from me.
6. I’ve got my OWN printer, no more sharing with others.
7. My scanner is situated right beside me so I don’t have to jump up to grab my papers from on top of the file cabinets.
8. Did I mention that I’m far, FAR away from the big boss’s ASSistant?
9. I love my new neighbors especially….
10. SCOTT, who sits directly across from me and asked me about my blog this morning, hehe, goodness, he’s so cutie!

I’m coming up, ya’ll…alright, I gotta stop messing around because I need to take some trainings for work, but hehe…not only can I get on Blogger at work again but I GOT A NEW OFFICE YA’LL…I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!




4 responses

10 10 2007

yay for your office! Thats cool you have blogger back too!

10 10 2007

I know, I love my IT guy, he so totally loves me! He totally hooked me up too! I didn’t have to wait very long for him to hook everything up, he took care of me right away!

10 10 2007
Sushi the Mermaid

Yahoo! When I read this post, I thought you wrote boobshelf. I contemplated a while about what the hell a boobshelf was.

10 10 2007

Boobshelf, huh? That’s a new one, haha…

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