Thursday Thirteen – Things I Hate…

11 10 2007

…about working at the front desk at work.

Everyday, I break the receptionist downstairs in the main lobby. That means that three times a day, I answer the phones, I do visitor control by badging visitors that come into the building and I schedule conference rooms for the different meetings that go on every week. There are things that I absolutely LOVE about working at the front desk and there are things that I absolutely HATE, this week’s Thursday Thirteen is being dedicated to the things I hate about sitting at the front desk.

  1. I hate that Nicole (the receptionist) watches those creepy judge shows. I’m not a fan of them and I could really give a rats ass who stole who’s cookie from the cookie jar, so I don’t even bother watching them but everyfrickin’day when I come down to give Nicole her first break, the channel on the small TV we have over there is on Channel 9 where Judge Mathis or Judge Joe Brown or whatever other damn stupid judge show is on….drives me bonkers!
  2. The stupid people that call our mainline trying to fax something, so when I pick up the phone to say, “Thank you for calling blah blah blah, how can I help you?” and am greeted with that stupid BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, alerting me that someone is trying to send a fax, makes me want to ram the phone down that stupid person’s throat.
  3. I hate answering the phone, only to hear the “This is not a joke” or the “This is an important message” recording, if I had a nickel for everydamntime I got that call, I’d be a rich person….Ugh.
  4. I hate when you ask employees to wear their badge somewhere on their persons where we can see it and they throw attitude at me…Hello, I don’t make up the damn rules just put the badge on where I can see it and we’ll have no problems you dipshit, sheesh…
  5. I hate it when people that have SAIC program badges think they can get into the building without signing in and getting a Viisitors badge, hello…you work on a program, you’re not an SAIC employee, so get over here, sign in and take this damn badge, you can keep your program badge and shove it up your ass, you asshat.
  6. I hate new hires that feel the need to tell me over and over again how they got this job in the first place….I DON’T CARE SO SHUT UP, SIT DOWN AND WAIT FOR HR TO COME OUT AND ESCORT YOU TO YOUR ORIENTATION!
  7. I hate when employees call me and ask me to transfer them to this extention and that extention…YOU KNOW THE DAMN EXTENTION, DIAL IT YOUR DAMN SELF, YOU CAN DO IT FROM YOUR OWN PHONE YOU LAZY SACK OF SHIT!
  8. I hate when I’m trying to watch The Hills on the computer, people come up to me and ask me where the people in Security is…UMMM, I SIT AT THE FRONT DESK, do you think I have a magic ball that shows me where they are at any given time? Walk around the building and find them your damn self, cause I DON’T KNOW!
  9. I hate when people try to bump others out of conference rooms because they need such and such conference room for important clients (like everyone else doesn’t have important clients you idiotic douchebag) and then tell ME to call the people they need to bump out and ask them to find another conference room, OH HELL TO THE NO, YOU DO YOUR OWN DIRTY WORK and if you want me to book you in this conference room, you better call them peeps right now and get that under control or you’re going to be assed out of a conference room…to hell with your important clients!
  10. I hate when the Security people try to make me run outside and chase people out of the VP’s parking space, umm hello, I came down here to answer phones and give out badges, I am not a dog and will not be chasing any damn body any damn where, but hey knock yourself out, YOU HAVE LEGS!
  11. I hate when I’m in the middle of getting my laugh on with my friends and the PHONES KEEP RINGING, hello, I’m busy talking about who’s screwing who on The Hills so can you quit calling me, I’M BUSY!
  12. I hate when employees are leaving for the day and stop at the front desk trying to make small talk while I’m trying to watch my shows on the internet, HELLO DO I LOOK LIKE I WANT TO TALK TO YOU, SHUT YOUR TRAP AND KEEP TRUCKIN’ I DIDN’T GIVE A DAMN UPSTAIRS WHAT YOU’RE MAKING FOR DINNER AND I STILL DON’T GIVE A DAMN SO KEEP IT MOVIN’ YOU CRACKFACE!
  13. I hate when the big boss comes down and I’m trying to hurry up and look busy but already know that I got caught watching Britney’s #1 fan scream bloody murder on youtube for the millionth time that day…SHITBALLS!

But aside from those things, I absolutely love working at the front desk…LOL.




9 responses

11 10 2007


Too funny. I usually wear my badge with the picture towards me cause I hate my badge picture. Most of the time the guards don’t care but once in a while they’ll ask me to turn it around.

11 10 2007

LMAO! You crackhead. #13 especially cracked me up, because I keep an ear tuned to my bosses office for when his chair creaks so I can hurry up and look like I’m working. But half the damn time I don’t hear it and he’s right on top of me before I figure it out. Crap in the face.

11 10 2007
Kristie (J)

LOL – I’ve worked reception and then relief for reception. My sister asked me how I liked it and I said I liked it quite a bit – except for all the phone calls. She thought that was funny, but I was serious *g*

12 10 2007

HAHA. And I see we’re still cursing like a sailor. I thought we were workin on that babe?

Love that list though. And the fact that I’ve been to your office and know exactly what you’re talking about makes it funnier.

12 10 2007


The badge pisses me off everyday because there is always some smart ass who thinks they’re above wearing them correctly…fags.


That ALWAYS happens to me. Ugh.


I know what you mean, all those phone calls? It’s like, STOP CALLING FOR FIVE MINUTES YEESH!


Oh that’s next week’s habit..this week’s habit is waking up early, I need to work on one thing at a time before I kill myself. LOL.

12 10 2007

Oh and I know, huh? Daphne, can you imagine my day at that front desk? Oh goodness, you’ve seen Nicole, my ghetto black friend who sits at the front desk, you’re the first person to meet everyone, haha.

12 10 2007

LMAO! I’ve busted on #13 a couple times meself! ;-D

15 10 2007
Rene Lyons

Hey! I miss you. 🙂

19 10 2007


Yeah it’s funny thought cause all the big boss does is smile at me when he knows that I’ve been caught, I hope that’s a good thing. LOL.


Hey you, I miss you too, not being able to comment and blog hop at work sucks the big one! =)

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