The Fall TV Season.

17 10 2007

With the Fall TV Season in full swing, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in myself for not having taken full advantage of all the new episodes of my favorite TV Shows. I haven’t watched one episode of Grey’s Anatomy since it came back so I don’t know what the hell is going on with Meredith and Derek (although truth be told, I just don’t give a damn about these two anymore which surprises the hell out of me since I was such a huge Mer/Der supporter last season), George and Izzy oh and Callie, not to mention Burke (or whatever happened to Burke) and Christina. Can someone fill me in on this since I can’t be arsed to watch the shows on ABC.COM

I haven’t been faithful in watching Prison Break either, shocking huh? Last season, I was all about it and now that I found that they did the unthinkable with Sara’s character, I really don’t want to watch it anymore…the shame!

But there are a few shows that I AM watching this seasons, aside from my favorite guilty pleasure, The Hills. This season, I’m watching: America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl (which has fast become my favorite show so far this season) and the one show that I’m dying to watch again is Brothers and Sisters. I haven’t yet but I plan to fix that soon.

Are there any new shows that you’re watching and enjoying? I have watched Pushing Daisies and think that show is cute but I’m more into ANTM then PD, and since they come on at the same time (and I still don’t have TiVo) I watch ANTM since that’s the show that me and Mulu can discuss while we watch TV in two different houses across town from each other, LOL. I’ve also watched bits and pieces of Addison’s show Private Practice and while I think it’s a pretty good show, I’m more into the new CW hit, Gossip Girl and that has become the show that I look forward to watch every week and discuss with my sister girly girl, Grace of old Confessions of a Shoeaholic fame. =)

I missed Men in Trees and ooh, I still watch CSI on Thursday nights since that’s the show that my sisters love to watch, so we all watch that together and last week’s show was hecka good. The whole exorcism stuff had my eyes popping out of my eye sockets and my jaw glued to the floor. I was completely shocked and I’m curious to see what’s going to be happening this week on CSI since it looks like Grisson proposes to frickin’…SARAH! What the bleeding heck is that all about? Ick…but then I heard that Sarah’s leaving the show (no sweat off my back really since I don’t give a damn about her character) so I guess she doesn’t marry Grissom…now Izzy and I have been talking in emails and we’ve discussed this particular topic in the emails…do you guys think that Sarah is going to say YES or say NO…I think she’s going to say yes and then bust a Runaway Burke or Bride or whatever, LOL. But Izzy doesn’t see that happening, I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow night.

There are some shows that I want to check out, like How I Met Your Mother, since I have a friend from Church who said she came on the show a few times, I haven’t seen anything about her on the show and I’m still laughing from when Mulu asked her a couple of weeks ago when she was talking about her experience at The Emmy’s, if she was really on the show and when our friend said, yes she was, Mulu asked her, “So, is your character like on vacation or something cause I’ve never seen you on there.” I could’ve died…no shame, I’m telling you. LOL. I want to check it out because I was watching clips of the show and Neil Patrick Harris (of Dougie Howser fame) is one funny guy on the show and he’s got a hilarious blog set up for his character as well. haha…so yeah, will definitely have to check that out sometime.

Another show I want to check out is Carpoolers, it premiered last week but I didn’t have time to watch it but I heard when Jerry O’Connell came on Ryan Seacrest’s Early Morning show last week to do promotion for the show and I was very intrigued to see just what this show has to offer my funny bone, so I’m going to check that out sometime soon as well…cross your fingers for me please.

What is everyone watching these days? Anything I’m missing in the shows that I used to love and just can’t be arsed to watch anymore and any shows that I’m missing out on?




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18 10 2007

Well, my week of TV goes like this:

Mondays ~ Dancing with the Stars, How I Met Your Mother
Tuesdays ~ Dancing with the Stars, Beauty and the Geek
Wednesdays ~ Pushing Daisies
Thursdays ~ Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy (??? ~ I’ve DVR’d every episode, haven’t watched yet)
Fridays ~ Moonlight
Saturdays ~ 48 Hours
Sundays ~ Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Cold Case

I watch too much TV.

18 10 2007
Rene Lyons

Prison Break
Grey’s Anatomy
Kitchen Nighmares

OMG…so many more.

You’re lagging, love. 😉

18 10 2007

I watch: Simpsons, King of the hill, family guy, american dad, prison break, the hills, pushing daisies, csi vegas, grey’s anatomy and men in trees.

18 10 2007

ANTM of course and I am a Las Vagas fan. and as you know I love the tabloid stuff like ET, access hollywood to fill in the cracks

19 10 2007


That looks familiar, it used to be my nightly schedule but nowadays, I just don’t want to watch TV but you would think that I’d be reading like crazy but I’m not doing that either….*sigh*

Hey Rene,

I haven’t watched PB faithfully all season, I’m horrible! Welcome back sweetie, missed you around here! 😉


I watch most of those shows but you knew that already, I’m watching The Hills today because I keep missing it! Ehhh…


I love ANTM, but I missed it this week because I was watching a movie, who went home?

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