Ugh, Let’s Just Face It…

24 10 2007

…I’m a horrible blogger.

I haven’t updated in a few days and I really don’t have a good excuse for it because, I’ve started plenty of blogs but I haven’t finished any one of them and they’re sitting in my drafts, unfinished and I’m still…uninspired to finish them.


This bites, on top of all the ash that I’m now seeing on the cars parked outside my house, on top of the smoke that I’m inhaling because of the fires in nearby cities, I just can’t be arsed to finish anything for the blog.

My mind has been on a lot of things lately and I can’t seem to hold onto a thought long enough to write about it so I just haven’t.

But I’ll get better, eventually, you know I will.

Until then, enjoy these videos to my favorite songs of the moment:

There are plenty more songs that I’m listening to right now but those are the ones that have videos on youtube…Happy Hump Day!




3 responses

24 10 2007

Hey, I’ve got no room to judge. I fell of the face of the earth for months!

I’m really hoping that they get these fires put out soon. I heard on the news that they’re expecting the wind to change today, which should help. I’m praying so.

26 10 2007

you have great taste! I love all those songs, I had never heard that fergie song before either I really like it- I guess I should visit limewire tonight- thanks

30 10 2007


Thanks for not judging me because I believe in Science, LOL, just kidding…that’s from Nacho Libre but yeah I’ve been totally slacking the last few weeks on blogging, don’t even know why. Ugh.


Love these songs, Fergie’s song is my latest jam, it’s on repeat at work, it’s so bomb!

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