Another One of Those Things…

16 10 2007
Saw this on Beautiful Dreamer’s blog and thought it would be cool to do here on my blog, so here I am, doing the damn thing.
1. Were you named after anyone? Not that I know of or can remember.
2. When was the last time you cried? Saturday Night when I watched Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?
3. Do you like your handwriting? Heck yes, I do.  I have pretty handwriting.
4. What is your favorite lunch meat? Turkey.
5. Do you have kids? Sure do, I have a beautiful daughter named Brenna.
6. If you were another person would you be friends with you? Heck yes, I’m the bomb friend, just ask Izzy.
7. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Sure do.
8. Do you still have your tonsils? Yeah.
9. Would you bungee jump? I would say been there, done that but well I’ve been there and done the closest thing to bungee jump and I’m straight.
10. What is your favorite cereal? Cocoa Pebbles, Life and Honey Nut Cheerios.
11. Do you untie your shoes before you take them off?  If I feel like I wanna do that.
12. Do you think you are strong? Hmm, physically? Heck no, emotionally?  Yeah, I sure do.
13. What is your favorite ice cream? Banana Ice Cream with Strawberries and yellow cake from Cold Stone and Cookie Dough Ice Cream with honorable mentions to Jamocha Almond Fudge and Mint Chocolate Chip.
14. What is the first thing you notice about people? Their smile.
15. Red or pink? Pink.
16. What is the least favorite thing about yourself?  I’m so hot damn stubborn.
17. Who do you miss the most? My sisters who live out of state. 
18. Do you want everyone to do this? Sure do, Izzy get on it.
19. What color pants and shoes are you wearing? Now this is going to sound perverted but I’m not wearing any pants and I’m wearing black ballerina shoes.
20. What was the last thing you ate? I’m actually eating some strawberry cheesecake yogurt right now.
21. What are you listening to right now? I Can’t Wait Another Minute by Hi Five.
22. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?  A soft and pretty pink.
23. Favorite smells? The smell outside right after it rains, Tilt perfume, Romance by Ralph Lauren and Dove Cucumber Melon Lotion and Shower Gel, oh and Curve Cologne.
24. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Nathan.
25. Do you like the person who sent this to you? I don’t really know aside from everything I read on her blog, but she’s a good sort. =)
26. Favorite sport to watch? I’m getting into football again, so college football, Rugby, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball.
27. Hair color? A dark chocolate brown.
28. Eye color? A dark chocolate brown.
29. Do you wear contacts? No, but I want to.
30. Favorite food? Sis. Niko’s Chop Suey, Dad’s Cocoa Rice, Blanche’s Chicken Divan and Fetuccini Alfredo and Peach Cobbler.
31. Scary movies or Happy Endings? Happy Endings for this romantic.
32. Last movie you watched? Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?
33. What color shirt are you wearing? I’m not wearing a shirt, I’m wearing a dress and it’s a deep pink.
34. Summer or winter? I’ll take both of them for different reasons.
35. Hugs or Kisses? Both, please.
36. Favorite dessert? Peach Cobbler with vanilla ice cream.
37. Most Likely to Respond? Izzy.
38. Least Likely to Respond? Not sure.
39. What book are you reading now? Mine til Midnight by Lisa Kleypas.
40. What is on your mouse pad? Nothing, just a black background and my mouse.
41. What did you watch on TV last night? Nothing, I played around on my blog and talked on the phone.
42. Favorite sound? Music and Ahbrey talking to me.
43. Rolling Stones or Beatles?  How about The Temptations?
44. What is the farthest you’ve been from home? Loveland, Colorado
45. Do you have a special talent? Nope, but I can bake the hell out of a cake.
46. Where were you born? Torrance, CA.
Goodness, I love these things…until the next one.

Movie Review: Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married

15 10 2007

When eight married college friends reunite for their annual retreat in the snowcapped mountains of Colorado, they come expecting fun and relaxation, but get a completely unexpected surprise. Career-driven Dianne and her supportive, but fed-up husband, Terry, are joined by popular psychologist and best-selling author Patricia and her architect husband Gavin, who share a secret tragedy that finally comes to light, while Angela and Marcus argue constantly, but remain in love. Also in attendance is their good friend Sheila, a sweet woman with a distorted self-image stemming from weight issues that are exacerbated by her emotionally abusive and philandering husband, Mike. Unlike any other year, this trip changes the dynamic of the group with two new additions: Sheila’s supposed girlfriend, Trina, who is secretly sleeping with her husband; and Troy, an ex-Wall Street stockbroker who has put his career on hold to care for an ailing father.

This weekend, Mulu, Bina and I went to see Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married and to be honest, I don’t recall seeing a better movie this year. This movie totally had it all! It made me laugh out loud so many different times, it made me cry, it made me angry and it made me happy…for the characters.

You see, this movie is about four married couples and the individual problems they are facing in their marriages. We have a career woman named Diane who is married to her job and takes her husband, Terry for granted, we have a best selling author named Patricia and her husband Gavin, who are going through some kind of problem that we don’t find out about until well into the movie, we have a wife, Sheila who dedicates her everything to an underserving husband named Mike and then we have a wife named Angela, who has a dead beat husband, Marcus, a husband who can’t keep a job and everything, they fight constantly but they remain in love, these two were the hilarious couple, oh man did they make this movie enjoyable for everyone, it was just fantabulous. All of the couples are friends and they go away every year for a week, away from their jobs and they work on their relationships.

This year, they go away for a retreat in the Colorado mountains expecting fun, laughter and good times…only to show up and find out the secrets each of them are keeping, secrets that have the ability to cripple most and end some of their marriages.

Each of the couples had their own problems that they were facing and it was pretty genius the way that Tyler Perry wrote this movie, because each couple got equal amounts of screen time and none of the storylines felt rushed or anything, I enjoyed every single storyline and I just thought this movie was FABULOUS!

Terry and Dianne, they were the cutest couple, even though Mulu has ruined Tyler Perry (I thought he was very handsome in this movie, Mulu thought otherwise and told her that he reminds her of this really ugly guy that I actually gagged when she mentioned it, so I’m mad at her because of that.), I felt Terry’s frustrations where Dianne were concerned and there were times aplenty throughout the movie where I wanted to backhand her and make her open up her eyes to what she’s missing. Terry is hilarious, he’s one of those upstanding guys who any woman would be lucky to have…it sucked that it took so long for Dianne to realize that.

My favorite line from these two:

Terry: “Dianne, when we got married, we got rid of the I’s and replaced them with US!”

Gavin and Patricia, they were the perfect couple. They had a good and solid relationship but you could tell that they were going through some very deep stuff, we didn’t get to see what they were until toward the end of the movie and when we finally found out, I was like, DAMN! It was good to see that even though they were the “perfect” couple, they had problems just like everyone else and I enjoyed their storyline.

My favorite line from these two:

Patricia: “Perfect Patti messed up! Perfect Patti messed up!”

The way it was delivered was supposed to be sad and depressing and though it was, it still made me and Mulu laugh. We’re horrible, we already know that.

Marcus and Angela, these two were the crack ups. These two were the ghetto fabulous couple, the couple that had me in fits of laughter all throughout the movie. Marcus is an ex pro ball player who’s career ended when he got injured, Angela has a thriving hair care line and is the only one making the paper in this relationship since Marcus can’t seem to find a suitable career for himself after his football career ended, they bicker and they fight and they are just hilariously funny and I loved this storyline a lot, Angela has a take charge and no bullcrap from anyone kind of attitude, she’s the typical strong woman and I loved her! Man, these two had me laughing so effing much, Angela especially.

My favorite line from these two:

There’s too many to count…ALL OF THEM WERE GOOD! One that had me laughing was this one:

Angela: (with her girls) “You know how I can tell when Marcus is lying? When he ends his sentences with, you know what I’m saying?”

Later that night…

Angela’s trying to seduce Marcus, but Marcus can’t have sex with her because Terry said so.

Marcus: I’m tired, it’s been a long day and I just wanna go to sleep, you know what I’m saying?”

Which pisses Angela the hell off. LOL.

The last couple was Mike and Sheila:

Sheila is a big girl and Mike is a big asshole. They’ve been married for a long time and Mike is no longer in love with Sheila and he’s not afraid to let everyone know that he doesn’t like her, is not attracted to her at all and is just an all around dick head to her. Sheila, on the other hand is going up to this couple’s retreat to try to save her marriage. She loves Mike and has given her all to him and their home. Sometimes, its just not enough but that’s going to keep her from trying to fix her marriage…this was the storyline that hit me hard, I cried for Sheila right from the very beginning to the very end, such a good and strong woman and for her to be stuck in a marriage to an ass like Mike made me feel for her, her heart was so big and full of love for this underserving jerk but I was glad with the way this storyline ended, it was just good good good.

I can’t recall the entire line that Sheila says in the bathroom at the end but that’s my favorite line from these two.

Overall, this movie was great, I totally recommend this movie to anyone who is in the mood for a good, solid love story…it’s a great movie for married couples to go and watch to remember why they got married and a good girly flick for girls to go see with their girlfriends, I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! It was pure entertainment and I don’t care what the critics said about this movie, this movie was the bomb and I hella loved it, I loved it so much that I’d gladly spend another $10.50 to watch this movie again.


Thursday Thirteen – Things I Hate…

11 10 2007

…about working at the front desk at work.

Everyday, I break the receptionist downstairs in the main lobby. That means that three times a day, I answer the phones, I do visitor control by badging visitors that come into the building and I schedule conference rooms for the different meetings that go on every week. There are things that I absolutely LOVE about working at the front desk and there are things that I absolutely HATE, this week’s Thursday Thirteen is being dedicated to the things I hate about sitting at the front desk.

  1. I hate that Nicole (the receptionist) watches those creepy judge shows. I’m not a fan of them and I could really give a rats ass who stole who’s cookie from the cookie jar, so I don’t even bother watching them but everyfrickin’day when I come down to give Nicole her first break, the channel on the small TV we have over there is on Channel 9 where Judge Mathis or Judge Joe Brown or whatever other damn stupid judge show is on….drives me bonkers!
  2. The stupid people that call our mainline trying to fax something, so when I pick up the phone to say, “Thank you for calling blah blah blah, how can I help you?” and am greeted with that stupid BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, alerting me that someone is trying to send a fax, makes me want to ram the phone down that stupid person’s throat.
  3. I hate answering the phone, only to hear the “This is not a joke” or the “This is an important message” recording, if I had a nickel for everydamntime I got that call, I’d be a rich person….Ugh.
  4. I hate when you ask employees to wear their badge somewhere on their persons where we can see it and they throw attitude at me…Hello, I don’t make up the damn rules just put the badge on where I can see it and we’ll have no problems you dipshit, sheesh…
  5. I hate it when people that have SAIC program badges think they can get into the building without signing in and getting a Viisitors badge, hello…you work on a program, you’re not an SAIC employee, so get over here, sign in and take this damn badge, you can keep your program badge and shove it up your ass, you asshat.
  6. I hate new hires that feel the need to tell me over and over again how they got this job in the first place….I DON’T CARE SO SHUT UP, SIT DOWN AND WAIT FOR HR TO COME OUT AND ESCORT YOU TO YOUR ORIENTATION!
  7. I hate when employees call me and ask me to transfer them to this extention and that extention…YOU KNOW THE DAMN EXTENTION, DIAL IT YOUR DAMN SELF, YOU CAN DO IT FROM YOUR OWN PHONE YOU LAZY SACK OF SHIT!
  8. I hate when I’m trying to watch The Hills on the computer, people come up to me and ask me where the people in Security is…UMMM, I SIT AT THE FRONT DESK, do you think I have a magic ball that shows me where they are at any given time? Walk around the building and find them your damn self, cause I DON’T KNOW!
  9. I hate when people try to bump others out of conference rooms because they need such and such conference room for important clients (like everyone else doesn’t have important clients you idiotic douchebag) and then tell ME to call the people they need to bump out and ask them to find another conference room, OH HELL TO THE NO, YOU DO YOUR OWN DIRTY WORK and if you want me to book you in this conference room, you better call them peeps right now and get that under control or you’re going to be assed out of a conference room…to hell with your important clients!
  10. I hate when the Security people try to make me run outside and chase people out of the VP’s parking space, umm hello, I came down here to answer phones and give out badges, I am not a dog and will not be chasing any damn body any damn where, but hey knock yourself out, YOU HAVE LEGS!
  11. I hate when I’m in the middle of getting my laugh on with my friends and the PHONES KEEP RINGING, hello, I’m busy talking about who’s screwing who on The Hills so can you quit calling me, I’M BUSY!
  12. I hate when employees are leaving for the day and stop at the front desk trying to make small talk while I’m trying to watch my shows on the internet, HELLO DO I LOOK LIKE I WANT TO TALK TO YOU, SHUT YOUR TRAP AND KEEP TRUCKIN’ I DIDN’T GIVE A DAMN UPSTAIRS WHAT YOU’RE MAKING FOR DINNER AND I STILL DON’T GIVE A DAMN SO KEEP IT MOVIN’ YOU CRACKFACE!
  13. I hate when the big boss comes down and I’m trying to hurry up and look busy but already know that I got caught watching Britney’s #1 fan scream bloody murder on youtube for the millionth time that day…SHITBALLS!

But aside from those things, I absolutely love working at the front desk…LOL.

Remember These Guys?

10 10 2007

So either last night or the night before last, I was blog hopping, something I haven’t done in a long while and I came across an old favorite blog of mine, Sushi’s blog where she mentioned that she was going to karaoke somewhere and she was going to sing, Total Eclipse of the Heart and it was mentioned on her blog that she should sing the Old Skool version of that song when she’s doing her karaoke stuff.

I laughed out loud. Literally.

Because, have you guys seen the Old Skool version of that song? When The Dan Band is singing Total Eclipse of the Heart at Beanie’s wedding? Holy crap in the pants, that junk is hilarious, so of course, being the nifty blogger that I am, I went searching for that video on Youtube but came up with the following video instead and man I was laughing all over again.

So, dear readers, I bless you with this video, enjoy:

And dude, just because I’m a nice lady, I’m going to share with you, these other videos that had me crackin’ the hell up while I’m sitting in my brand spakin’ new office, hehe…so once again, enjoy:

OMGOSH I’m laughing so hard, these are guys are the best!

10 Things I Love Most About…

9 10 2007

…my brand spankin’ new office.

So last week my boss came up to me and told me that she was moving me from the office I had set up in our department fileroom into my very own office. So, since I’m in a list making mood (as previous posts have shown) here’s my top ten reasons I love most about my new office.

1. I’m not right across the hallway from the big boss of our building.
2. I’m nowhere near his ASSistant anymore, thank the good Lord for that one.
3. I have a bigger desk where I can pile more junk on top of. =)
4. I have a bookshelf, one that’s filled with whatever I WANT…and I’ve got some books for lunchtime reading on there.
5. I can listen to my music louder than I could before with the big boss only a door away from me.
6. I’ve got my OWN printer, no more sharing with others.
7. My scanner is situated right beside me so I don’t have to jump up to grab my papers from on top of the file cabinets.
8. Did I mention that I’m far, FAR away from the big boss’s ASSistant?
9. I love my new neighbors especially….
10. SCOTT, who sits directly across from me and asked me about my blog this morning, hehe, goodness, he’s so cutie!

I’m coming up, ya’ll…alright, I gotta stop messing around because I need to take some trainings for work, but hehe…not only can I get on Blogger at work again but I GOT A NEW OFFICE YA’LL…I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!

My Top Ten Highlights of the Weekend…

8 10 2007

…with the kids.

So this weekend, Blanche and Ron were out of town at Ron’s cousin’s wedding and I had to stay home with the kids which on Friday, I wasn’t too excited about but I have survived another weekend with a billion kids and a trillion soccer games to attend and have lived to tell about it. I had a blast with the kids and here are the top ten highlights of my weekend.

1. Brenna’s team won their soccer game 6-0.
2. Chaylene did an awesome job at her game playing defense…if they were giving out MVP trophies that day, Chay Chay totally would have gotten it, even though her team lost 4-2. She did GREAT!
3. Cheridan lost her game too but man that girl is a total ditz when it comes to playing soccer…we were coaching her on the sidelines and everytime she missed the ball, she’d look at us at scream, “OOPS! SORRY!” LOL.
4. Makenna walked around the park for a good two hours with a big ol’ dirt stain on her pants that made it look like she had an accident, LOL.
5. Meghan took over the care of little Ahbrey, so I didn’t have to change any diapers or feed her any bottles, WOO HOO!
6. Chase peed in the cooler before we headed home, just because. (I swear this boy has a serious problem going to the potty).
7. Chaylene and Brenna took over the nightly feeding of Ahbrey and rocking her to sleep since Ahbrey spent the night, I didn’t have to wake up because they had it under control..I’m telling you, I scored big time having the kids around this weekend.
8. Cheridan having an accident from laughing too hard on the floor. She had to go and shower because we were laughing at her and she kept saying, “Stop laughing you guys, it’s horrible, I peed on the floor from laughing too much you silly girls!”
9. Chase winning the bet with his Dad, letting him go to Pete’s house to spend the night. His reaction was priceless, “HAHAHAHA DAD YOU LOSE I WIN, PEACE OUT I’M GOING TO PETE’S HOUSE!” And then running to catch Tiffany, who….LEFT HIM!

And the best thing that had me laughing….

10. Finishing watching General Conference to see that Cheridan gave my Mom a faux hawk!

LOL, so yeah, I had a lot of kids this weekend but I also had a definite blast with them as well! Oh gosh, I love my kids!

Movie Review: Take a Chance.

7 10 2007

Starring: Corbin Allred, Kirby Heyborne, Lara Everly.
Rating: Not Rated
Grade: B

Corbin Allred plays Elliot, a hick from Texas who sees a photo of a gorgeous girl (Lara Everly) and falls head-over-heels in love. He and his slow but sweet brother Eugene (Kirby Heyborne) set out on an epic journey to Idaho to find her, and hi-jinks, of course, ensue–especially when the pair decides to meet her by posing as foreign exchange students named Gustav and Gayzeh.

So this past weekend, we sat down as a family to watch a few Church movies and I can’t believe how much I enjoyed this movie with one of my favorite LDS Actors, Kirby Heyborne. Ron and Blanche brought this movie back from their trip to Utah and we watched this one last night and our whole house was filled up with laughter. This is one hecka funny movie. Kirby and Corbin’s Hungarian accents were so horrible and yet so funny, it had me laughing a mile a minute while I enjoyed the heck out of this film. Everyone from Ron right down to Cheridan and Brenna enjoyed this movie.

It’s about two brothers, Elliott and Eugene Buttles I think that’s their last name but anyway, so the movie starts off with their father running over two Security Alarm guys (and if you’re LDS, you totally get that joke, right? LOL) and he brings them back to their house to see to their injuries since in their little backwoods town, their father is the town Doc. So anyway, one thing leads to another and Nathan (one of the guys that got ran over by the Dad) shows the brothers a picture of his family back home in Idaho and it’s in that picture that Elliott falls in love with Nathan’s younger sister, Natalie. Nathan tells them that they had two Hungarian Foreign Exchange students that were supposed to come and live with his parents for a little bit but they cancelled and because Elliott is smitten with Natalie, he starts planning a trip to Idaho to visit the girl who he thinks is THE ONE.

The whole concept of this movie was to let us viewers see how crazy love makes us. It showed us how Elliott was willing to do some crazy things just to be with his girl.

Posing as a Hungarian Foreign Exchange Student while looking like a total hillbilly constitutes as CRAZY IN LOVE…and boy was it funny to watch these hillbilly’s trying to fit in the Idaho community.

They went to Church, stole little kids snacks while in Church, they snuck out and got roaring drunk and then pretended to be homesick when they were really hung over. The one that totally made this movie though was Eugene aka GAYZEH, haha…oh man, when they find out what their names are and to see how pissed off Eugene was to find out his name was Gayzeh, man it was just too funny.

This is one of those movies that I’m sure I’ll watch again and again just because it’s so hot damn funny, I’d recommend this movie to those of you guys who just want to laugh at corny dialogue and just want a fun movie to watch, I liked this movie better than Accepted.

Good stuff.