A New Romance Reader in the Making?

29 11 2007

Reading has always been a big part of my life, once I started. I’m known in my family as the romantic, in my circle of friends I’m the bookish geek and to anyone who knows me in the cyber world, I’m one of the chicks that reviews over at Book Binge.

Reading is a passion that I don’t really share with anyone in my family. I mean, my sisters all read but none of them read with as much enthusiasm and gusto as I do. They are the kind of readers that read to fill the time, enjoy a book and can move on. I, on the other hand am not like that at all. I read books, fall into the stories and laugh and cry with the characters and I’m just more animated in my love of all things romance novel related that my sisters often think I’m a nut job because I can go on and on about this book and that book and this hero and that hero.

I’ve often longed for a reading companion in my family, someone that can appreciate a fantastically written romance novel and just spend time gushing with me…but nobody has ever been that person for me, I guess I have those companions in my friends, Izzy, Daphne and Holly for but I’ve always wished that either my sisters or Mulu would share in my enthusiasm for reading but much to my chagrin, they just haven’t.

I think I’ve found someone who will share in my enthusiasm when she grown enough to be able to read our books.

I think I see a little romance novel lover in the making with my 10 year old niece, Chaylene. Yes, the same niece that I didn’t want to shop for last year because she stole Brenna’s pants and wouldn’t admit to it, the same niece that I think is sometimes evil. Well, she’s been on my good side for the past couple of months and yesterday when I came home from work, she done shot straight up into my favorite niece spot! =)

I walked in the house yesterday after a very busy and long day at the office. Blanche is making dinner but I’m not very hungry since I’m just kind of tired, lazy and just want to sit down with Dain and Jessica and read the rest of the day away. I still have to walk on the treadmill so I go upstairs and that’s where I find Chaylene laying down on her bed, reading a book but as soon as she looked up and saw me, she shot out of her bed and she’s shoving her book in my face, telling me how much she’s loving the book and how much better the book is then the movie that she watched and I finally get a good look at the book she’s reading and it’s…

…Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

You have no idea how excited I was that Chaylene was reading this book, I was caught off guard but I was totally cheesing it while Chay Chay explained where she was in the book, how much she wishes she was like Elizabeth Bennett and how pretty she is on the cover of the book and she knows which one is Jane and which girl is Elizabeth and listening to her gush on about Pride and Prejudice totally reminded me of my gush fests that I have with my girls from Book Binge and it made me smile because Chay Chay ended her diatribe by saying to me, “Do you think when I’m old enough, I can read some of the books on your bookshelf, Aunty Wena? Would you let me borrow your books?”

With a grin wider than the Pacific Ocean, I told her…”My books are your books, Chay Chay and when you get older, you can read whatever book of mine you want.”

I don’t know who was more exicted, me or her. =)

Happy Hump Day!

28 11 2007

So it’s Wednesday and we only have two more week days before the weekend claims us, YAHOO! I don’t have anything to blog about today so enjoy this video and dance around a little you know you want to.

A Little Jokey Joke for Ya’ll…

27 11 2007

..that made me laugh.

A psychiatrist was conducting a group therapy session with 4 young mothers & their small children.

“You all have obsessions,” he observed.

To the 1st mother, Mary, he said, “You are obsessed with eating. You’ve even named your daughter Candy.”

He turned to the 2nd Mom, Ann: “Your obsession is with money. Again, it manifests itself in your child’s name, Penny.”

He turned to the 3rd Mom, Joyce: “Your obsession is alcohol. This too shows itself in your child’s name, Brandy.”

At this point, the 4th mother, Kathy, quietly got up, took her little boy by the hand & whispered, “Come on, Dick, we’re leaving.”


A Happy Weekend, For Real…Right?

26 11 2007

This weekend, my theme song was Welcome to the Good Life by Kanye West and that’s saying something because I don’t even like Kanye but man, I was hella loving that song this weekend because that’s how I was livin’. Thanksgiving day was spent with just my parents, my brother Pete and little Ahbrey and my sister Delene. It was fantastic, no kids that won’t shut the hell up, no kids fighting over who’s turn it is to hold Ahbrey, no fighting over that last slice of cornbread and surprise of all surprise, there WAS more cornbread at the end of the day, sing it wit’ me now…HALLELUIAH! LOL.

Blanche and her kids went to have their Thanksgiving Dinner at her in laws in Carson and so we had the house to ourselves and we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. We broke out the bubbly and watched some football game on TV while me and Delene gossiped and then played around online. We mapped our Christmas lists and just enjoyed the peaceful Thanksgiving day that we know will be our last. Thanksgiving night after everyone left, I was able to read and watch movies and talk on my phone to different friends and then I conked out, it was heaven for me!

Friday, I didn’t come into the office because nobody was here …I talked with Mulu like twenty times that day and we made plans to go to a dance in Harbor Park, wherever that was…turns out the dance was a Latin dance and they played merenge, salsa and that kind of music all night long, we kept waiting for them to play some reggaetone so that we can get down but they didn’t so we cut out early and went to the Inglewood Stake Center where we were able to dance for 10 minutes before that dance ended and so we kept the party going at Denny’s where Jenny had us laughing with her blonde ass! LOL. I could not stop laughing when the following conversation was had.

The waitress: What can I get for you?
Jenny: I’ll have the lumberjack slam.
The waitress: How do you want your eggs?
Jenny: Well done.

The waitress looks all confused and Jenny is looking at her like she’s dumb. Me and Mulu start crackin’ the hell up. And then Lovine, Jenny’s cousin continues on…

Lovine: I’m sorry, she meant she wants her eggs sunny side over.

????, frickin’ Samoans…LOL.

Saturday was a big day for our family, Ahbrey’s first birthday party took place at Pete and Tiffany’s house and we thought it would be too small for a party for our family but it wasn’t, we had a good time, the food was good, the family all showed up and we hung out all day and well into the night. It was so much fun.

Mulu and I got Ahbrey a pair of Nike shoes (I’ll provide a picture later since I can’t access my photobucket account from work) and some winter coats that were uber cute. Ahbrey got a lot of stuff so it was good. I killed a gang of spam musubi because it’s been awhile since I’ve had that stuff and they had plenty of it on Saturday. We hung out with the family, our cousins on our Mom’s side came out to the party and when the sun went down, the drinks flowed (for the boys in our family and white boy Kurt.) and the fire was started in the pit and we just chilled, talked and caught up with each other. My cousin Domi and I roasted marshmallows and then made smores for the kids and the adults, my cousin Dovie and nieces Chloe and Chelsea took lots and lots of pictures, so I’ll post those whenever I get around to it (if I ever do) and I had a good time. Mulu had a good time too so I’m glad. Mulu brought our friend Maria to the party and that was…interesting.

Sunday, as usual was Church, some friends from our childhood came out to Church and it was good to see them around. Our Sunday School lesson was really good, I seriously love sitting in my friend Ayu’s Sunday School class, she makes learning about the gospel so much fun and so interesting…she’s funnier than she gives herself credit for and we were once again the only alto’s in song practice but we rocked it out. Nobody had anything bad to say about the alto’s because me and Ayu were off the chains with our part! LOL. And dude, I totally love the song that we’re singing for the Christmas program, it’s going to be good, I can’t wait to sing it, even if me and Ayu are the only ones singing our part. We’ll rock it out, I’m sure!

Ehhh, I gotta go, Nicole is nagging me about a break so I’ll catch you guys later…dude, TONIGHT IS OCTOBER ROAD, cross your fingers that I’ll get home in time to watch it because tonight is also Ayu’s mission talk thingy at FHE and we’re going to support her, we’re also going to visit Sylvia to see what’s up with her since she aint been to Church in forEVER and we’re always freaking out about Relief Society lessons and what not, so I can’t wait to see what happens with that.

Catch you guys later! How was ya’lls weekend?

October Road Is Back Ya’ll!

23 11 2007

So yesterday, I made sure that everything was cleaned up and everyone was shut up so that I could watch my long awaited show, October Road’s special sneak peek episode where we’re thrown back into things back on The Ridge, or Knight’s Ridge, my favorite hero of last season, Nick Garrett’s home town.

Last season on October Road, we were left when Ikey and Owen’s world was blown the heck up by Big Cat who spilled that Ikey was sleeping with Owen’s wife, Allison. Owen freaks the heck out and leaves town (running to his brother in NYC), all the while being pissed to heck off at Nick because he knew and didn’t say anything to him. I really enjoyed last night’s show, seeing Eddie and Nick bonding again after all these years was great to see. I’ve been waiting to see when they would get back to being anything that resembled..friends and last night, I was granted my wish.

It was great sh*t, I loved it.

To see Owen the way he was last night brought back how much of a dweeb I thought he was last season…then with the 25 hot dogs thing, yeah…not cute Owen, go back home to your family and when he finally did go home, I was glad…I wonder what’s in the works for him and Allison…will they get back together, will they work past their problems or are they dunzo? I’m not sure, but I look forward to finding out.

Ikey is still a dork, but atleast he’s an contrite dork and I’m glad to see that he isn’t going to take a job from Big Cat because then he’d be dumber than the box of rocks in the back of his truck. I can’t wait to see the fall out between him and Owen again, to see if they can work to get things back to normal or if they’ll remain non friends now. I wonder how Nick and Eddie will be around Ikey now as well.

And then Physical Phil…hmm, wow…goodness, he’s a strange cat.

The whole Hannah’s having dreams about Nick shows just how much she’s digging him again and I can understand why she’s being so stupid about it but atleast she didn’t hide from what she was feeling for him. She knows she loves Nick, she just doesn’t trust him and that’s where Nick is going to have to prove to her that he’s back…for good.

I’m still really liking the whole Eddie/Janet love thing, goodness it’s so cute. I was so glad that Eddie didn’t do anything with Nick’s friend’s girlfriend, who turned out to not be his buddy’s girlfriend anyway, woo hoo Eddie…and when he called Janet from the club, OMGOSH so cute! Eddie is shaping up to be a really good guy, one that I’m totally digging but HOLY WOW, IS HE SAMS FATHER?

I mean, with the timeline that Nick has for Sam’s conception and everything, Sam was conceived around the time that Nick left, so he had to have been conceived before Nick left or not too long after Nick left, which means if Sam is Eddie’s son…Eddie aint got no hot damn leg to stand on with his hatred of Nick Garrett because, he’s a dirty dog his damn self.

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Bring on the drama! =) Which also brings Hannah’s retarded claim of not being able to go through the hurt that Nick brought to her door when he left again seem so…stupid, since she was a dirty whorebag.

But all of this could be nothing since we don’t know what Eddie and Hannah need to tell Nick but DUDE, IS EDDIE SAM’S DAD????

Gosh, I’m dying to know and nothing on God’s green Earth is going to make me miss Monday’s all new episode. I’ve been waiting for this show to come back for like ever and man, it started off with a bang!


Is it Monday yet? Yeesh. Nick was just as adorable last night as he was last season and as Jake on One Tree Hill. It’s so good to have Brian back on the small screen, I heart this boy seriously. I wonder what he’s going to be doing now that he’s back in Knight’s Ridge, is he going to continue teaching or not teaching or whatever he was doing at the University and how cute was the Dad and the brother, do they keep Nick’s room the way it was or put it back to the way Nick knew it??? Too cute! And what happened with The Commander’s girlfriend? I wonder if he’s still seeing her.

Can’t wait to find out, until Monday…=)

One Year Ago…

21 11 2007

…today, Tiffany was getting was getting ready to have a baby who would come into the world the day before Thanksgiving and her name would eventually become Ahbrey.

Tomorrow, Ahbrey will be turning a year old. I can’t believe how fast time has flown since Ahbrey was born. Memories of Ahbrey as a newborn were flying through my head as I was coming to work this morning. Ahbrey came over this morning and she has grown up since then. She’s walking and she’s talking nonsense (talking a lot of crap that don’t make a lick of sense) and she is just the cutest thing ever. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have such an adorable baby in my family and more importantly, in my life.

I seriously love that little girl.

No that’s not Ahbrey, that baby to the left is my new nephew, Brody. Isn’t he a cutie patootie? Excuse the Redskins stuff, for as long as I can remember my brother Henry has been the biggest Washington Redskins fan…loyal as can be, no matter how good or how sucky they are…Henry has been a Redskins fan. So yeah, I just had to share the picture with you guys, my dear readers. I’m kinda excited for tomorrow to get here already because my Mom’s cooking and that woman can cook, I hope they make some chop suey even though it’s not a usual Thanksgiving dish but shoot, we’re Samoan…bring on the chop suey, I haven’t had my Dad’s chop suey in a cool minute so everyone please cross your fingers for me.

I’ll add some pictures of Ahbrey later because I have to put them in my photobucket account and I can’t access that site from my work computer so ya’ll are just going to have to wait. Ahbrey’s party is this coming Saturday and we’re finally going to have some Banana Cake from Torrance Bakery with fresh strawberries a custard filling and whipped topping, that cake is the frickin’ bomb I swear…the only thing that would make that cake even better is if Duff from Ace of Cakes made the cake…oh wait, not Duff since I’m a big Geoff fan, I LOVE GEOFF…do you guys watch that show? It’s so the bomb, I love the cakes that Geoff makes, he’s my fave…though that Gum Ball Machine cake that Duff made was frickin’ off the chains, I loved it…I think my favorite cake they made on that ship cake that he made with the Titanic sinking and the plane crashing into the ship, that cake was so awesome…well check out my favorites from Ace of Cakes.

Oh goodness, I totally love this show and I’m going to watch some shows on Food Network On Demand because I hecka love this stuff…and I HEART GEOFF! Love, love love him! Alright, I gotta go and I guess this show was one of those rambling posts that I do from time to time…enjoy!

What are you guys up to today?

Goodness, I Love This Song!

21 11 2007

So it’s no secret that I’m just as big as music freak as I am a book freak, so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to you that I’ve found my favoritest artist right now, Chris Brown’s latest video premiere, one of my favorite songs on his album…

Marivel, this is your song, but check it out…you have to follow the link though because the video isn’t working properly for me.

Chris Brown- With You

How cute is he??? Seriously??? haha. Love this guy!