Fun, Fun, Fun.

13 11 2007

I had a really good weekend. It was three days of doing whatever I wanted and it was heavenly. Friday night, was Jarred’s League Championship game against my old high school and I felt like such a traitorous b word because I sat on Torrance High’s side and cheered for them to win against my alma mater because I wanted this win so much for Jarred. It’s his senior year and Torrance hasn’t won a championship since 1990, so 17 years later they finally got their Championship. Next year, I’ll go back to cheering on North! =) Jarred did really good, some great tackles, made some big plays and helped his team come out on top, I was very impressed and it was so cute to see all of my brothers jumping up and down cheering Jarred on. My brother Henry almost lost his voice he was cheering so loud.

He’s so cute. Henry is so looking forward to being able to watch his new bundle of joy, Brody play football and it’s so cute to watch how excited he is about having a son. He’s so goofy, it’s adorable.

After the game, the family went to McDonalds to feed the kids and we stayed up late, talking and just hanging out. Saturday morning came too soon and at 8am, we were all at the park, cheering Cheridan’s team on while they battled to beat Daylene’s team…too bad they lost and poor Beargrills (is that the guy’s name from Man vs. Wild, Cheridan’s coach looks EXACTLY like him, LOL), he’s a good soccer coach but he can’t get his team to win for beans. LOL. After Cheridan’s game, Brenna played…that girl is a born defender because she was positioned as a forward but she never played her position, she was always defending instead of attacking the ball to score…it was horrible. She won her game though, 5-1 so it was all good in the hood…the only thing that sucked is that we played the exact same team we played last week and the same ref called our game too. What the heezie? Oh well, another win for us. After Brenna’s game was Chay Chay’s game, she lost her game too and then it was Makenna and Chase’s game. Chase lost his game but Makenna won hers. And then me, Chloe and Chelsea had to work the closing shift at the snack bar and that was fun…yeah right.

After we left the park, we met Blanche, Delene and the kids over at Henry’s house because the kids wanted to meet their new cousin, Brody. It was a good time, the whole family turned out and we ate dinner, laughed, played cards (and I got spanked at Animal and Spoons by the lying, cheating bastard that is my brother, Pete) …Jarred brought his girlfriend over to meet the family and she’s a cute itty bitty little thing and she’s very nice too. I like her for Jarred so I was happy to meet, Janeen (however you spell her name). We played BS and Pete won that game too, stupid jerk. We also had our family game of dodge ball in the backyard but we had to stop because we kept making the kids cry, so my Mom told us to knock it off and we stopped playing, BLAH!

Chloe and Pete put the music on and the kids ran straight to the dance floor aka the kitchen to get their boogie on and I swear they dance like little strippers…all that was missing for Cheridan’s little dancing was a pole! :eek! My dad wasn’t too happy to see the kids dropping down and getting their eagle on…nor was he too happy to see them getting their Apple bottom Jeans on and crankin’ dat soulja boy! haha, my kids can get down that’s for dang sure…haha, I’m gonna video tape Cheridan dancing and then I’m going to post it on here because that girl can walk it out, crank dat soulja boy and drop them apple bottom jeans, it’s the bomb!

After getting yelled at to keep things down, we had to clean the party up and head home because Mommy Les was tired and we had to go to Church in the morning. So we headed home and I got a text from my friend Maria that she went on a date with a friend of ours from Church, named Rodney….heyyyy, toot dat thang Maria! =) Rodney’s a good guy, I hope they had fun on their little date.

I stayed home from Church on Sunday and watched a few movies which I’ll be putting my reviews up for shortly and then I read Tangled Up In You and Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarty, I enjoyed both books and am reading a very cheesy but good story, Body Check by Deidre Martin. I need some cheese right now, I’m not in the mood to read anything too deep or anything.

I had FHE last night and we wrote letters to those we are thankful for and I wrote a letter to my friends Ayu and Maria. Maria because she needs to realize what an awesome spirit she is and to Ayu because I’ve been thinking about her a lot and I don’t know what that means but maybe my kind words will help her out with whatever she’s got going on right now. I had a good time, and yes today is my birthday….last night, Mulu brought a cupcake cake to FHE and everyone sang happy birthday to me and I was all embarrassed because believe it or not, I don’t like having the attention on me, I’m not an attention getter like Mulu is so I was all red in the face but whatev, it was cool. I had a good time. I went home last night and read some more, texted with my friend, Marivel and with Mulu and then I went to bed.

And I woke up on my birthday morning with a big ol’ cold sore on my mouth, I’m telling you, it was not the business. Ugh! So I’m rushing through everything this morning because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t late for my staff meeting, I didn’t really fix my hair, my clothes are only ironed on the front side and I get to work on time to find out that THE MEETING WAS CANCELLED!!! Oh h to the no, I was pissed…but atleast I brought in the snacks that I bought so that I can stop eating out so much…only to find out that the best friend, Mulu wants to take me to lunch so I’m going to be eating out anyway, LOL.

I want to see Enchanted so bad and I finally found my two peeps that I’ll be going with and I don’t even care that I have to pay for them…Chloe and Chelsea! Although, Im’ going to take Brenna too…maybe we can make it a family thing.

Whatev, so anyway, how was everyone’s weekend?




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13 11 2007

Happy Birthday BBB!!!

13 11 2007

I’ll be going to Enchanted also. Not sure if I’ll do it the night before Thanksgiving, or maybe I’ll sneak in while the rest of the world is in a turkey-enduced coma. Actually, there’s a group of us that are going ~ just don’t know when.

13 11 2007

Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!!

13 11 2007

Happy Birthday Rowena!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day and a great b-day 😀

13 11 2007

Happy birthday! So glad you found someone to watch Enchanted with!

Have a great rest of the day!

13 11 2007

LOL – what a weekend! Hope you have a fantastic day today! Happy birthday!!

13 11 2007

Thanks Ames! Love you bunches!


I’m going to make that our sister movie so maybe we can go see it for thanksgiving too.


Thanks sweetie!!! =)


I’m so glad too, I can’t wait to watch sisters want to see it so I’m all over the moon but Mulu hasn’t seen the previews for it which is why she’s so unsure but I’m sure she’ll want to see it we shall see. Thanks sweetie!


Thanks sweets and yes I had a great weekend with the family. I didn’t want it to end.

13 11 2007

OMG! It’s your birthday…I’m SO going to call you….

14 11 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST BUDDY! I hope you have a fab (rest of your) day and get all happy and excited…about a book. 😛


14 11 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Didn’t know our bdays were so close mine’s next Tuesday!!!! 🙂

14 11 2007


Yes, you did call me…thanks for the call and the gab fest, you so rock!


Thanks babe and I lub you long time too! =) Those rooms in Ryan’s large and spacious building still belong to us so I’ll meet you over there…=)


Ooh, so your birthday is coming up too, huh? Awww snap! Scorpios are on the map!! =) Thanks Mollie!

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