Thursday Thirteen: Things That Have…

15 11 2007

….made me smile this week.

I know, I haven’t written up a list in a long while but I’m hoping that will change since I’m on WordPress and can access this whenever I hot dang want to. So anyway, this week I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about thirteen things that have made me smile this week and since it was my birthday there was lots to smile about.

My list:

1. Brenna made me smile because I was reading some notes we wrote back and forth to each other in Church and she was asking me about Nathan and I jokingly told her that he doesn’t like me anymore because he said I’m not pretty. She said most seriously, “you’re pretty to me, Mom and I love you” it was so cute when she said because she gave me a hug and I smiled this week, remembering that.

2. Chase made me smile when he said, “Happy Birthday Aunty Wena, you’re so beautiful to me, I love you.” The seriousness in his voice made me smile, he’s so cute.

3. Seeing my new nephew, Brody and holding him in my arms.

4. Cheridan made me smile when she was cheering for Makenna at her game, she kept screaming, “GO MAKENNY CHESNEY!” instead of saying, “GO MAKENNA!” She’s such a crackhead, I love it.

5. The look of pure joy on Jarred’s face after his team won the League Championship game on Friday.

6. Seeing my entire family under the same roof as we came together to celebrate the new addition in our family.

7. Getting such pretty flowers from my boyfriend in Texas. =)

8. The emails and the texts and the comments that my friends sent me throughout the day of my birthday, thanks guys!

9. The cupcake cake that my best friend dropped off at FHE. She couldn’t make it to FHE but she still made time to drive over and drop off a cake and make sure that they sing happy birthday to me to make me feel special. She rocks.

10. My new phone coming in the mail a day earlier than I expected! YAY ME!

11. Watching Gabriel Macht in Because I Said So, he’s so frickin’ cute, I was cheesin’ it every time he showed up on the screen. =)

12. My best friend lunch. We went to lunch and we gossiped and laughed and lost track of time and it was just great, it made me smile because we haven’t done that in a long time.

13. Coming home to see Ahbrey’s raising her arms for me to pick her up, she’s just the cutest little thing and I love me some her!

I’m blessed, yes…I know this! =) Happy Thursday everyone!




10 responses

15 11 2007

Nice Thursday post, hope you are having a nice day! I just posted my Thursday Thirteen with a few add-ons! Please stop by my blog if you can!

15 11 2007

Those flowers were soooo pretty.

Awww, I like your list. Number 1 is my favorite. 🙂

15 11 2007

Your whole post made me smile, Wena ~~ all except the part about Nathan. That ticked me off, but Brenna’s sure a cutie.

15 11 2007


Thanks sweets, about the flowers and I thought so too (the Brenna thing) especially since I was cleaning out my ginormous purse and found all the notes we were passing back and forth during Church a few Sundays back, I remembered that note between me and Brenna and she took it seriously, she’s so cute.


Thanks, I’m glad it made you smile and the thing about Nathan, well he didn’t say that, I was kidding when I told Brenna that but at the moment, we do hate Nathan…so keep the feeling going, kay? I’ll tell you later why we hate him. *growl*

15 11 2007


Hey I like your name…thanks for stopping by, I’ll make my way over to your blog right now to check it out. =)

15 11 2007

Hey Dev,

What say you put up a cbox on your blog so that I can comment on your blog during the day?? Huh, huh? Don’t you want to do that, for me, huh HUH? LOL…I read your blogs everyday but I can’t comment on them, like Nacho said in the movie, “IT sucks to be me right now.”

16 11 2007

Hey! Not fair! I want to see your flowers, can you post a picture?

16 11 2007

I’ll text you the pictures, no worries! =)

18 11 2007

Aww, that was really sweet of Brenna. I love your TT this week! And you got a new phone? What kind?

19 11 2007

Hey Daph,

Yeah, isn’t Brenna a little cutie? My new phone is a Blackberry Curve. I’ll show you when we next meet up, it’s been too long! =) Did you get all of my comments on your cbox? LOL.

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