Some Songs…

19 11 2007

…that I think ya’ll should add to your iTunes collection because I’m rockin’ the heck out of them. After watching the American Music Awards last night and watching people bomb songs that I used to love and then seeing Alicia Keys rock the heck out of her song, No One with all the reggae peeps, I was hecka lovin’ it.

And who saw The Jonas Brothers performance when home dude fell on stage? I was dying…it was so hilarious but poor dude, even his brothers looked like they wanted to laugh out loud while they were singing. Oh dude, it was the highlight of the whole AMA’s. haha.

Anyway, watching the AMA’s, it got me thinking about the songs that I absolutely love right now and want all of ya’ll to get and love right along with me.

1. Like You’ll Never See Me Again by Alicia Keys.
2. Down by Chris Brown feat. Kanye West.
3. With You by Chris Brown.
4. You by Chris Brown.
5. Take You Down by Chris Brown.
6. No One by Alicia Keys.
7. SOS by Jonas Brothers. (Yeah I said Jonas Brothers, what do you expect? My daughter loves these guys and the song is catchy and cute.)
8. Always on My Mind by Daville feat. Sean Paul.
9. Hold Up by Chris Brown.
10. I Wanna Be by Chris Brown.

Yeah, I’m hella loving Chris Brown right now…you should love him too because he rocks my socks!




6 responses

20 11 2007

Alicia Keys sure did ROCK the stage last nite..

i was lurve it..and thanks for the list..hehe…

oh and yeah..i’ve moved from blogger to wordpress now..thanks to you..hehee..i think its way better than blogger..

power to the wordpress..chooohooo

20 11 2007

Hehe, you did? I just love me some wordpress, so much easier and stuff…I was lurve it too! haha.

I’m bout to go check you out,since it’s been a while for me! =)

20 11 2007

I see a lot of Chris Brown up there. I heard the other A. Keys song. I love it.

21 11 2007

It sure is but I don’t mind it because I told you, Chris Brown is my boyfriend and you’re only as young as the man you feel…haha.

21 11 2007

Yeah, Alicia Keys was barely a blip on my radar until I was prodded to search for it on YT, she was amazing!

21 11 2007

You should totally have Alicia Keys on your stereo, that girl can get down and she sings great!

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