October Road Is Back Ya’ll!

23 11 2007

So yesterday, I made sure that everything was cleaned up and everyone was shut up so that I could watch my long awaited show, October Road’s special sneak peek episode where we’re thrown back into things back on The Ridge, or Knight’s Ridge, my favorite hero of last season, Nick Garrett’s home town.

Last season on October Road, we were left when Ikey and Owen’s world was blown the heck up by Big Cat who spilled that Ikey was sleeping with Owen’s wife, Allison. Owen freaks the heck out and leaves town (running to his brother in NYC), all the while being pissed to heck off at Nick because he knew and didn’t say anything to him. I really enjoyed last night’s show, seeing Eddie and Nick bonding again after all these years was great to see. I’ve been waiting to see when they would get back to being anything that resembled..friends and last night, I was granted my wish.

It was great sh*t, I loved it.

To see Owen the way he was last night brought back how much of a dweeb I thought he was last season…then with the 25 hot dogs thing, yeah…not cute Owen, go back home to your family and when he finally did go home, I was glad…I wonder what’s in the works for him and Allison…will they get back together, will they work past their problems or are they dunzo? I’m not sure, but I look forward to finding out.

Ikey is still a dork, but atleast he’s an contrite dork and I’m glad to see that he isn’t going to take a job from Big Cat because then he’d be dumber than the box of rocks in the back of his truck. I can’t wait to see the fall out between him and Owen again, to see if they can work to get things back to normal or if they’ll remain non friends now. I wonder how Nick and Eddie will be around Ikey now as well.

And then Physical Phil…hmm, wow…goodness, he’s a strange cat.

The whole Hannah’s having dreams about Nick shows just how much she’s digging him again and I can understand why she’s being so stupid about it but atleast she didn’t hide from what she was feeling for him. She knows she loves Nick, she just doesn’t trust him and that’s where Nick is going to have to prove to her that he’s back…for good.

I’m still really liking the whole Eddie/Janet love thing, goodness it’s so cute. I was so glad that Eddie didn’t do anything with Nick’s friend’s girlfriend, who turned out to not be his buddy’s girlfriend anyway, woo hoo Eddie…and when he called Janet from the club, OMGOSH so cute! Eddie is shaping up to be a really good guy, one that I’m totally digging but HOLY WOW, IS HE SAMS FATHER?

I mean, with the timeline that Nick has for Sam’s conception and everything, Sam was conceived around the time that Nick left, so he had to have been conceived before Nick left or not too long after Nick left, which means if Sam is Eddie’s son…Eddie aint got no hot damn leg to stand on with his hatred of Nick Garrett because, he’s a dirty dog his damn self.

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Bring on the drama! =) Which also brings Hannah’s retarded claim of not being able to go through the hurt that Nick brought to her door when he left again seem so…stupid, since she was a dirty whorebag.

But all of this could be nothing since we don’t know what Eddie and Hannah need to tell Nick but DUDE, IS EDDIE SAM’S DAD????

Gosh, I’m dying to know and nothing on God’s green Earth is going to make me miss Monday’s all new episode. I’ve been waiting for this show to come back for like ever and man, it started off with a bang!


Is it Monday yet? Yeesh. Nick was just as adorable last night as he was last season and as Jake on One Tree Hill. It’s so good to have Brian back on the small screen, I heart this boy seriously. I wonder what he’s going to be doing now that he’s back in Knight’s Ridge, is he going to continue teaching or not teaching or whatever he was doing at the University and how cute was the Dad and the brother, do they keep Nick’s room the way it was or put it back to the way Nick knew it??? Too cute! And what happened with The Commander’s girlfriend? I wonder if he’s still seeing her.

Can’t wait to find out, until Monday…=)




6 responses

23 11 2007

Yes, I watched last night. There was not enough Eddie and Janet, though. As in none. Hope that changes on Monday.

26 11 2007

I thought the phone call that Eddie put into Janet from the club was so adorable and I look forward to seeing their relationship unfold…I read that Eddie is going to get cold feet when bringing his relationship with Janet out, so it should be interesting to see what happens between these two. Goodness I can’t wait!

4 12 2007

I LOVE OCTOBER ROAD! And I”m SOOOO excited my roomie and I just got a new DVR…………I’ll never miss my fav. shows again!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

11 12 2007

It’s really growing on me as a series. I liked it before, but it just keeps getting better.

Physical Phil and Pizza Girl has to be my favorite part of the show. I just wish I could figure out why he’s called Physical Phil an what he does to pay the bills. And while I’m dying to know what Pizza Girl’s name is, at the same time I’m glad I still don’t. She’s really nifty.

And personally I think a wolf is just about the bestest Christmas present ever!

17 12 2007

October Road is fantastic!!! I’m so glad to see other people watching it besides me! I love some Janet and Eddie, I could go back and watch them in the bar where he said, “You were twirlin” a hundred times and never get sick of it. Best show on TV, I think. I love that the writers seem to assume their audience has a brain. The dialogue is great!

8 01 2008

I’m still catching up on your reviews on this site but OMG this “Which also brings Hannah’s retarded claim of not being able to go through the hurt that Nick brought to her door when he left again seem so…stupid, since she was a dirty whorebag.” made me bust out laughing.

You have such a way with words!

I love this show. My only complaint is that they are feeding off the “Who’s my baby’s secret daddy?” a little too much. That was all of last season too. Seriously, tell us and move on.

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