A New Romance Reader in the Making?

29 11 2007

Reading has always been a big part of my life, once I started. I’m known in my family as the romantic, in my circle of friends I’m the bookish geek and to anyone who knows me in the cyber world, I’m one of the chicks that reviews over at Book Binge.

Reading is a passion that I don’t really share with anyone in my family. I mean, my sisters all read but none of them read with as much enthusiasm and gusto as I do. They are the kind of readers that read to fill the time, enjoy a book and can move on. I, on the other hand am not like that at all. I read books, fall into the stories and laugh and cry with the characters and I’m just more animated in my love of all things romance novel related that my sisters often think I’m a nut job because I can go on and on about this book and that book and this hero and that hero.

I’ve often longed for a reading companion in my family, someone that can appreciate a fantastically written romance novel and just spend time gushing with me…but nobody has ever been that person for me, I guess I have those companions in my friends, Izzy, Daphne and Holly for but I’ve always wished that either my sisters or Mulu would share in my enthusiasm for reading but much to my chagrin, they just haven’t.

I think I’ve found someone who will share in my enthusiasm when she grown enough to be able to read our books.

I think I see a little romance novel lover in the making with my 10 year old niece, Chaylene. Yes, the same niece that I didn’t want to shop for last year because she stole Brenna’s pants and wouldn’t admit to it, the same niece that I think is sometimes evil. Well, she’s been on my good side for the past couple of months and yesterday when I came home from work, she done shot straight up into my favorite niece spot! =)

I walked in the house yesterday after a very busy and long day at the office. Blanche is making dinner but I’m not very hungry since I’m just kind of tired, lazy and just want to sit down with Dain and Jessica and read the rest of the day away. I still have to walk on the treadmill so I go upstairs and that’s where I find Chaylene laying down on her bed, reading a book but as soon as she looked up and saw me, she shot out of her bed and she’s shoving her book in my face, telling me how much she’s loving the book and how much better the book is then the movie that she watched and I finally get a good look at the book she’s reading and it’s…

…Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

You have no idea how excited I was that Chaylene was reading this book, I was caught off guard but I was totally cheesing it while Chay Chay explained where she was in the book, how much she wishes she was like Elizabeth Bennett and how pretty she is on the cover of the book and she knows which one is Jane and which girl is Elizabeth and listening to her gush on about Pride and Prejudice totally reminded me of my gush fests that I have with my girls from Book Binge and it made me smile because Chay Chay ended her diatribe by saying to me, “Do you think when I’m old enough, I can read some of the books on your bookshelf, Aunty Wena? Would you let me borrow your books?”

With a grin wider than the Pacific Ocean, I told her…”My books are your books, Chay Chay and when you get older, you can read whatever book of mine you want.”

I don’t know who was more exicted, me or her. =)




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29 11 2007

Awww! It’s so fun to have another book crazy in the family. I’m lucky, my Mom and I are always swapping books and emailing each other about the books they JUST HAVE TO GET! 🙂 And my Mom reads more than anyone I’ve ever met. She should have been a librarian!

29 11 2007

Aww, that’s so cute! Like Mollie, my mom reads romance, and so does my Evil Cousin, but I know you’ve been wanting some one close to you to read with. YAY FOR CHAY CHAY!

30 11 2007

Too cute!!!!! Yay for Chay!!!

No one close to me likes to read romance, so I’m jealous you found a reading buddy in the family.

30 11 2007


Lucky…my Mom always scolds me for reading romance novels, she says I should be reading my scriptures and actually finish reading my BOM one of these days…Ugh. I will finish my Book of Mormon one of these days, I will dangit!

30 11 2007


That’s what I said…I was all excited and she called me today to see if I wanted to borrow her P&P book to read since she knows I haven’t read it..she promises it’s the best book EVER! LOL

30 11 2007


I don’t have a family reading buddy yet since Chay Chay is only 10 and she can’t read our books yet…but in the next 6-7 years, I’ll have that family reading buddy, FINALLY! LOL.

30 11 2007

My niece is my reading buddy. She loves books as much as I do. And let me tell you how much fun it is when we read the same book.

30 11 2007

That’s good…is that the niece that you read YA books with?

2 12 2007

you need to start a book club!

and can you recommend a good romance book for ME someone who has never read one- give me the best you got! 🙂

and hope you are enjoying the week end

3 12 2007

Ooh B,

Don’t do that…I can go on and on about the best romance novels (there’s too many for me to name JUST ONE) but you’ve inspired me to put up a post of my favorite books, so I’ll work on that today because romance books are my favorites! =)

I hope you’re enjoying your week and I hope you had a great weekend sweetie!

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