Thursday Thirteen…Shows that I Can’t Get…

27 12 2007


…enough of.

I’m a TV addict. I watch entirely too much TV and to be honest, I don’t give a dang because I just love my shows. There are quite a few shows that I watch either, religiously or watch when I can but love anyway.

Here’s my list of shows that I’m watching this season:

1. The Hills. So technically, this show is done but dude, I loved me some The Hills. I loved watching Lauren go through the many different obstacles her life threw at her from her trying to prove herself at work so that she could get another shot at Paris to her feud with Heidi and Spencer and then with her budding whatever it was with Brody. I just love Lauren, she totally rocks and I heart Brody Jenner a lot…they’re so much fun and they look like they lead such glamorous lives, it’s cute.

2. One Tree Hill. Last season of One Tree Hill was my favorite season thus far but with the new season looming before us, I can only hope that this break from the OTH gang will bring with them a fantastically written 5th season, I’m so hoping for this since it’s been so long since I’ve seen the crew back together again…

3. American Idol. This is a show that I can’t wait for, it’s coming back next month with a whole new pack of Pop Star wannabe’s, I seriously hope for some new eye candy just like Chris Richardson from last he was hot stuff!

4. Brothers and Sisters. This is the show that I love to watch on Sunday nights. It’s actually the only show that I watch every Sunday but I just love the Walkers, seriously…how can you not love the Walkers?

5. Clash of the Choirs. Okay so this show finished last week but man, this show was really good…did you guys watch any of it? It was about 5 choirs competing to win money for their home towns and I was rootin’ on Team Lachey because I just heart Nick. I’m so glad that his choir won because after they did the Flight of the Bumblebee, they totally deserved that win.

6. Gossip Girl. Okay this is my big winner of the fall season for best new show. It’s like The O.C. only on the East Coast, I love the characters and I always wonder if Carrie Underwood is watching the show since she’s been linked with Chace Crawford, who plays Nate on the show…this is such a cute drama, I’m so glad that Grace pimped it to me, I lubs it a lot!

7. Pushing Daisies. I started watching this show because Izzy said that she loved it, I have since come to love Ned, Chuck and even Olive. This show is funny, cute and just addicting. I love everything about this show and seriously, Ned is a stud! =)

8. Ace of Cakes. I heart baking shows. I love to bake so the food network is one of those channels that gets a lot of attention from me because as much as I love to bake, I love watching people bake too and this show makes some of the most awesome looking cakes I’ve ever seen and watching how these cakes came to be makes for some great TV and I heart Geoff, he’s so cute!

9. October Road. Gosh but I love this show. I love Nick and I love Sam and though Hannah gets on my nerves because she’s with frickin’ Big Cat, I still like her. It’s not this big ol’ to do show that pulls out all of the stops, it’s one of those shows that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is just great entertainment with a great cast, I seriously heart this show and can’t get enough of it.

10. The Tudors. Last season, I was all about this show and Charles Brandon. Next month, this show comes back and I cannot wait to watch the new season, I hope there’s more Charles Brandon (because he’s a total fox) and I just want to see where the writers are going to take this bunch of should definitely be interesting.

11. Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood. Have you guys watched that episode with David Beckham in it? That show was frickin’ hilarious and has turned me on to this show, who knew Snoop Dogg and his family was so frickin’ hilarious…trust me, they are. Frickin’ Snoop got David frickin’ Beckham to lie to his wife, oh man it was great!

12. General Hospital. I’ve watched this show for freaking ever and I cannot get enough, speaking of, it comes on in about 15 minutes and I can’t wait to see what’s going to be on and poppin’ today in Port Charles, JASON AND LIZ are together ya’ll…YAY! Finally. But seriously, I want to see more Patrick, show me some more Patrick Drake please.

13. The Office. How can you not love the Office? Jim and Pam are finally together and the world didn’t end, goodness, that’s good TV, too bad it’s not on anymore…*sigh* I miss The Office, LOVE IT!

What shows can you not get enough of?


I Know It’s Late…

26 12 2007

but still…

Thursday Thirteen…What I Want For Christmas.

20 12 2007


There are quite a few things that I want for Christmas, here’s what they are…

1. One Tree Hill to hurry up and come back next week, Tuesday.
2. Nathan to cut his hair already on One Tree Hill.
3. Brody and Lauren end up together on The Hills.
4. For Hannah to stop being such a wishy washy stupid airhead on October Road and admit she’s got it bad for hottie with a body, Nick Garrett.
5. More Janet and Eddie because I think they are adorably cute on October Road.
6. Owen kick Ikey’s butt again on October Road, LOL.
7. Liz and Jason be an out in the open, scream from the rooftops couple on General Hospital, already…I mean seriously, it’s been 7 years in the making, GET IT TOGETHER ALREADY!
8. Johnny Zacarra be a better kisser on General Hospital because I saw him kiss Lulu yesterday on GH and that kiss didn’t look good at all, I think he needs a kissin tutor, I think I might have to apply for that job…seriously.
9. Lily and Rufus get together and stay together and have lots and lots of, well…speaking of babies, their babies are doing each other, GROSS! Umm, still Lily and Rufus need to be together. They belong together like Mariah Carey said.
10. Sam McCall on General Hospital get killed by the Text Message Killer because somebody need to kill her or I will, I hate that biznatch!
11. McSteamy get his own storyline on Grey’s.
12. I wanna see Lucas’ cousin/sister on One Tree Hill, LOL.
13. Danny and Sam ending up together on …Las Vegas, be quiet Grace, they belong together, I just know it! LOL.

Wow, I Know This Kid’s Family.

19 12 2007

Imagine my surprise when my BIL came home the other day with a newspaper with an article on the front page that read:

Death in a Seaside Paradise.

If you click on the link, it’ll take you to the article that we read as a family on December 16, 2007. Wow. Not only do I know the area in which all of this stuff took place from when I used to live out in Oceanside, I also know one of the kids families. I mean, his older brother is married to my old Bishop’s daughter who also happens to be a friend of my sisters. His Dad and my Dad used to be buddies. They were in our stake when we were younger and then they moved to Hawaii and the Dad got into some trouble with frauds that caused a scandal at the Polynesian Culture Center and he did some prison time for that. It seems that the family just can’t seem to stay out of the national news.

A gang in La Jolla? Are you serious? Are you effing kidding me? What’s really going on here? I don’t think they’re as billy bad ass as they want everyone to think they are if it took 4 of them to beat up ONE guy and then for them to go on myspace and brag about getting banned from a bar because they “murdered” someone and then laugh about it. That’s not “hard”, that’s stupid and childish and I hope these kids get what they deserved…even if I do remember liking their parents and thinking his older brother was hot stuff!

What is this world coming to?

New Music Tuesday!

18 12 2007

Today’s new joint of the day goes to Jaheim because I just heard his new cut with Keysha Cole. It’s called I’ve Changed and it’s a really smooth slow love song that is reminiscent of Jaheim’s earlier music with a modern twist to it. It’s my favorite song today so ya’ll gotta check it out.

Here’s the song, enjoy.

Eye Candy Friday: Milo Ventimiglia

14 12 2007

So I’ve decided to resurrect Eye Candy Friday because last night while I was chatting online with my BBB, Ames I started looking for some cutie pictures of Milo Ventimiglia because I just felt like it and man, look at the treasures I’ve found….

So without further adeu, this week’s Eye Candy Friday: Milo Ventimiglia.




Until next week…

Movie: This Christmas.

13 12 2007

Starring: Regina King, Chris Brown, Loretta Divine, Mikhi Phifer, Laz Alonzo, etc.
Rating: PG-13
Grade: B-

This year, Christmas with the Whitfield’s promises to be one they will never forget. All the siblings have come home for the first time in years and they’ve brought plenty of baggage with them. As the Christmas tree is trimmed and the lights are hung, secrets are revealed and family bonds are tested. As their lives converge, they join together and help each other discover the true meaning of family.

Okay so this is a movie that I wanted to see this Christmas season because as you guys know, I’m addicted to some Chris Brown and I’ve got to say that between him and Regina King, they totally made this movie. I thought this movie was going to have me jumping out of my seat loving it but it didn’t. Not that it was a bad movie or anything, I just …liked it.

The story is about a family, a big black family who comes together for the holidays to Big Mama’s house and you see their secrets (all of them) come to light and all the drama that follows the drama.  You have one son, who’s been away for four years and coming back home for the first time, running away from the boys that are trying to get him for $25 grand.  You got another son who is with a white girl but afraid of what his Mama and family going to say so he’s keeping her on the down low.  You have a daughter who’s husband is a lying cheating bastard and she think her crap don’t stink, then you have another daughter with a princess complex who thinks that she’s above everyone else because she’s got a degree and a career, another college daughter who changed her major when she changes boyfriends and then you have a son who wants to pursue his singing career but knows that his Mother won’t be happy about his choice of profession since she lost the Daddy that way and so all of these drama’s are shown to us  throughout this movie and overall, it’s just a really good family movie.

Chris Brown totally made this movie as did Regina King. That bathroom scene when Regina King finally sees the light about her husband and he’s in the shower and she’s making him believe that she’s getting ready to give him some nookie when really she’s spreading baby oil on the floor and then spanking him with the belt for cheating on her, had me rollin’ on the floor laughing for days because the way she booked it the hell out of there after hitting him with the belt like he was one of her kids was just too frickin’ funny.

And when Chris Brown sings Try a Little Tenderness at the club? I loved it! I just love listening to him sing because seriously the boy can sing.  Here’s a clip of when he sang at the club:

He’s so the bomb diggity and I love his voice!  He sings great at the end at the Church too and I’m seriously thinking of buying this soundtrack so that  I can have these songs because I heart me some Chris Brown.   I enjoyed all of the characters but my favorites were Chris Brown and Regina King, they totally stole the whole movie and I loved watching the whole family get down, Soul Train style.  Even the Mom and stand in Dad.  It was great, the kids enjoyed this movie as did the adults but my favorite movie this year is still Why Did I Get Married.

You should watch this with the kids over the holidays, it’s a good way to spend a few hours.