For my blogging buddy, B.

3 12 2007

B, from B- my life my thoughts asked me to recommend a few of my favorite romance novels to her since she’s never read a romance before and seriously? You don’t have to tell me twice because I love me some romance novels the way she loves her some tabloid magazines (love you, B =P), so I’ve compiled a list of my top ten romance novels that I want her to check out.

And B, I must warn you that my top ten favorites change like the wind as I read new books or remember old books because there are so many really good romances out there and I’ve got to say that romance novels are not porn books because porn is about sex and romance is about love. Keep that in mind! =)

Anyway on with the list…

1. Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. This book is so good, I just finished reading it last week and it’s seriously one of my favorite books that I’ve ever read EVER…it’s set in regency England and the witty banter between the hero and the heroine had me crackin’ the heck up and just enjoying the heck out of this book, it’s the perfect book to escape in and I promise you, you will like this book…so funny.

2. Dreaming Of You by Lisa Kleypas. This is another book that is set in historical England and it’s another one of those books that had me sighing and loving every minute of it. Derek, the hero is a great hero and one of my most favorites of Lisa Kleypas and Sara was a fantastic heroine as well. You’ll like this book, I’m sure of it!

3. Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. This is a contemporary romantic suspense novel and it’s funny, the hero, Sam Donovan is one sexy motherbrother and the heroine, Jaine is bright, funny and super cool! This is one of those books that will have you turning the page over and over again until you finish it because you’ll be so wrapped up in it, GREAT BOOK!

4. Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie. This book is fantastically written and just a total page turner. It’s funny, it’s witty and Cal Morrissey is a FOX! Can you tell, what’s important to me in a book? LOL…HOT HEROES and this book has a fantastic hero, I loved that he didn’t want to change Min the way everyone else wanted to change her, I loved how he loved her just the way she was and that was so just so frickin’ great!

5. Saving Grace by Julie Garwood. This book is fantastic, one of Julie Garwood’s best, it’s set in historical England/Scotland and the Laird in this book, Gabriel McBain is so hot, he’ll melt your bones…this book is funny, heartwarming romantic and just uber good!

6. Paradise by Judith McNaught. This book is a contemporary romance set here in the United States and I loved this book, like seriously loved this book and this is actually probably one of the most popular titles by Judith McNaught, she’s got a whole crapload of fans and they love this book and the book’s hero, Matt Farrell. He’s as yummalicious as they come and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book as well and after you read it, make sure to read the book after this one, Perfect because that’s another winner of a book!

7. Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught. This is one of those books that you’ll want to reread frequently throughout the years to follow because it’s just that good. Judith McNaught writes some of the best romances out there, they’re enough to wrench every emotion out of you and this book put me through the wringer, Ian is one of my favorite characters and Elizabeth is so beautiful, smart and witty but she can make you want to pop her in the face at times (Ian too) but at the end of the book, you’ll be sighing, crying tears of joy and just every dang thing in between…SO GOOD but you might want to read, Something Wonderful first, which is one of my most favorite books of all time!

8. Over The Edge by Suzanne Brockmann. This is my favorite book in the whole Troubleshooters series (the third book of the series too) but man, this series is fulled to the brim with FANTASTIC characters, great storylines and a little bit of history thrown in as well, they’re contemporary books set around a Navy SEALs Team and it’s about the men in Team 16 finding their true loves and the journey they all had to go through in order to get to their happy endings, great great series, you should definitely read them!

9. See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson. This is a contemporary book that is set around a journalist and a professional hockey player and seriously, if you read this book for anything, you should read this book to find out all about Luc Martineau’s tatoo…*sigh* Seriously, this book is a fun and cute read and you’ll totally enjoy it!

10. Sea Swept by Nora Roberts. This is another contemporary book that is set in New England, around the Quinn family, it’s a very family oriented romance novel and my absolute favorite series by Nora Roberts. Read this one too, B! =)

Alright sweetie, there you go…I can go on for days about what books you should read but I’ll stop at those..any of those books should make a romance reader out of you, hehe. =) If you want to read some of my reviews, you can check my team book blog, Book Binge or just see what books I’m reading nowadays at my book journal, here.






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3 12 2007

Great list Weena! I’ll have to check out the ones I haven’t read. I’m pretty sure I haven’t disliked anything you’ve raved about!

3 12 2007

You should, I love all of these books so much! I know that you will too! Thanks Mollie!

4 12 2007

Great books you have listed there. 🙂

4 12 2007

Yeah, I think so too! Thanks Syl!

4 12 2007

you are so sweet- Thank you! for all the great reviews I will read them all! and I will choose one for the book club when my turn for pick comes around again.
your a doll I feel so damn special 🙂

I will link back to this for my readers on my next post if you don’t mind

and B loves you back

4 12 2007

Nice list 😀 I love Sea Swept too 🙂 Love the J.McNaught book as well 🙂 Bet Me and Mr. Perfect are not my favorites by the two authors, but I think it’s cool that Jennifer Crusie and linda Howard are also in your list 😀

4 12 2007

Hey B,

No problem sweetie, link away and let me know if you decide to read any of the listed books, they’re great books and i’m sure you’ll enjoy them…seriously! =)

Oh and you’re very welcome! =)


I love Sea Swept too, Cam is just, so yummalicious! JC and LH are great authors and have fantastic backlist so B, you really can’t go wrong with either author!

7 12 2007
Teena in Toronto

I’m here via B’s.

I’m not a big fan of romance novels but I have read “Bet Me” and thought it was okay.

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