Cutie Alert: Colt Brennan.

4 12 2007


Up until last month I had no idea who the hell Colt Brennan was but I found out all about him one breezy November Saturday night in Long Beach, California when I was sitting in my brother Henry’s garage reading his ESPN magazine with some cutie patootie on the cover, waiting for our card game of Spoons to begin and holy hot damn, that white boy is…FINE!

And he can speak, Samoan. He’s the QB for University of Hawaii and man can that boy throw a football like no other…and he calls out his plays to his players in…Samoan. Hehe, cutie patootie for real!

I watched his game this past Saturday on T.V. and holy hot damn, that guy is FINE! Atleast I thought he was until I started looking up his name on Google and found all these, not so cutie pie pictures of him but overall, I’ve got to say, on TV, he’s FINE, in SOME of these pictures, he’s FINE and in others, he’s just…whoa.

But hot damn, check out this picture:

YUM! I may have jumped on the bandwagon on this one but do I care?


Check out this article of Brennan’s courageous journey to the person he is today…he’s Polynesian at heart, how am I! LOL.




3 responses

4 12 2007

LOL! What about matt! Do you have enough room in your heart for both?

4 12 2007

Of course I have room in my heart for both guys but like in high school, Colt is back up to Matt in my heart as well..haha. Poor Colt, can’t ever get out of the shadow of Matt Leinart! haha.

18 02 2008

Colt Brennan is hot. For my desktop on my school laptop I have 723 freakin hot pictures of him. I have his autograph on my magazine and its framed. I’m gonna mary him!!! …. some day. I kno his b-day, weight, height. And he went to jail! Oh well, I still love someone who went to jail! And i named my webkinz Colt. And I had 3 fish 1 Colton 1 james and the other Brennan. On Feb. 15. 08 James died:( I cried for 7 hours. On Wed. Feb. 20. 08. I’m having a funeral. I invited my sister but… she didn’t want to come. LOL. Well I’ll check every so often if someone replys my crazy comments. And please if you see this comment reply because I want to know if it’s strange for a 10 yearold to be this obsessed with Colton ”Colt” James Brennan. He was born on Aug. 16. 1983 in Laguna Beach Calif. LOL. Once someone replys ill say more about the hottie.

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