I’m At Home Today…

10 12 2007

…so Izzy, that’s why I’m not answering the emails, my hands are frozen from trying unsuccessfully to email on my blackberry (because I’m too lazy to go onto my work site and access my emails from there) so when you read this, you’ll know I’m not there today. 

I’ll be back in the office tomorrow.

That’s my baby Ahbrey from Saturday, she’s cute isn’t she? It’s also the background to my phone…so frickin’ cute.

My weekend was pretty good, we chilled on Friday night, I did my rain dance a few times and when it didn’t rain, I got pissed off because then I had to go and get Brenna’s snacks for her soccer game on Saturday, which I did and then forgot to get drinks for the snacks because I was too busy on the phone yapping away with Holly about ebooks and the books that I wanted to get without having an eBook reader, which I have vowed that I’m going to get with my tax money…next month, *sigh* For real.

I went home, read a sorry eBook and then I talked on my phone with my friend and watched This Christmas on bootleg while I cut the oranges and got the snacks together for Brenna’s game, early Saturday morning.

Saturday was spent at the games, we only had 3 games though because Chay Chay’s team forfeited when her coaches didn’t show up to the game.  Brenna played against Nathan’s niece’s team and spanked the hell out of them, 7-1 and I also heard about it from Nathan’s sister who came up to us after the game to give us a playful hard time about smashing on her girls. LOL.  I felt bad because our girls just kept scoring and scoring and scoring so after I apologized to her, we talked about everything and anything and I got the distinct impression that she was pressing me for information but I didn’t have any information to give her so I kept my mouth shut and talked about mundane things with her.  She stayed well into the first quarter of Makenna and Cheridan’s game (they played against each other) and after a quarter of being on Cheridan’s side, I went over to Makenna’s side and cheered her on.  Pete did the sideline flags and Henry and the girls (Makaela, Maleah, Mya and Mary) came to watch the kids play and we had a nice time at the park.

After the games, we all went to our house (minus Henry and the girls) and had a little pizza party.  Blanche and I went grocery shopping and Pete stayed behind with the kids and waited for the pizza.  I was only supposed to pick up drinks from Smart and Final since it was across from the wings and things place that Blanche wanted wings from, but in true Blanche fashion…she had me up in there buying every dang thing and I bought it because I’m retarded like that.  But I’m not mad about it, it was cool.

Saturday night was spent unsuccessfully trying to find gifts with Mulu for our Enrichment Night next week Saturday.  We went to four different stores and only bout about 5 gifts, the last store, Mulu bought some gifts so as of right now, we have a total of 14 gifts with about 6 more gifts to shop for.

Ugh.  After our long shopping excursion, we treated ourselves to some Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Starbucks and we sat in there and just had us a gush fest like old times.  It was fun and then we saved our seat for one of the cuties that was looking for a place to set up his lap top and since there was no tables left, he was just sort of standing around waiting for someone to vacate their tables, so we gave him our table.

After that we spent some time looking at CD’s at The Warehouse and then we went back to Pete’s house and hung out for the rest of the night over there before calling it a night.  Pete, Kurt and Tiffany were trying really hard to get us to stay longer but we were butt tired and wanted to go home and sleep, plus Mulu had an early morning meeting at Church, so we bounced.

Sunday was pretty interesting.  Mulu got yelled at for not filling up her gas tank before the Sabbath and so her Dad told her she had to drive around yesterday on the less than 1/4 a tank of gas that she had in her car.  It was frickin’ hilarious because she had to go to her cousin’s house to drop off a cake for them which ate up a lot of her gas and left her in a foul mood, directed at her Mom and Dad.  I couldn’t stop laughing because she came to get me and she’s telling me about how she has to conserve her gas because she knows that her Dad was going to check her gas tank when she got home so she rebelled by not going home after Church to table her food, we went to eat dinner at Johnny Rockets since we only had about 45 minutes to eat our dinner before we had to run over to our friend Julie’s boyfriend’s baptism.

The baptism was pretty great, all in attendance was me, Mulu, Levi, Maria, Justin cutie patootie, Ryan and Cassie.  Clint (my friend Cassie’s brother) big timed Mulu yesterday so we’re both not liking him right now since he’s too cool to say HI to us…and dude, Ryan is going to be in a Bally’s commercial, he had to leave Church early yesterday to go to a taping, we were laughing and teasing him last night about it.

Levi had me crackin’ up last night, he’s always so funny…I love it!

Anyway, after that I went home and folded some laundry, talked some with Chloe and Chelsea, helped Chelsea decorate the wall of the room with magazine pictures from GQ, so we have a lot of hottie DKNY models hanging, looking like a massive collage on the wall and it looks pretty darn good.

What did you guys get into this weekend?




4 responses

10 12 2007

So that’s why you were quiet. I got it now. Wish I didn’t have to be at work. So you really are gonna get the e book reader? Verra cool.

11 12 2007

okay she is beyond cute

and I have been obsessed with the pepermint hot chocolate I love it!!!

11 12 2007


Yeah I was chillin’ like a villain yesterday, I had fun. Yesterday I found out that if I buy ebooks in HTML format, I can read books on my phone…so I’m okay if I don’t get my ebook reader any time soon, haha.


Thanks, I think so too! I love Peppermint Hot chocolate and I want some today because it’s so cold outside, Burrrrr!!

12 12 2007

Mmm some peppermint hot chocolate sounds really good.

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