Wow, I Know This Kid’s Family.

19 12 2007

Imagine my surprise when my BIL came home the other day with a newspaper with an article on the front page that read:

Death in a Seaside Paradise.

If you click on the link, it’ll take you to the article that we read as a family on December 16, 2007. Wow. Not only do I know the area in which all of this stuff took place from when I used to live out in Oceanside, I also know one of the kids families. I mean, his older brother is married to my old Bishop’s daughter who also happens to be a friend of my sisters. His Dad and my Dad used to be buddies. They were in our stake when we were younger and then they moved to Hawaii and the Dad got into some trouble with frauds that caused a scandal at the Polynesian Culture Center and he did some prison time for that. It seems that the family just can’t seem to stay out of the national news.

A gang in La Jolla? Are you serious? Are you effing kidding me? What’s really going on here? I don’t think they’re as billy bad ass as they want everyone to think they are if it took 4 of them to beat up ONE guy and then for them to go on myspace and brag about getting banned from a bar because they “murdered” someone and then laugh about it. That’s not “hard”, that’s stupid and childish and I hope these kids get what they deserved…even if I do remember liking their parents and thinking his older brother was hot stuff!

What is this world coming to?




2 responses

19 12 2007

Damn, that’s crazy.

20 12 2007

Isn’t it? I mean seriously…

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