And I’m Back!

2 01 2008

..with a new blog pimp!

Ames, my Bestest Blog Buddy from Thrifty Reader asked me to join her in a blogging adventures of our favorite shows. Whenever we email with each other, you can always find us chatting about books (our first love) and TV Shows (a close second) and well, since we both love talking about TV so much, Ames thought it’d be a great idea to start up a TV blog.

So we did.

You should totally come and visit us because we’re already totally in love with our TV Blog. We roped Grace into coming back to the blogging world with us and my other TV pal, Isabel agreed to blog with us on our favorite tv shows, so you can check us out over here: The Boob Tube.

What are you waiting for, come check us out and chat with us, we can’t wait to see you over there.





5 responses

2 01 2008

LOL! I’m waiting for the link to work!

2 01 2008

Oh I’m sorry sweetie, it should be fixed now…

The Boob Tube

5 01 2008
Renee Rocco

Hello sweetheart! I’m back as well, with a new blog dedicated to my authors and staff.

Missed ya.

5 01 2008

your reading Jemima J I loved that book!

8 01 2008

Hey B,

I tried reading it but I couldn’t get into it so it’s on hold for the moment. Right now, I’m reading Demon Moon by Meljean Brook and it’s cured me of my paranormal funk.


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