October Road- Spelling It Out.

15 01 2008


Having missed last week’s episode, I didn’t know last night that I was supposed to be hating Hannah but right now, I do. I didn’t care to see what I saw in the beginning of last night’s episode where she basically calls Janet a liar and then basically chooses Big Cat over Janet.

Why on earth would anyone choose Big Cat over their best friend? I mean, seriously…Big Cat is a slimy piece of crap and why can everyone see this but Hannah? And what is sooo good about Hannah that everyone is hung up on her? I mean, I think Allison is prettier than Hannah is and she’s not as popular as Hannah is.

I heart Sam, I really do but I don’t like seeing him getting all closey close with Big Cat.  And did I see right and that Ikey works for Big Cat now? Holy wow…say it aint so.  What is up with Ikey anyway? I saw that he’s still hoping and wishing that Owen will take him back but it doesn’t look like thats going to happen anytime soon and seriously, I’m starting to want to punch Owen in his big fat head.

His character is just so annoying, before I used to tolerate him because he was Nick’s friend but now I just can’t stand him.  I don’t like seeing him on the screen and I always busy myself waiting for him to go off so that I can pay attention again.  I don’t know what it is about him, but there’s something…blech.  And it’s not his size, I don’t care about that, it’s just his personality …it’s annoying.

Like The General, I want him out of the house too.  Other people, I want out of the house is Aubrey.  I know she looks like she’s doing something shady and as much as I want her to be doing something shady, like cheating on Nick, I don’t think she is. Dangit and I want her to be cheating on him so effing bad but I just don’t see it…whatever she’s lying about, it’s totally on the up and up.

I like seeing The General with his little girly girlfriend.  It was funny how excited the whole town got about  the spelling bee and how they were rootin’ on one of their own.

My favorite part of this episode was of course, Janet and Eddie.  I thought Janet was just too cute when she was worried about Eddie and how they haven’t been intimate yet.  I loved how eager she was for it all to go down and I loved how she wanted that cheesy music to play in the background while she was getting her freak on with Eddie.  I loved how Eddie took what she wanted and made it fun and not awkward at all because you could totally tell that Janet was scared to actually be doing the work.   Eddie’s worries about not wanting to do it with Janet was too frickin’ cute.  Because he really liked her and he didn’t want to lose what they had, I loved how the morning after, he took another potential awkward situation and he made it better and kissed all of her worries away.

Goodness, I LOVE EDDIE LUTEKKA but dude…will they hurry the heck up and tell us who Sam’s Daddy is…who’s thinking Eddie is the father? And if he ends up being Sam’s father, I’m going to be so pissed off because she didn’t tell Janet.  Is Hannah going to tell Janet that Eddie is the father or that Nick is the father?  What the heck is the big ol’ secret that Eddie and Hannah are keeping?

The whole Nick and Hannah scene was a bit anti climatic  because when I saw them together in a scene last night with Hannah going to the business to find Eddie, Hannah annoyed me more than anything..she just annoys the snot out of me any hot dang way so let’s see if I forgive her  as the season plays out or what because right now…I don’t want her for Nick, right now she’s not good enough for her because she’s got the taint business going on with frickin’ Big Cat and nothing on God’s green Earth will make me like his stupid good for nothing punk a word!

Next week should be interesting to see what happens…I hope that Nick breaks up with Aubrey  because even though she’s young and pretty, for some reason I can’t like her for Nick and it’s funny because I don’t even like Hannah for Nick.  Nick needs to find someone different, someone better.

Hmm, like me.


Until next week…what were you guys thoughts on last night’s October Road?




6 responses

15 01 2008

3 words ~ Eddie AND Janet! They make the show worth watching right now, but they’ve always been the draw for me. I commented last week on your boobtube blog about the whole Hannah choosing Big Cat over best friend thing ~ so, I don’t really care what she does now.

15 01 2008

I love them too! I think they’re so cute and can’t wait to see more of these two. They are what is saving this show for me because Eddie is just too cute and gosh I hope to high heaven that he’s not the father of Sam…I hope in my heart of hearts that Nick is Sam’s real father.

Do you think he is?

15 01 2008

I really hope so ~ I thought for sure he was last season. I don’t think it’s Eddie ~ even though he and Eddie have been so secretive.

15 01 2008

Whoops, I meant to say even though Hannah and Eddie have been so secretive.

16 01 2008

I haven’t watched it yet! GRRRR. I have it DVRed though. I’ve been sick and the meds i’ve been on haven’t allowed me to stay awake for the later shows (October Road is on at 10 here! GRRRR!).

Anyway I really wanted to slap Hannah the episode before last where she and Janet started getting into it over their men. What a BEEOTCH. Hello, EVERYBODY knows Big Cat is a sleeze why can’t Hannah see that?!

Anyway I LOVE Eddie and Janet too! I can’t wait to watch this episode. I”m sure I’ll be back after I watch it to discuss.

Oh and I”m thinking Eddie’s the father too. But maybe that’s what they want you to think. Maybe Hannah told Eddie Nick is Sam’s father…….??!!!!

Anyway, LOVE October Road.

Ween, does anyone over at Boob Tube watch Supernatural?!!!?!

16 01 2008

To make my OTH situation even worse, I missed freakin’ October Road, again. I caught up online last week so I’d be prepared and I still missed it. Hannah is definitely overrated. And the way she was treating Janet? OMG I almost had to jump through the damned screen to rip her freakin’ hair out. Ugh. I HATE Big Kat. Talk about skeez. Ikey had no where else to go. Check out last week’s episode online if you haven’t caught up yet cuz it was crazy good.

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