Are You Effing Kidding Me Right Now?

11 02 2008


I came across this as I was catching up on my blogs right now on Google Reader (my best friend) ….is this girl frickin’ kidding me?

Check it out for yourself: 90 Day Jane.

This is a journal about a girl named “Jane” who will be killing herself in 90 days.  She’s documenting the last days of her life and swears that this blog is not her way of crying for help or trying to get attention.  She’s not depressed or anything, killing herself in 90 days is just something that she’s decided to do.





4 responses

12 02 2008

That is so crazy 😦 I’m not visiting that blog, that’s for sure… but what are ppl going to do? I mean, just read and ignore the fact that she wants to kill herself?

12 02 2008

Are you kidding. yeah won’t be visitng that blog.

12 02 2008


I didn’t know that this isn’t the first time that someone’s done this before…some people have even taped their suicide or did it on their webcam while others watched…how sick is that?


I know, I went over there and she was talking about how this guy from work asked her out for Valentine’s Day and she was going to go but that she hoped he wasn’t looking for a long term relationship…Ugh, are you frickin’ kidding me?

12 02 2008

Okay, i went over and the video of her picking out a dress and then there is the mention that she lives in Hollywood – she took a picture of the sign – has me thinking it’s a stunt. I hope it is a stunt because if this person is even remotely serious then they really need to get some perspective and professional help.


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