Album Review: Me and My Gang by Rascal Flatts.

12 06 2006

This is my first ever review post for this site, so if I do something wrong, please don’t shoot me. I’ll get it right eventually, but for now, I want to review Rascal Flatt’s new album which I got this weekend, called, Me and My Gang.

Now for those of you who aren’t country music fans like myself, Rascal Flatts is a country band consisting of Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney and Jay Demarcus. Gary is the lead vocalist in the band and Joe Don and Jay play the majority of the instruments. Jay Demarcus writes a lot of their songs which I think is pretty awesome, that man can seriously get down on the piano, he is the real deal. Joe Don is known for his bare ass in the music video for their hit record, “I Melt”, if you saw the video you got to see this cutie patootie’s backside while he’s getting it on with his on screen love interest. Gary LeVox, man has that man got a set of pipes, he can sing like it’s nobody’s business. His voice IS the business, the money maker because he can sing any song and sing it good. He sounds amazing live and I just love getting lost in his vocals on each track. They’re known for their lively love songs such as “Everyday Love”, “Love You Out Loud” and “Fast Cars and Freedom”, but fan favorites also include slow love ballads such as “God Bless the Broken Road”, “I Melt” and “I’m Moving On”. They have had phenomenal success with all of their albums which include, chart topping albums “Rascal Flatts”, “Melt”, “Feels Like Today” and their latest release, “Me and My Gang”. Rascal Flatts comes courtesy of Lyric Street Records.

Gary and the boys are back with a new album, a third for them called Me and My Gang. The song is comprised with new music from Rascal Flatts and some out of this world vocals from Gary, the lead singer.

My favorite song was What Hurts The Most, which you can check out on Yahoo Launch for free, in their country genre video library. The video to this song is very touching, sad and just really good.

Here’s a list of the songs:

1. Stand
2. What Hurts the Most
3. Backwards
4. I Feel Bad
5. My Wish
6. Pieces
7. Yes I Do
8. To Make Her Love Me
9. Words I Couldn’t Say
10. Me and My Gang
11. Cool Thing
12. Ellsworth
13. He Aint the Leaving Kind

I like a large portion of this album with only a few songs that I don’t really care for. The lyrics to a lot of the songs are touching, very sweet and mighty endearing. Like the lyrics to My Wish are sweet. They’re the feel good kind of lyrics that makes the heart sigh and you couple those lyrics with Gary’s sweet vocals, it makes for a great song.

I Feel Bad is another good song on the album, its a song about moving on from a broken relationship, about how he feels bad that he doesn’t feel bad about the relationship ending, we all go through that sometimes, when you know that you’re not in love with the person you’re with and when things finally end between you guys, you’re more relieved than heartbroken because you know in your heart that it was time to move on with your life.

Pieces is a song about finally finding the courage to let go of the one person that keeps breaking your heart, Gary sings this song very well, the instruments are played extremely well and the song kind of takes you away to that time when you started dating the one person you knew would change your life forever, in a bad way. The relationship that left a bitter taste in your mouth because you loved with all you had and they loved you when it was convenient for them to love you, this song hits home to those of us who have been betrayed by a loved one and although the lyrics are sad, the song is a good one to listen to just to while away the hours, peacefully.

One of my favorite songs on this album is #9, entitled “Words I Couldn’t Say”. I don’t know if I can relate to this song or if the song itself just speaks to me, but for whatever reason I absolutely love this song. I think I can relate to this song because I have a massive crush on this guy named David and there have been many times when I could have told him of my feelings but I chose not too, I know, I’m a coward, whatever, but this song is my anthem because it’s speaking to me and people like me, people who are too afraid of putting themselves out there and taking the risk that could result in love or rejection.

This line in the song, “…I should have found a way to tell you how I felt, now the only one I’m telling is myself…”

That is SO me.

As a whole, this album was pretty good, not their best but a pretty good album. Its very ballad heavy so if you’re looking for some rock out country songs, you won’t find many of them on here, I think some of the songs are corny like #3, Backwards and #10 Me and My Gang, but there are other songs that make the album a worthwhile purchase, like #2, #4, #5, #9 and some others. I’m not at all pissed that I got this album so I guess that’s saying something, eh? Ya’ll should check this album out if you’re in the mood for some thought provoking love songs with great vocals.

To check this album out, click here.
To buy the album, click here.

Album Review: Back to Bedlam by James Blunt.

12 06 2006

*I’m just moving my reviews from The Hall to over here….so that I can keep them up, that’s all…*

Okay, we’ve all heard the song, everywhere you go, everyone’s talking about him and that song. He’s been on Oprah and he charmed the socks off of all the soccer moms and stay at home Mom’s of America, with his British accent and his magic piano fingers.

Who am I talking about?

Jame’s friggin’ Blunt.

What song am I talking about?

You’re frickin’ Beautiful.

If you don’t know who that is, you’ve been living under a rock for quite some time because for 1) his song is like on every damn radio’s station music rotation, if you leave the station on for like an hour, you’ll hear the song AT LEAST three times and 2) His little stint on Oprah is all anyone talks about and then 3) The man can really get down on the piano, he even puts my best friend, Jess to shame and she’s the bomb. We don’t call her “Spirit Fingers” for nothing.

So, when the song first came out I thought it was just okay. I didn’t see the big deal about the song, but then you hear it a couple more times and then you think, ahhh what a cute song and then soon you’re like, oh gosh that song totally rocks out. So, I would have been a fan had I not listened to the rest of his album.

Now, it may just be me but his entire album is one put me to sleep song after the other. I swear, I’m trying to like it, trying to get into the flow of the songs but it’s just not happening for me. I’ve sat here listening to the album for the past couple of hours and if his droning voice doesn’t put me to sleep soon, it will be the shock of the century. I only really like a couple of his songs, #2 and #4 and #5…the rest are just BLAH.

I’m sitting here, with the lyrics in my hand and I’m like, okay these lyrics had the potential of being good songs, maybe I’m just not into this kind of music, as much as I would like to think I’m open minded when it comes to music, maybe I’m just not.

There’s not enough something in this album, for me to be all happy go lucky about it. Dont’ ask me what the “something” is, because I don’t know but I like him, I’m just not a big fan of his music but I will admit that I do like some of his songs.

Like take the first song, High, if I weren’t reading the lyrics along with him, I wouldn’t know what the hell he was singing, all I hear is, “Beautiful Dawn” over and over again. I get the whole grung thing you’ve got going James, but can you not be drunk the next time you record a song, because all I hear is blah blah blah, can you take the time to actually say the words so that I can hear them, because I swear I’m not deaf but I can’t hear a damn word you say.

Moving on to the next song, You’re Beautiful, great song….and even though I can’t hear what the hell you’re singing in this song, I know the lyrics to this song because Jess has the sheet music for this and if I’m honest the only reason I became a fan of this song is after I heard her play it on the piano. Man, she made me a fan of the song, I love the melodic flow of the entire song, the mellowness of it all, this song is the best one I’ve heard so far…but let me give the other songs a couple of tries, alright?

Goodbye My Lover, okay after having listened to the words to this song, I can appreciate the content and what the song is supposed to be about, and because I appreciate that I want to dedicate this song to Meredith Grey and Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd from ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy (You can catch this show on ABC, Sunday nights at 10pm). This song speaks to Meredith, because she had to say goodbye to her lover and to her friend, when McDreamy got back with his cheating slut of a wife, Addison, to give her another chance to see if they could recoup what was lost in their marriage. I hope that Meredith listens to this song as she goes through each of her days without Derek, because I don’t want him to break her spirit, as he moves on with Addison, I don’t want him to forget Meredith and also I don’t want Meredith to forget Derek as she moves on as well, because it looks like she is with the new Vet doctor, *sigh* so for now, it’s Goodbye to the lovers and hello to new lovers for them….but gosh, please don’t forget each other cause if you guys don’t get back together, I’m going to be royally pissed and then wonder if the writers for this show are the same writers for One Tree Hill.

But I digress, sorry…so maybe I like this album a little more than I’m letting on.

But back up, I do like Wisemen, again I have no idea what words he’s pronouncing but I like the flow of the song, I like the harmonies and this song is a pretty cool song.

Now I think my favorite song of the entire album, has to be #5, Tears and Rain. Have you listened to a song and realized that the song spoke to you? Oh you haven’t? It’s just me? Oh well, that’s okay because this song has spoken to me. The lyrics are so sad but you can hear the emotion in his voice and I think it adds a great deal to the song, because to listen to passion and hurt together in a song makes the song all the more amazing to me. I totally thought James Blunt was goign to be a one hit wonder with his You’re Beautiful song, but if he brings this song out as a single, he’ll be okay…because this song seriously rocks.

Out of Control is exactly that…out of control. What the hell kind of song is that? Not something I would put on repeat, sorry. Even the lyrics made me think, WTF?

“Judging by the look on the organ-grinder,He’ll judge me by the fact that my face don’t fit.It’s touching that the monkey sits on my shoulder.He’s waiting for the day when he gets me,But I won’t be your concubine – I’m a puppet not a whore.”

Umm, you’re not out of control, you have issues sweets. But it does make me wonder if the monkey on his shoulder is blue….LOL. Sorry inside joke there.

The other songs are just okay, not really stellar or anything, didn’t really do anything for me. Would I recommend that you buy this CD? Not really. But hey, maybe this kind of music would suit you more than me, but none of my homie gee loccs would be rockin’ this CD anytime soon, that’s for sure. Download the song I liked on here, but then be done with it…

And I’m out.

Album: Songs About Jane by Maroon 5.

9 05 2006

One year ago today, I went to see these guys live in concert. It was a memorable day for me and three of my closest friends because not only did we have tickets to the concert in San Diego, but we also had passes to see their Sound Check and listen to them practice before the night’s big event and holy cow it was off the hook. Adam Levine himself is a bit pasty for my tastes and on the really skinny side, BUT all of that ceased to matter once the man opened his mouth and started singing.

I fell in love.

The man has a voice like an angel.

But anyway, back to the CD. I’m listening to this CD and it amazes me how awesome this entire CD is. I freaking love the heck out of the entire CD and that is saying something, because I always have issues with at least three of the songs on ANY CD, even CD’s by my all time favorite country singer, Kenny Chesney. But that’s not the case with this CD, Songs about Jane is angst filled and you could totally tell that Adam had some serious relationship issues and though I feel bad for the fella, I loved how his grief and hurt over past relationships with “Jane” in particular helped him write some of the best songs I’ve heard in a very long time.

Let me back up a second though, for those of you Non Maroon 5 fans out there (if there’s any), let me do a quick intro to the band. The band consists of Adam Levine (lead vocals), Jesse Carmichael (keyboards), Ryan Dusick (drums), Mickey Madden (bass) and James Valentine (guitar). Before they were Maroon 5, the first four bandmates formed a band called Kara’s Flowers where they were a huge college hit with hits like Simple Kind of Lovely (which is a favorite of mine), they left their record label Reprime in ’99 and added guitarist James then renamed their band, Maroon 5. Their claim to fame are songs such as: Harder to Breathe, This Love, She Will Be Loved and Sunday Morning with Adam Levine heading the tabloid headlines linking him to different actresses and songbirds like Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson, Maroon 5 have definitely made a name for themselves in the Pop Music Genre. They have gazillion of fans (myself included) and their songs speak volumes of how great they are as a band.

Songs about Jane is a 12 track album filled with romance gone wrong kind of songs. All of the songs on this CD are I hate you Ex Gifrlfriend type songs so if you’re looking for mushy sweet lyrical intent, you won’t find it on this CD. You will however find some of the most erotic and sensual lyrics that leave you a bit breathless and dumbstruck as to what “Jane” was thinking to dick over someone like Adam Levine over, but for whatever reason….THANK YOU Jane for being the inspiration behind some of my most favorite songs in the whole world like Through with You, Not Coming Home and This Love.

The album is off the hook you guys, if you haven’t gotten it already then you should get your butt to the store and buy it because a downloaded version of this CD is not as good as actually owning the CD, this CD rocks on all kinds of level, kudos to Adam and the boys on this fantabulous CD not get back in the studio and write some more will ya? I need a new Maroon 5 CD…