Army Wives: Season One, Episode Two.

11 06 2007

Alright, so last week’s premiere was a fantastic show and this week’s show was just as great. I was just as wrapped up in this week’s episode as I was in the previous show. I really like everyone’s storylines, even the really lame ones like Pam’s storyline, I even like her storyline but I’m thinking because I think her husband is so effing hot.

My recap of the episode:

Roxy– Roxy still remains my favorite of the army wives, this woman is just the effing shiz. She knows what she’s about and she aint going to no ish from anyone and she’s down for her girls too. That’s what cracks me up about her, she’s got so many things going on in her life but she’s still going to make time for her friends who need her. Denise? Yeah, she probably needs her the most with her son beating her and everything, Denise needs Roxy’s help to stand up for herself and I love that Roxy is teaching Denise how to fight back. I also love the friendship that is blossoming between Roxy and Pamela. These two are the ones that don’t fit in the most and they’ve bonded together, it’s really cool for Roxy to have someone be there for her when she needs to vent and gush and just everything. I continue to love Roxy’s husband, Trevor. He is so sweet, so cute and he’s just so good with her kids and with her. They’re just so cute to watch, they’re like the Naley of this show and I just love it to pieces!

Denise– I like Denise, I’m really pulling for her to get strong enough so that she could lay her stupid woman abuser son out. She needs to put a stop to her son’s behavior and she really needs to fill her husband in on what’s going on at home while he’s away. I’m loving that she’s learning all she needs to know about defending herself from Roxy. I really like Denise, she’s nice and caring and just sweet. She doesn’t deserve to be beaten or manhandled the way she’s been getting lately and I love her husband. You can tell that he really does love oher and the love she has for him is just as strong. I can’t wait for her to get stronger and kick some ass, bring it on Denise!

Pamela- Okay, first off, can I just say that Pamela’s husband is hot stuff? I love her husband and Roxy’s husband, but holy wow Pam’s husband makes me want to lick him right up! =) Even though I really like Pamela and her hunky husband, I think her storyline is really stupid and lame. I mean, she didn’t need to tell everyone that they were hurting for money which is why I think it’s so lame, all she really had to do was just say that she was a surrogate mother for a couple who couldn’t have kids all on their own. She didn’t have to tell them crap else but that and she could have been able to play out the whole my husband keeps spending money we don’t have but I don’t know, I guess they needed more drama or something.

I really like that the characters in this show are normal, everyday people. They’re not uber rich people who are sleeping around and partying all day and just making big asses of themselves. I really like that these characters are everyday people with everyday problems and everyday struggles, I can connect and relate to most of everything that goes on in this show and it’s just such a great frickin’ show.

Now on to Roland- I don’t know what to feel about this storyline, I think his wife is frickin’ crazy but can I blame her? Not really, who knows what she saw and did over there in Iraq and who knows what she can’t live with now that she’s here in the safety of her home. She says that she can’t stand that she doesn’t have her M4 in bed with her and she hates that she has to wake up with her husband next to her and not her M4, that’s some really hurtful things to say to the man you love, don’t you think? But the only thing I can think of is that she’s hurting and she needs to work her way through all the madness, do you think this marriage will survive it? Let’s hope that Roland’s new Army wife friends can help him save his marriage, if he even wants to save it…I mean, I hate that Joan isn’t keeping her word to Roland about retiring and them having kids but I guess going to war can change your feelings on living the home and family life, huh? Ehhh, who knows, I’m anxious to see what happens though.

Goodness, I can’t wait to see next week’s show, Claudia Joy’s husband is going to kick Denise’s son ass, WOO HOO, that’s a long time coming and I just can’t effing wait…

…who watched it and who’s all excited about the show? Until next week..

TV Shows: Army Wives.

6 06 2007

So last night, I watched a new show on Lifetime called, Army Wives which premiered on Sunday night. It’s about the military wives who have formed their own Army wives kind of support group that stick together when their husbands and wives are shipped off to war.

It’s about the battle fought at home and I was really gripped while watching this show. I was sort of wondering what the hell I was going to do with my nights since all of my other shows already wrapped for the season or are getting ready to wrap up and with a small child at home, there’s not much I can do in the way of going out whenever I want, so I asked yesterday on a board that I post at, what shows everyone was watching this summer and a friend of mine, suggested Army Wives and so last night, I watched it online and was glad I asked the question because this show was good.

The show follows a bunch of army wives around and tells their individual stories. One woman, Roxy, has two children from two different men and married her husband after only knowing him for four days. She worked two jobs and never really had a lot of money so she’s unused to someone taking care of her and her two kids. You can tell that her and her husband are still in that happily ever after phase in a marriage where it’s still too soon to see if they’ll last but I totally think they could last because like she said in the episode, well, I forgot what she said but she said something along the lines of, she loves her marriage and will work for it, did someone watch it and remember what the hell she said? Cause I can’t remember for the life of me but I thought it was sweet of her to say. You can totally tell that her two kids are as different as night and day but she loves them both and tries to do right by them everyday.

She has no qualms about walking around in her underwear either, first she’s in the bathroom of a public ball/ceremony thingy, clad only in her undergarments (a thong to boot!) trying to clean her dress and then she’s standing at the ironing board, ironing her husband’s clothes in just her panties and camisole in front of her kids. No shame at all in her game, but hey you do what you want.

I like that she cares about others, she’s not snobby and though she feels that she’s not going to fit in by the end of the episode, she knows differently. And hot, her husband is HOT!

Then there’s another wife, Claudia, who’s husband was dicked out of a promotion because another army wife, who looks older than Moses spread a nasty rumor about her husband which cost him the promotion. She, unlike her husband won’t go down without a fight so she purposely provokes the older than Moses lady at the ceremony/ball thingy and tells her husband that he wouldn’t stand for something about lies and well, neither will she and she assures her hunky husband that she can hold her own with the old bat.

You can tell that this one has secrets and as each episode passes, you can bet the farm that we’ll find out just what they are. She’s one of those higher ups wives and she’s very intelligent, motherly and just oh so perfect, but she’s not a snob. She’s anything but, though she could be if she wanted, she doesn’t use her popularity among the other army wives to manipulate to get what she wants, unless of course you piss her off, then she looks like she could take your head apart with her bare hands, I like her and I can’t wait to find out more about her.

Claudia’s really good friends with Denise Sherwood and Denise’s home life isn’t as it seems. She’s another army wife who seems to live the perfect life. She’s got a great husband and a great family on the outside but all is not well on the homefront. Her husband is strict and very militant at work but also at home, he seems very very happy and in love with his wife though he is very strict with his son. Someone is hitting Denise and I’m not going to lie and say I knew all along who it was because I was totally thinking it was the husband but I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t. She was not afraid of her husband and it was more than aparent that she loves him very much.

Oh no, she’s getting beat but not by her husband…by her son. I know I just ruined the surprise for those of you who are reading this and haven’t watched it yet but well, it can’t be helped..I love watching shows and then putting my thoughts on my blog to read at a later date and so I’m just going to keep spoiling the show for you if you continue to read, sorry…but dude, her son is a little cutie patootie and when he smacked the crap out of her in the garage, I wanted to reach through the TV and choke that sucker out. No respect for his mother and no remorse either. Oh yeah, he made a show of remorse but it wasn’t sincere, he didn’t mean it because he continues to do it. I was only happy when she finally decided to say something about it to Claudia and her husband, because with her own husband away on deployment for three months, that’s just too damn long to go on getting beat in silence. I only hope that she doesn’t get all stupid and the next time it happens goes mum around Claudia and the husband, because that little piece of shit needs to get his ass beat. And if she aint going to tell her husband to do it, then somebody better do it.

Next up in the line up is, Pamela. Pamela’s got a cutie husband too, one that shoots very well and she is not above schooling him on what he needs to do to improve his aim, in front of everyone just as well as in the privacy of their home. She’s a mother of two and she’s not also not above doing what she needs to do in order to keep food in their bellies and their bills paid. She’s pregnant and the gossiping wives of the Army are wagging their tongues with all sorts of rumors about just who father’s her kids. Turns out, she’s a surrogate mother for money. She gets paid to have kids for other people because her husband likes to spend money that they don’t have and she stresses out because of it.

She came home in the episode this week to find a brand spankin’ new LCD TV in her living room and her kids are exstatic over it just as much as her husband is and she freaks out because they still owe her father money and he’s out buying things they don’t need? Yeah, so she’s trying to keep her “job” under wraps because she’s embarrassed and she doesn’t want anyone to know but her secrets are going to come out because her water breaks out at Claudia’s tea party and she delivers her babies in a bar on the way to the hospital. The bar that her new friend, Roxy works out and she’s with five other people that she’s seen on the Post but have never really talked to…oh wait, she didn’t have a clue who Roland was so never mind that last comment.

Which leaves us with, Roland…the only male in their newly formed support group. Roland is a shrink who’s wife just served in the war and just got back from Afganistan. She’s changed, the war has changed her and she slowly spiraling out of control and he’s at a loss to help her. He doesn’t know how. You can tell that him and his wife love each other dearly but she’s suffering from what she’s done and seen in the Middle East and he’s trying to pick up the pieces but is very unsure of what to do to help her.

And he’s a shrink…so he probably knows what is going on with her, but that doesn’t mean he knows what the hell to do about it all. He cracks me up though, he’s the only male in the whole new army support group and he’s a funny, funny guy. He’s all manly man but he gets along with the new women around him. I very much look forward to what the future brings Roland and his wife, I forget her name. I wonder just how far his wife is going to go with all of her lashing out, I wonder if he’s going to get beat too…who knows. =)

This show was very good, had me wrapped all up in it from the beginning to the end. I loved how each story mixes and blends together with the others and I loved how this group of 5 individuals came together and were there for each other when they needed each other the most. They were pretty much thrown together and instead of being unsure and whatever with each other, they all took a chance to trust in the other and it’s evident that they all have secrets but none of that matters, they’ll stick together from here on out and man but I can’t wait to see their friendships and relationships with each other grow and solidify because their beginning was great…nothing like a pregnant woman clearly not having her husband’s kids to bring together a group of people together and form a friendship circle.

Goodness I can’t wait to watch the next episode, if you guys want to catch the show, it comes on Sunday nights, I don’t know what times as it’s different here in L.A. than it is in Colorado so you might have to check your local listings, but you can catch the first episode online, here if you want to check it out and I totally recommend that you do. I loved it!