Alright, Alright….

27 07 2007

….I’m updating, yeesh!

It’s so nice to feel the love around the blogosphere when I’m not around. I know that I haven’t been updating as much as I usually do and I keep apologizing about it but I guess because I’m spending so much time hanging out with friends in the summer sun and just living life, blogging has totally taken a back seat and I’m sorry if some of my favorite readers are feeling neglected, so with renewed force, here I am…blogging just for you guys!

I posted some of my favorite Eye Candy Menz that I started yesterday so you guys can enjoy that yummalicious post! =)

I’ve got a lot of things going on for this weekend, my favorite Uncle Party is dancing in a luau tomorrow that we’re dragging our friend RoRo to. It should totally be fun and so you can get a feel of what kind of show we’ll be enjoying tomorrow, here’s a little clip of our favorite Uncle Party Ralph Lauren doing his thang with Mulu’s loud ass mouth laughing like a hyenna in the back….haha.

In that second video, you can totally see Mulu walking up to give him money, haha…Mulu’s on YouTube, haha…she’s the tall skinny Samoan girl with the grey shirt and black long sleeve underneath, haha…that’s my best friend!

Moving on to other news, I’ve been given the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award by my homie gee locc, Izzle my Nizzle and Mailynzzle…=) And dude, I totally have to thank Izzy for changing my URL address because I called her in a panic when Juju was being a jerk and copied and pasted everything that I said about Cool Guy and teased me relentlessly, texting me snippets of my blog, calling me and reciting my blog back to me and then even, BLACKMAILING me, it was all done in good fun and though it was mighty embarrassing for me, I could laugh about it now.

I love Juju, he totally rocks my socks and I really hope that he finds his eternal companion soon, does anyone want to apply for the position, because I’m totally accepting applications on his behalf, haha. Oh yeah and he’s totally a sexy beast! haha….if you go to my myspace, he’s Dirt McGirt, don’t ask me what that means cause I don’t know, he won’t tell me either.

Stop the press, ya’ll, stop the press! Check it out…I’m a…

Yeah, aren’t you just pea green with envy? Huh, huh? You totally should be since according to not one but TWO people, I totally rock socks, I’m just totally fantabulous like that, hehe…and since I’ve been given this award TWICE (not that I’m tooting my own horn or anything like that, haha) I’m going to give this award out my danged self. =)

And the peeps that I totally love and all that good stuff are:

1. My girl, Isabel I Know Her Last Name.

This is my ro’ dawg. Is that how you spell it? I love this girl, I’ve known her for a lot of years now (I can’t seem to remember how many though, just know that I’ve known Izzy since BEFORE Joey, that’s a long time dammit!) and she’s one of my down ass bitches, she may be on the shy side but you can count on her to do just about anything for you…I love that about her, she’s smart, beautiful and the girl is funny…she’s just low key and it’s those low key girls you gotta watch out for, haha…her blog is a must read for mine and I just love being all nosy up in her life…haha.

2. Mailyn.

I’m telling you, Mailyn is hands down one of my most favorite bloggers, EVER! I’m so happy that I found her blog (I forget how I found it, maybe she found me, whatever, I’m so glad I know this girl now) because this girl is as real as real can be. She doesn’t like something? You don’t have to worry about Mailyn not speaking up on her behalf, she’s another ride or die bitch (I mean that in the most greatest of ways, Mailyn, seriously! =)) that I absolutely love and her blog never ceases to pull all of my emotions out, whether it’s outrage on an animal, laughter at her vents and then lust with all of the scrumdiddilyumptious prettyful menz on her page, the girl knows how to find the hotties all over the world and for an eye candy expert, I totally appreciate her art! haha.

3. Mollie.

Mollie is a new to me friend who I’ve had the pleasure of reading for the past few months. I just started reading her blog not too long ago and I totally love it! She’s funny, witty and she works at a frickin’ library, one that got one of those really cool awards for being like the best libraries in America or whatever, I’m totally hating on her because she gets to be surrounded by books all day long and get paid for it too, man and she reads a lot of cool books, I love it and you totally rock, Mollie!

4. B.

The Tabloid Thursday Queen! I’m so glad that she found my blog because I totally love going to her blog to visit and just read all about the celebrities dirt over there. She totally rocks my socks and she is such a pretty lady too, you lucky tramp…she also just got back from Malta, JEALOUS THATS ME!!! =)

5. Daphne.

I can’t forget my little homie gee locc from across the way…=) Daphne is one of the most kind hearted, funny and witty girls I know. She is such a small little thing but man is she so much fun to be around, she says some of the funniest things that have me in stitches laughing, she’s so refreshingly honest and candid and I just totally love this girl, she totally ROCKS!

There you go, there are so many other blogger women that rock my socks but I’ll be here all day if I listed them all…if you didn’t get mentioned, that doesn’t mean that you rock, it just means that I’m a crackhead and need to catch up on my sleep instead of staying up late every night talking on the phone to cute boys that I like to kiss! =)

To end off this post, I don’t mean to be mean or anything but dude…DID YOU GUYS SEE BEYONCE’S FALL? My side STILL hurts from laughing so frickin’ much with my friend, Miah…man that fall should go down in the books as best falls in a live concert, EVER! haha…I love it!

There you go, I’ll try to start updating more often but dude, laugh with me it’s great! =) And have a good weekend ya’ll!!! =)