What A Weekend…What A Weekend.

28 08 2007

My weekend was pretty relaxing, or it was supposed to be but turned out to be anything but, relaxing.

Friday night, I had a slumber party planned for the girls in our Singles Branch to just have a girly fest and then organized our Service Project stuff that we needed to get done before next month, sometime. Our Stake is putting together a bunch of School Kits for the poor and we had to make the bags that are going to hold all of the school supplies.

So Friday after work, I rush over to my house to throw some clothes and pack up the stuff I needed to take over to Roro’s house and then I was off to Roro’s house to help her in any way that I could to get the house in order before the girls started arriving. I got to her house a little before 6 and the first of the girls started arriving at about 7ish.

Of the 20 girls that RSVP’d, only about 6 showed up but that didn’t stop us from having a good ol’ time.

We had a blast! We karaoke’d (is that even how you spell it? I’m too lazy to check it so you know what the heck I mean) all night and when I say ALL NIGHT, we really did do that and Mulu once again had everyone in fits of giggles when she sang, Crazy by Patsy Cline and then she had me almost peeing in my pants when she sang Britney Spears’ I’m A Slave For You. Oh goodness, she was her own back up dancer for that one and though I was singing with her, I couldn’t really concentrate because she was making me laugh so hot dang much.

We stayed up way too late (or early since we all went to sleep at about 5 in the morning) and then woke up early to make breakfast and start on the bags, since we had to be up and decent since our Stake Relief Society President was coming by to show us how to do the bags.

So because I can sew worth a damn, I hid in the kitchen with Roro and made the food while Mulu and the others tried their hand at making the bags, which actually turned out really good. We made bags until 6:30pm at night.

I wanted to go to the Stephenie Meyer signing at my local Borders but I was beyond tired and I had Nathan go check it out, since I didn’t have a wristband, I wanted to see if I would be waiting long and since Nathan was on his way back from the beach and he’d be passing the Borders on his way home, I asked him to stop by and see if it’s crowded over there. He called me a little after 5 and was like, “It’s pretty packed over here, what’s going on over here? One of your geeky book conferences?” Then he was like, “Holy crap, is that Whitney right there? And look, it’s Cassie” He saw a bunch of random people from our Church over at Borders because Stephenie Meyer is a member of our Church so a lot of the people from our Church went out to support her, I guess.

After I told the girls (who wanted to go with us to the signing) that Nate said Borders was pretty crowded, we all decided that none of us wanted to go stand in line and so instead of getting dressed, we all stayed in our pajamas, LOL and played Guitar Hero on Cassie’s (the other Cassie) PS2, that game is so much fun! I wanna get it so frickin’ bad! That game is off the hook and if you haven’t played this game, make sure you fix that pronto, this game, I LOVE!

I got home a little after 7 and my happy butt went straight to sleep, I was shaken awake by the shrill noise that is my phone, holy crap is my ringtone really loud, but its my song, Make It Work by Ne Yo, so I wasn’t too mad about it, but man, I was so tired, I checked and saw that I got a text message from Nathan and a voice mail from Daphne. I tried calling Daphne back but I couldn’t hear what she was saying and I was tired so I just hung up and went back to sleep, only to be shaken awake by the same shrill noise a few hours later.

It was Nathan.

He wants to hang out after work, so I need to wake up. I didn’t, of course…I went back to sleep because it was after 11 and then my phone rang again and he was leaving work and on his way to my house, so like the good little girl that I am, I ran a brush through my hair, shook it off my shoulders (it was a good thing, Chelsea straightened my naps for me) threw on the same pair of jeans that I wore to the slumber party and threw a jacket on and thanked my lucky stars it all matched and fell asleep on the couch again waiting for Nathan to get to my house.

I got a call from my cousin Braxton who wanted to know if I was hanging out and I told him, “Yeah, Nathan’s on his way to my house, so get ready, I’m dragging you with me since Chris and Hermy Herm are with him.”

Chris is Nathan’s sisters boyfriend, they both work at the House of Blues and Chris was coming to chill. Hermy Herm is what we call his friend, Herman from Hawaii. Herman is living with Nathan now and we’re all one big happy circle of friends. So, the guys were hungry and they wanted to chill, so I went and chilled with all of the guys…I was the only girl, it was great times for me.


After that, we hung out for awhile and then they took me home. I fell asleep again, texting with Nathan and then fighting over something but I forgot what and then he said that I hung up on him, but I was too tired to care, like Chelsea would say, whatev…=) I didn’t get to sleep until about 4 am. What’s new?

Sunday morning, I had to be up early because Mulu had a meeting at Church and then Tita and B Nice had to sing in Sacrament and they wanted to practice their song so I got my happy butt up at the ungodly hour of 8 o’clock on a weekend and got dressed.

Mulu and Tita came and got me and we went to Church. The girls practiced their song and totally rocked it out because I swear I was in tears, listening to them sing, my favorite song, “Its Real” and then Church started.

It’s funny because there was a guy that got baptized yesterday and he’s been coming to our Branch for awhile now and B Nice comes to our Branch to sing (she’s never been to our Branch before) and it’s such a small world because she knew Rodney, since they work together and she didn’t know he was taking discussions and he didn’t know that she was a member, LOL…poor B Nice is not setting a good example at work, LOL.

Man, I love listening to my friend Tita Boom sing, the girl can blow. B Nice too, and they did such an amazing job singing at Church and then again at the baptism last night. It was the business. I can’t wait to listen to them again.

After Church, Nathan, Herman and I went to lunch. Nathan treated us to L&L’s (it seems to be my staple after Church, since this is the exact same restaurant that me, Mulu and Miah went to lunch after Church last Sunday) and then Miah started calling, because I needed to doing the program. I told Nathan to take me to Compton and he had a fit, because Nathan isn’t liked too well over in Compton so after a bunch of words thrown all over the car and him dragging me to take Braxton something to eat, he finally took me over to Compton, two hours later.


I got the programs done, made Nathan go to the baptism, put him to work and then made him come to Jamba Juice after the baptism (I know, we’re horrible, huh?) so that he can pay for me and Brenna’s Jamba Juice and then after he paid for our Jamba Juice and all of us headed over to Compton, he went home.

I hung out in Compton for a little bit, said my goodbyes to my 2nd Mom who is leaving for Samoa for a couple of weeks and then we all headed out. Roro took me and Brenna home and then I put Brenna to sleep and not too long after I got home, Nathan came and picked me up to hang out some more…

…yeah, I know, lots and lots of hanging out with Nathan, it’s a good and a bad thing but I can’t stop it because I love the company.

But man, I had me a good ol’ time last night….*sigh*

How Was YOUR Weekend?

30 07 2007

Hey ya’ll!

My weekend was filled to the brim with lots of fun activities and I had a great time doing it all. I haven’t really been up to much but Church stuff and hanging out with the homies (yes, Cool Guy included).

I spent my friday night with my family at Chuck E. Cheeses’ celebrating my nephew Chase’s 5th birthday. He had a Pirates of the Carrebean themed party with Chuck E. Cheese dancing with him to the Happy Birthday song, you know, now clap your hands (clap clap clap) and stomp your feet (stomp, stomp, stomp) and Happy Birthday and blah blah blah, you know that song? Well anyway, after we ate the cheap pizza, greasy wings and sang Happy Birthday to Chase, the real fun began. Chloe, Chelsea and I took our everytime we go to Chuck E. Cheese we have to take a new picture of the three of us for our wall in our rooms and my office. After we took our twenty pictures at that little sketch booth thing, the tournament began…

…and can I just tell you that I am the champion of the Dance Dance Revolution thing? Okay, not really since Chelsea kicked my tail in that game, but against who it counts, I BEAT HIM! I BEAT PETE at Dance Dance Revolution, it was so funny trying to beat Pete because my older brother, Henry was trying to coach Pete along on the sidelines and watching him jump up and down while he told Pete the correct way to hit the back and top to get the point had me in fits of laughter and almost had me losing to Pete.

That wouldn’t have been the business, at ALL. But man, I had me a good ol’ time messing around with my brothers and my nieces.

Good times with us that’s for sure…good times.

Chloe had to leave the party early because she had some team bonding crap she had to go to with her softball team so me and Chelsea had our own bonding adventures at home, while I talked to Cool Guy on the phone and while we (me and Chelsea) played dumb pranks on each other. We chatted with my friend Juju and Ames for a while but then Juju was busy so we ended that conversation and I just spent the night, laughing and joking around with Chelsea and talking about everything and anything with Cool Guy.

Things between me and Cool Guy have totally cooled down. We’re totally just friends right now because well, stuff. But, it’s a good thing and I’m really just enjoying my friendship with him and we’ll see what happens down the road, if anything.

I didn’t get off the phone until about 3:45 the next morning so it was no surprise that I woke up the next afternoon at noon. I took a shower to start my day and had planned to go to the beach with my brothers and nieces for a couple of hours but was pleasantly surprised when Cool Guy called and asked if I wanted a Jamba Juice.

Me, turning down a Jamba Juice? NEVER THAT.

He told me he was down the street from my house so if I wanted a Jamba Juice I had to come with him so I rushed through getting dressed and after we got off the phone, he was at my house real quick like, so I had my brother Pete entertain him while I finished calming my naps…haha. We went to the mall, picked up a Jamba Juice (woo hoo, that’s two mango a go go’s this week, YAY ME!) and then were heading to my work to pick up some stuff from my friend Nicole, who was there waiting for me.

Before we went to my work though, my friend Braxton called and we went and picked him up since he’s part of our little Torrance crew. Everyone else that we hang out with live in Compton and we’re the only ones that live in Torrance, so it’s always me, Cool Guy and Braxton. So we go to Braxton’s house, pick him up and then head over to my work and then we went to get some lunch because Cool Guy was hungry.

While we’re eating lunch, I get the text from Mulu alerting me that she’s on her way to my house, so I end things with the guys, I told him to drop me off and then I barely had time to do anything before Mulu was texting me telling me she’s outside, so after she came and got me, we went by RoRo’s house and picked her up and then headed over to the luau that we had planned for that day.

Cool Guy was on his way to work and we talked on the phone while he filled me in on some friends business and I laughed and teased him until he went to work. I had a good time at the luau, but that’s to be expected when you go out with frickin’ Mulu and the crew.

The show was really good, a little cluttered but for the most part, enjoyable. There are aLOT of dancers in this dance group and it got to be overwhelming at times but still, the show was good but the best part of the show came when they did audience participation…


She made the entire show worth paying the $20 for because her and Ralph totally twork’d it out, I was rollin’ and just as soon as RoRo uploads the video to Youtube, I’ll be putting it up on here because I was laughing so effing hard because Mulu reeled Ralph in like he was a fish and then she freaked the hell out of him while she did her Beyonce’ booty shake and errthang, it was the bomb!

Edited to add: HERE’S THE VIDEO, the laughter in the background? Yeah, that’s ME! I was laughing so hard while RoRo was trying to video tape the whole thing on her camera, she was trying so hard not to laugh and I was laughing my butt off, this is my best friend ya’ll!!!


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I spent yesterday in Church, learning about great things. My favorite Miah taught the class and it was a really good lesson and I swear, Miah’s personality is one of the best out there, if you think I’m all sunshiny and everything that’s nice, you haven’t seen anything yet, because Miah is the absolute bomb! I spent last night where we always spend the night…in Compton and we had fun over there so it was good to just chill with the homies.

We got plans for next weekend so it should be good times! =)

So, really…what did YOU guys do yesterday?

So Let Me Tell You ….

2 07 2007

….about Cool Guy.

The last crush you guys have seen me write about, his name was Scott and just not that into me because he’s doing some blonde chick on his lunch hour and though we still flirt up the wazoo with each other, I just know that is going nowhere, sorry to those of you who had high hopes for me and Scott. We’re just homie gee loccs. He’s a cool guy but that’s about it. And plus, I don’t think Mulu approves of him so meh, whatever.

Anyway, lately Mulu, Theresa and I have been becoming more and more popular with the peeps at Church, I mean lots of people want to hang out with us and seriously, can you blame them? LOL..just kidding. So anyway, our calendar has been really busy trying to squeeze in time to hang out with everyone and just getting everyone together for dance classes and just hanging out.

Enter Cool Guy.

Every Monday night, we have FHE, that’s Family Home Evening and since I’m in a Singles Ward, we have our own FHE’s instead of having them with our families, a lot of kids are here for the summer with no family here for them or whatever and so we hold these activities every week as a way to hang out and keep our spirituality’s in tact, ya know?

So anyway, we’ve hung out with Cool Guy and Ryan for the past few Mondays and have stayed up laughing and joking with Mulu well into the night.

We’ve gotten pretty close and have loads of fun just hanging out. And well, he finally asked me out this past Friday and…

…we went out!

Deets later. I gotta go right now.

Oh Wow, Tahitian Hip Hop….

2 06 2007

My friends and I are trying to live healthier lives. We all have things we’re trying to be skinny for and Holly’s wedding is my goal, so I have a little bit over a year to get skinny for her wedding.

So last night, my friends Mulu, Theresa, Beenah and myself meet over at Mulu’s house to get our work out on, the brokeman’s way…in her garage.

We decided on doing, Island Girl’s Dance Fitness DVD, Tahitian Hip Hop and I’ve gotta say real quick that there is NOTHING remotely hip hop about this video.

Does it give you a work out? Oh hell yeah, is there a bunch of Tahitian moves you learn? Darned skippy, but do you learn any hip or hoppin’ about this exercise video. I’m kid you not, coming from L.A. I think I know what hip hop is and unless you count the fa’arapu (which is a type of tahitian shake) hip hop, then don’t count on getting much hip hop from this dance video. But man, the dance routine that you learn in this 30 minute work out BURNS…everywhere! Me and Beenah were dying in the front while Mulu was all into the damn video and sweating up a storm.

It was hecka fun though, afterward we go out for some mini Jamba Juices since we didn’t want to go out to eat and while we were waiting for our orders, we were all doing different parts of the dance to the music playing in the store. The dance isn’t that hard but man it works you the hell out, I know I’m going to be sore in the next couple of days but man, I loved it and can’t wait to do it again!

Has anyone tried this thing out? I wanna look like Kili when I’m done with it…man, she’s ripped! I don’t want her arms, just her stomach, her stomach is sick with it!

Therese! I looked for the Walk it Out Cowboy and check it out…friggin’ hilarious!
You have to watch it until the third contestant gets on there, but it’s so friggin’ worth it. Now you can see what had me and Mulu rollin’ last night…HA! The first girl needed to be slapped since she can’t dance for shit, the second girl needed to buy her some new tights because the ones she was wearing was showing too much of her that America didn’t want to see but the third one? Oh yeah, the third one was off the chains, LOL…he had me rollin’.

Some Tramps Have All The Luck..

24 04 2007

Ever since Mulu and I became friends, we had goal for our friendship and that was to one day take a trip to New Zealand…together.

We had never been out of the country and so one thing that we wanted to do is to take in a few rugby matches, live in action …in New Zealand. You see, we both have big things for rugby players. Dan Carter, of the New Zealand All Blacks is a big favorite amongst the both of us, we love that man and it has been Mulu’s dream to go to New Zealand and steal Dan away from his woman, I think Honor’s her name. I’ve always wanted to steal Carlos Spencer away from his wife, Jodeen, even though she’s very nice. (I’ve talked to her through Los’ bulletin board on his fan site.) It’s just one of those things that we always talked about doing, before we died. Going to New Zealand by ourselves and just living it up.

Well, tonight Mulu will be going to New Zealand…by herself.

By this time tomorrow, it will be Wednesday in New Zealand and she’ll be greeted with lots of, “Kia Ora’s” and “Welcome to New Zealand’s!”

And I’ll be greeted with lots of, “Good morning, Rowena, do you have those closeout docs ready for me yet?”


I swear, some tramps have all the luck!

But I’m happy for her because she’ll finally get to see her brother, whom she hasn’t seen in years. He lives in New Zealand and she grew up out here. He’s always lived in New Zealand and she’s always lived out here so finally, she’ll get to see and visit with her brother that she’s only spoken to on the phone.

The brother that looks dead on like her Dad.

I’m really happy that she’ll be getting to see the one place that we’ve both been dying to see and that she’ll get to take in the sights that we’ve always talked about, I just hope she brings home something, or someone good to hold on too…haha.

I swear, some tramps have all the luck!

How I Spent My Weekend.

27 03 2007

…so this weekend was pretty interesting for me and really, it started on Thursday instead of Friday because Thursday, I spent the evening with Holly. We had ourselves a blast which isn’t a surprise at all.

Here are the deets for my weekend.

Thursday: Had to work a little late, so by the time I got home, Holly was already in L.A. and close to my house. I rushed through getting dressed and by the time Holly got to the house, I was ready to go. We drove over to her hotel to check her in and I waited in the car while she handled her business, catching up with one of my work friends who was away on training. She came out and we were both a bit hungry so we went to eat…at IHOP, because I wanted something sweet and it was down the street from her hotel. You guys definitely have to try the Harvest Grain Pancakes over there, Holly was jealous that she didn’t order it because it was seriously…the bomb.

I oohed and ahhed over Holly’s new eBook reader (stupid girl was bragging about it and I was green with envy =)…) and read a bunch of naughty threesome and foursome scenes between brothers and their women. I swear to you guys, Holly (love you girl) is one big hornball, even bigger than me because she’s got about 15 eBooks on her eBook reader and of the 15 only 3 are regular books, the rest are naughty books that Daphne refers to as ‘cookbooks’ so that her parents won’t find out just what she is reading…haha. I’m tellin’ ya’ll…Holly is a freak! haha.

After we finished eating, we had to do a Target run for the things Holly forgot to pack and then after that we ended our night where you guys would expect us to end it….at the bookstore. A new Borders opened up close to her hotel room, so that’s where we headed after Target and we got….you guessed it, more ‘cookbooks’….LOL. Holly got Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh and some other book and I got, Hot In Here by Susan Lyons and Seduce Me by some author I forget her name. I started Hot In Here and will get back to it just as soon as I’m done with my romance fix. =)

I had a great time laughing and just being goofy with Holly, she’s a great friend and I’m so glad that we got together for a quick little girl’s night. Good times, Holly….good times.

Friday: I had to work Friday but didn’t take a lunch so that I could leave early. I got home and was looking forward to staying in with the kids and just be good, since I’d been out every night last week. I ended up getting a call from Mulu, telling me to get dressed so that we can do something, anything …so dressed, I got.

We went to dinner with our friend, Maria and then after dinner we got a call from our friend, Braxton who was home and bored and though he didn’t want to do anything too crazy, he didn’t want to stay at home either. So we head over to Braxton’s house and set off to just be goofy. We wanted to check out different things before going to our friend Devin’s house. Devin was having a party at his house so we drove around before heading to Devin’s. We were all talking about how it’s a boring Friday night and we don’t know how we’re going to have fun with NOTHING to do, but we kept right on driving.

On our way back to Devin’s house, there was one of those Check Points, where a bunch of cops close down the lanes and they have those sobriety checks and drivers license checks. So we’re waiting in line when the driver in front of us, gets out of his car and switches with the passenger. They literally, got out of their Maroon Maxima, walked around and switched drivers.

As we’re all gaping at the car in front of us, Nelly Furtado is singing “Say It Right” on the radio and a Yukon pulls up directly beside us and is signalling for me to roll my window down. I look over and it’s a Cop Car. I dutifully roll my window down and the cop says to me in a hard voice, “Did you see those people switch drivers?” I didn’t want to be known as a snitch, but the cop got loud, so I nodded. It wasn’t good enough for him, he asks me again, “Ma’am, did you see that car in front of you switch drivers.” Turning all kinds of red, I nodded and said, “Yeah, they switched drivers.” to which he flashes me a cute smile and says, “Thank you.” and then yells to the cops that were on motorcycles on the side of the street that they switched drivers and Maroon Maxima was pulled over.

It’s about this time that Justin Timberlake’s song, “What Goes Around Comes Around” begins and Braxton says, “Ooh, not What Goes Around Comes Around…” But it sure did come right back around because I must have been staring at the car because the cop on the motorcycle yells at us to PULL OVER TO THE RIGHT.

Confused, we did as he said…we pulled over and while we watched the Maroon Maxima just chillin’ right beside us, the cops come over to our car and start harassin’ the hell out of Mulu. Wanting to know if we switched drivers, who’s car we were in, who’s been driving all night, who’s been drinking, how old everyone was and all this bullcrap.

All the while, they pay NO ATTENTION to the real driver switcher uppers.

I can hear Mulu getting interogated, she’s telling them that nobody switched drivers in our car but that they did (pointing to the other car, who still has no cops yelling at them) she tells him that she drove the entire night, we don’t drink alcohol EVER and everything else, there’s a good cop and a bad cop talking to her and you could tell in her voice that she’s getting really irritated with the bad cop, she didn’t have the sense to be scared…

…me on the other hand, was terrified. LOL. He was really loud and you could tell that he was just as irritated with us, because he didn’t believe Mulu. I was close to holding my hands in the air the entire time that we were stuck with the interrogating cops.

While Mulu is telling the cops, how old we all in the car are, another cop comes to my window and taps it for me to roll it down. I complied. Then he flashes his bright ass flashlight in my face. He asks me how old I am, I tell him, “26.” He doesn’t seem like he believes me but I don’t care. He didn’t ask me for my license or anything but the following conversation ensues.

Bad Cop: Who drove tonight?
Me: Her. *pointing at Mulu*
Bad Cop: All night?
Me: Yeah, this is her car.
Bad Cop: Has anyone been drinking tonight?
Me: No, we don’t drink.
Bad Cop: So NOBODY else drove this car the entire night?
Me: Nope, this is her car and she drove us around all night.
Bad Cop: *getting really irritated, he got really loud* Well, the car behind you said that you guys switched drivers.
Bad Cop: *gives me a confused look, he’s not buying anything I say, AND IT’S THE TRUTH!*
Me: Officer, we’re the car that told that other Officer in the Yukon that those people in THAT car switched drivers.
Bad Cop: Ohhhh, *shuts off his flashlight* I see…well you guys are good to go then, pull back into the line and proceed.

Mulu stupid ass says, “You believe her and not me?”

Mulu gets into the car and turns it on. We all glare at the other car that is just chillin’ unbothered by all these cops. And Mulu growls, “BITCH!” which the cops totally heard and with their flashlight, signalled for us to leave.

The cop in the Yukon finally comes over and we can hear him telling the other cops that we were the ones that verified the other car had switched drivers but we’re already pissed off at HIM since he watched us getting pulled over and did NOTHING ABOUT IT. But then we forgave him when we saw that he had to go all the way around the big ass block to get back to where we were, but we were like, “Couldn’t you just radio him or whatever?”

So now we’re back in line and Maria goes, “Dude, we should’ve just lied and said we didn’t see anything.”

And Braxton, trying to make light of things said, “But we couldn’t cause Nelly Furtado said, Say It Right”.

It worked cause we all started laughing.

And so we’re getting close to the inspection point and there are about 3 ugly cops and then 1 HOTTIE COP and the 2nd cop was like, “Can I see your license?” Mulu drives by him and plants our happy ass right beside the hottie cop and we both smile at him.

He leans down and asks for Mulu’s drivers license. She hands it to him and he looks at the rest of the people in the car, he smiles at me, nods at Braxton and then says, “Have you guys been drinking?”

Maria jumps up and says, “No we don’t drink.”

Hottie cop, still holding Mulu’s license says, “Why the hell not?”

…and before anyone could reply, Maria says, “We’re LDS.”

I could tell Mulu was getting irritated because we couldn’t get our flirt on with Hottie Cop because Maria won’t shut her yap.

She says, “What’s up with us getting harassed tonight? Do you know Bishop Dean?”

Hottie Cop says, “Who?”

And Braxton says, “Bishop Dean…he’s our Bishop at Church.”

Then Hottie Cop asks, “What’s his name?”

And Mulu says, “Bishop?”

The cop started laughing, as did all of us in the car and he waves us by, we drive away and Mulu was like, “Damn Maria, just hog Hottie Cop all to yourself why don’t you?”

It was funny because after we were a few blocks away from the check point, Braxton says, “Dude that was fun, let’s do it again!”

LOL…and we thought we weren’t going to have fun.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out at Devin’s house before heading home…it was too funny.

Saturday: I spent the entire morning, Saturday by myself at home…reading Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas. I really enjoyed that book, a whole lot. My brother came over and we hung out for a little bit and then he took off and then Maria came to my house and we hung out for a while and then she went home and the family came back from San Diego (for a wedding) and I spent the night with the fam bam…it was good times.

Sunday: Went to Church and then to Break the Fast after Church. Had good times, lots of laughs at our table. Between our friends, Landon and Jeremiah, there was plenty said to keep us laughing all throughout our meal.

I came home instead of going to Mulu’s because my sister Helen (from Colorado) and her family were down so I went to hang out with them, we had a big ol’ feast, King Crab Legs and Salmon and a bunch of other stuff and man was it good…enjoyed hanging out with the family and then I read Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and enjoyed the heck out of that book.

It was overall a very good weekend….so….HOW DID YOU GUYS SPEND YOUR WEEKEND?

How Am I Supposed to Feel?

9 02 2007

This is probably going to be a long rant, so I’m warning ya’ll now…I need to vent this one out.

A few years ago, believe it or not, Mulu and I had a bigger circle of friends than we do now. We had the normal circle of friends that got together EVERY weekend and hung out and went and did all sorts of fun things just because we could. We talked on the phone everyday or every night, we had deep, meaningful conversations with each other, we had hopes and dreams and we were just there for each other. There were 3 guys and 3 of us girls. Great memories to be had with these people. I love these people.

But sometimes, the people that you love hurt you. What do you do then?

Of the guys in our little circle of friends, I grew to be close with Brett. Now, let me tell you guys how long I’ve known this guy. My parents and his parents have pictures of me and Brett when we were in diapers, that’s how long I’ve known him. There’s a picture that always gets talked about in both of our families of the bucket picture. The bucket picture was taken when I was still in diapers and Brett was young enough to run around in just his underwear and in one of the pictures from our childhood, Brett is in his underwear and I’m in my diaper and he’s pushing me around in this bucket at the park.

Now let me try to paint the picture of how close our families were. His older brother Bryan and my older brother, Henry? Best friends. His older sister Ingrid and my older sister Ingrid? Childhood best friends. His oldest sister Ina and my older sisters Blanche and Helen? Yep, you guessed it….Best friends. So because so many of his family and so many of my family was always with each other, we had a lot of family dinners and either they were always at our house or we were always at their house.

When we were younger, Brett was really close with Pete, my younger brother. He would always spend the night at our house or Pete would always spend the night at his house. It’s just how things always were with us. Me, I wasn’t so close with him so I didn’t spend the night at his house, instead I spent the night in Compton at, Theresa’s house. (HA! Remember Theresa?)

Anyway, it wasn’t until many years later that me and Brett became close. He used to come to my house a lot and just hang out. He knew he was always welcome, because he was more than my friend, he was a good friend of the family.

So many memories come to mind when thinking about my friend, Brett. He was one of those deep thinkers that was always thinking about something, always wanting to discuss something, he always had some question he wanted us to think about and answer. My brothers thought he was a weird one, but because he’s my friend, I accepted him the way he was, flaws and all.

He was always there when I needed someone to talk to and LOL, he was there when I needed an alibi to get out of the inquisition I knew was forthcoming from my family about my latest boyfriend, who I had stayed out with far too late with. He had my back and lied with ease for me to my brother in law, when he called him looking for me.

Great friend, right?


But then he met a girl, we’ll call her…The Girl.

He was really shy about her when I would quiz him on who she was and what his relationship with her was all about. I could sense that he was really into her so I wanted to be the supportive friend and like her for him.

The first time he brought The Girl around was at my 24th birthday (in November) (right, Tita?) and my initial reaction to her was, “Oh no, Brett can do so much better than her” but it wasn’t my place to say anything and he seemed happy with her, so I kept my feelings to myself. As long as he was happy then that was all that mattered to me. I never left her out of any conversations we had, I made sure she was comfortable with us because if she was going to date Brett than she’d probably become one of us, right?


Slowly and surely, she started dragging him away from our group. He started spending less and less time with us, saying he was just too busy to go out. I had my suspicions on that but let them go because seriously, why would I not take his word for it? We were friends. No need for lies, right?

A few months later, I invited him to Mulu’s 23rd birthday get together (in January), actually that’s wrong because I invited both him AND The Girl. We were going to Medieval Times and then whatever afterward. I invited everyone to come along, even my brother Pete was down to go. He told me that they’d be there but called me not too long before we were all supposed to meet up and telling me that he couldn’t go, his excuse? He had to work early in the morning?

Umm…okay. But we hadn’t seen him in a few months (since I think my birthday or a few Sundays after my birthday) and I thought he’d really come through. Turns out he didn’t and we ended up making it a girls night out. Whatever.

Now, fast forward to March, maybe April of that same year. I went months without hearing a peep from him, I had tried calling him a few times to see how he was doing but he never picked up any of my calls nor did he return any of them. But out of the blue, I’m sitting in my office when my phone rings. I pick it up, surprised to see his number on my screen.

His voice was laced with anger….at The Girl.

He needed to vent, he told me that things between him and her were done, he couldn’t take it anymore and while he was venting about her and how mad at her he was, he let loose about the real reasons he wasn’t around as often as he was before, why he doesn’t pick up my calls, why he doesn’t return my calls and the real reason he didn’t come to Mulu’s birthday get together.

Because she thought going to Medieval Times was childish and stupid and she couldn’t believe that we were actually going to do that for Mulu’s birthday. Oh and the kicker of it all was that if she wasn’t going to go, he couldn’t go either.

I shocked straight down to my toes because she has been nothing but nice to me and Mulu to our faces but according to Brett, she didn’t like us and she didn’t like us hanging out with him….because she swore, we secretly wanted to be with him.


I mean, that’s to be expected I guess when you’re dating a guy who has 2 girls as good friends. But what I don’t understand is why he never stood up for us, why he never explained our friendship to her. Maybe he did, I don’t know but he let her take him away from us. So yeah, whatever.

While I’m talking to him and he’s spewing all this filth about her (he was extremely pissed off at her) he was telling me what he’s done for her and all the things he’s given up for her and she couldn’t sacrifice one little thing that he didn’t like her doing…smoking. He told me that he wouldn’t be so mad at her about quitting smoking if he saw her trying to quit, but she made no effort and it really pissed him off that he’d given up his friends, his life for her and she wouldn’t budge an inch on smoking.

You could tell that he was embarrassed about telling me how she didn’t like me and Mulu and how she didn’t like him to hang around us or talk to us on the phone. On one hand, I understood where she was coming from but on the other hand, I couldn’t believe that he didn’t try hard enough to assure her that we were all just friends. But whatever. His thing though was that he was too honest with her. He told her EVERYTHING, how he used to have a thing for Mulu, how him and I grew up together and had pictures of each other in our underwear, things that would make any girlfriend uncomfortable, but still….I thought we were friends. I’d stick up for my friends, so I was hurt that he didn’t do the same for us.

Of course, I didn’t tell him any of that because he needed to vent his frustrations out, I could tell him how I was feeling about all of that later…we talked for a little bit and I told him that he needed space. Maybe he needed space away from her to figure out if all this anger toward her was something he wanted to keep in his life, I advised him to do what was right for him. If he wanted to stay with her than fine, stay with her but make sure it was what he really wanted. No matter what he chose, I’d accept his decision.

Oh he was vehement in his refusal to have anything more to do with her. He wasn’t going to hide from his friends anymore, if she wanted to be with him, she would have to meet him half way. And hearing him say that made me feel marginally better. So we made our peace with each other and I told him that I’d call him the next day to check on him to make sure that he was okay.

And I did. I called him the very next day to see how he was doing and she answered his phone. I didn’t even get to talk to him, she told me all attitudey like that he wasn’t there which made me laugh out loud into the phone and I knew, I knew that he was going to take her back. I mean, technically he had already taken her back by letting her answer his phone and lie to me because everyone knew that he didn’t go anywhere without his phone, he had to have his phone on him at all times because it was his work phone. He was Private Investigator at the time and so his boss had to be able to get in touch with him at any given time. So yeah, the whole he’s not here didn’t fool me. But whatever.

A few months later, people started asking us if the rumors were true. That Brett was getting married. We were shocked. I don’t know why I was shocked, I guess because we had talked about his wedding a few times and I just assumed that I’d be invited to it. The rumors turned out to be true and me and Mulu, well none of us got invitations.

None of us went to the wedding, none of us asked about the wedding and none of us really talked about Brett anymore, because we were dead to him, so basically he was dead to us. He made his bed and now he had to lie in it.

I heard that he was a cop, of course I already knew about it because he listed me as a personal reference and I gave him a glowing referral because I didn’t want to ruin his chances of being a cop because I knew how important it was to him to become one. I thought it was years off still because he wanted to go back to school but I guess being a PI wasn’t stand up enough for The Girl, so he rushed into being a cop.

After so much time passed, I stopped thinking about him but I never stopped being mad at him. After all this time, you think I’d be over it but I’m not, he dicked us all out of his life without any explanations and I don’t have to like him anymore.

Now, almost 3 years later he comes back into the picture. He shows up at Theresa’s Aunts house to see one of our friends, Miah back from his mission. He wants to be nicey nicey with Mulu and act like the last 3 years didn’t happen, like he didn’t fall off the face of the earth because his wife asked him too. It was a good thing I wasn’t there because I’m not done being mad at him, I’m not done being mad that he let things get so bad between us without so much as a phone call explaining why he couldn’t invite us to the wedding, an email to let us know what happened and why, NOTHING…he wants to cry about how he has nobody in his life anymore, nobody that he can talk to or vent his frustrations to, how he doesn’t have any friends anymore, how her friends are his friends and he’s not his same self anymore but how he still loves his wife.

Yeah, that’s what you get for kicking the people that cared about you out of your life without a word. It was a big kick in the teeth to find out that you were getting married from my sister that lives in Vegas. I hope you’re happy…but it doesn’t look like you are.

Well tough noogies, Brett.

Am I supposed to feel sorry that he doesn’t have any friends anymore? Am I supposed to feel bad for him and forgive everything because he doesn’t have anyone to vent to anymore? Call me a bitch but I don’t think so. How am I supposed to feel?

It’s The Safest Car On the Road.

22 11 2006

If you guys remember, Mulu got into a car accident. I talked about it in this post, here. Well, she wasn’t IN the car when her car got smashed in, thankfully but her car was totalled…so she had to get a new car. Now, her old car was a Ford Explorer, not the newest model but her Dad bought her the car so she wasn’t really picky about it. It got us from point A to point B and we were happy campers…and then she had to park her car in the street outside her work and a van ran into it, hit it so hard that it jumped the curb and was chilling on the sidewalk ACROSS from where she parked the car, breaking down the fence that stood in the empty lot where her car landed.


That happened in last month, so her Dad assured her that she was going to get a new car. So she’s been having to catch a ride to and from work and then wherever else she needs to go until her Dad gets the insurance money from the accident to get a new car. Mulu was so excited about everything too, until her Dad comes to work in this brank spankin’ new white 2006 Toyota Corolla (sp?). Mulu was more than a little blown away at the car that her Dad picked out for her but she loves it already. So she gets into the car and she’s all giddy and whatever because she’s got this bomb ass car now, right?


Sorry, I had to stop laughing in order to finish this story.

So Saturday, her Dad comes to pick her up in the brand new Corolla and she was so happy then Sunday morning came and she gets up to get ready for Church and since she’s in the Singles Ward, she goes to Church by herself so by the time she was ready to leave for Church, she walks outside and sees the Corolla gone and in it’s stead is her Dad’s MINI VAN. She was a little pissed off about it but she’s like whatever.

So then her Dad comes home from work on Monday and wants to talk to Mulu. (She has Sundays and Mondays off from work) Mulu’s still a little annoyed with her Dad because he took the Corolla to work. Well, now she’s more than a little annoyed, she’s outright furious with him. It appears, he’s taken a liking to the new Corolla, so the talk he wanted to have with Mulu? Yeah, it was to give her the keys to his mini van and to tell her where all the insurance papers and stuff was inside the car.


Oh gosh, Mulu is STILL so frickin’ pissed off about the whole ordeal but she vows that she’s going to trade in the van against her Dad’s wishes and get her own car. I just think it’s frickin’ hilarious that her Dad wants to floss in the new Corolla, which is such a little girly car while his daughter drives around in the van…


It’s a cute van, Mulu…really, it is. And really, a mini van is the safest car you could drive on the road these days, it’s been tested and proven.

LMAOLMAOLMAO, sorry I just HAD to share that story because it still makes me laugh so hard that my sides hurt.


You’re Not the Best Sister…

10 10 2006

Hey sweetie, I know that it’s not your birthday out here in California BUT it IS your birthday over there in your neck of the woods, so I wanted to celebrate your birthday on my blog on the day you’d celebrate your birthday out there! So with that said…


I hope that today is filled with all the goodness only you deserve and I really hope that you get all that you want for your birthday because if anyone deserves the best in life…it’s you! May your day be a little more brighter, a little more happier and just a little bit more of all the goodness in the world. Thanks so much for being the kind of sister that I’ve always wanted. You’re one of the good ones Grace and I hope you remember just how much you’re loved, all the way over here in California! Those tee shirts are totally true in your case, because someone in California really does love you sis! =)

I’m talking to Pete on the phone right now and he wants me to wish you a happy birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM PETE!

My Weekend.

9 10 2006

This weekend, my team lost again. But, I’m not too worried about the loss, since it was ONE girl that didn’t listen to a thing we practiced last week and I know that the other girls were really mad at her for the loss, so I know they’ll work even harder next week to get a win. Yes, the problem child was Meghan. Ugh, she’s so damn lazy and if I didn’t have to play her, then I wouldn’t. She didn’t come to practice at all last week and at the game, she cried about wanting to be the goalie, so I put her in as goalie for the last quarter, thinking she couldn’t wreak havoc in just ten minutes…but I was wrong. She let 4 goals pass by her, didn’t even attempt to catch the balls and we lost, 4-1. She’s lucky I’m a forgiving sort, or I would’ve choked her out. We were winning the entire time and then the four goals were scored and the game ended.

I was only disappointed for my other girls, who wanted the win so badly. Oh well. Better luck next time, the girls had fun though and I’ve got to say, my team is the prettiest of the bunch too, all of the cutie girls are on my time, LOL.

After the games, my sisters and I went to Tiffany’s baby shower, you know the shower for her side of the family, remember from all this drama. Well, that baby shower was this past Saturday and we went to represent our side of the family, since my Mom couldn’t make it. They had palagi food and palagi games, so you know our Samoan asses went to eat AFTER the party AGAIN. LOL. But it was a pretty good turn out, not too big and not too small, ua just right. Pete is a definite keeper to them. They all love him and had nothing but good things to say about my brother. So that was good. When we first got there though, you can tell that the Step Mom was a bit attitudy that we actually showed up, but for the most part she stayed away from us which was fine from us, we weren’t mean or snobbish or anything to her, so her issues are hers alone…we got along famously with Tiffany’s Dad and her real Mom, who drove up from San Diego for the party. She also made sure to tell us that she’s throwing a baby shower for Tiffany on the 29th of October and she won’t take no for an answer, she wants all of us to go to it, she hopes that we will be able to make it. We’re really going to try to get out there, because she was such a sweetheart. We were also a big hit with Tiffany’s grandparents, so all in all, we had a good time. The party was a great success in getting the families together.

After the shower, I went and did a Wal Mart run with my friend, Tita Boom. After that we went and hung out at our friend, Ralph’s house where I made a wrestling match date with his cutie roommate, Patrick (shut up Ralph and Tita, LOL) and then I got the call…from Mulu. Telling me that she’d been in an accident. She was working Saturday and just before she got off, she already got paid and was on her way out when she saw customers walk into the store and usually she would have just let our friend, Deveney take the customers but she didn’t, she walked back into the store to help them and that’s when she heard the big BOOM outside the shop. She didn’t think much of it, helped the customers and then a little bit later, she went to see what all the commotion was outside. She saw a man, cursing up a storm in the middle of the street, his car/minivan head light busted out, and then she saw a big white van speeding away and then she saw her car.

From the back, the car didn’t look beat up at all. But the car was no longer on the street anymore, but up on the sidewalk in the empty lot, sitting on top of the fallen fence, atop the barbed wire. She walked to her car and a chill ran through her, because the front of her car didn’t look as good as the back of the car.

Her drivers side door to her Explorer was smashed all the way to the passenger side door and if she didn’t go back into the shop to help those customers, she would have been INSIDE the car when the accident happened. It gave her a mean scare and by the time she was done giving her statements to the cops, she wanted to go home and go to sleep. The good thing about it all though, was even though it was a hit and run, one of Mulu’s customers chased the run away car and got the lisense plate numbers for Mulu, so that worked out in the end. Her insurance should cover the damages and Mulu will be getting a new car, but we did have a little sighing fest for the lost Explorer, I loved that car and I’m really going to miss it! I’m just really glad that I only lost the car and not the best friend…I don’t want to think about how different my life would be right now if Mulu didn’t go back into the store to help those customers.


She didn’t want us to come to the house to keep her company, she just wanted to go to sleep so we went to the movies and promised to see her the next day at Church and Lilo’s house for dinner. We went to see The Covenant which I enjoyed and will be reviewing within the next couple of days.

Sunday, we had dinner at our friend Lilo’s house and hung out, ate too much and then found some not so nifty things in our friend’s room…things better left unsaid on my blog, but yeah it was soooo not the business! Thanks Ralph, Mulu and Therese for the good times this weekend! B Nice, I hope you had a good weekend in Utah (I know you did but still)…don’t move to Utah, it’s a passing feeling, once the smog settles in your lungs again from being in L.A. you’ll forget all about the clean air in Utah…and you’ll stay here, with us! =)

Oh and Therese, you tell Becca, that she becca shut the hell up! LMAOLMAOLMAO and KP69 is SOOOOO not the business, Ewwwww, stupid bastard with his sweaty wife, poor Courtney! haha.

So all in all, had a few scares this weekend but it was a good weekend. So…What did you guys get into this weekend? Come and share with the class, won’t cha?