24 10 2006

Today marks the one year mark since I started this blog. I can’t believe it’s been a year already, it feels like ten. LOL. I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for exactly one year today. What a fun year it’s been in the blogging world.

I’ve met a whole grip of cool blog friends that I have come to know and love through their blogs. I’ve read a lot of good books, thanks to recommendations of my fellow blog friends, I’ve envied cool pets through some blog friends (Ames), I’ve fought with rabid fangirls on friends blogs and I just kept right on, trucking along.

Its a trip, how therapeutic this blog has been for me at times and it’s funny to see how much joy and laughter I get from all of my posts and my friends that I have met on this blog.

What cracks me up the most though is how far I’ve come in my blogging posts. Check out my very first post on this blog…

Monday, October 24, 2005
Cook your own bloody eggs!

So, last night a group of friends and I were discussing the world of dating. When you start dating, how much of yourself do you lose in order to keep the man you’re with? Most women will say that they are the same person they were before they started dating …

In Runaway Bride, Julia Robert’s character likes her eggs however the man in her life at the moment likes them. If she was with Robert and he loved Eggs Benedict, then that was how she loved her eggs too. By the middle of the movie, you’re wondering how in the hell does Julia like her damn eggs? I’m sure you guys all know people like this. Ready and eager to please, that’s the name of the game, right? Hide as much of yourself as you can, to keep the man you’re with?

My sister is exactly like this. And it bugs me to no end, because she’s got no personality of her own. He personality is an extension of her boyfriend’s. It’s always been like that for her though, for as long as I can remember, she liked her eggs however her man liked them. For once, I just want her to friggin’ lose her cool, find her own damn personality and scream at the top of her lungs, “COOK YOUR OWN BLOODY EGGS!”

But what can a sister do for her sister with this kind of mentality? She won’t listen to me. She hasn’t before and I doubt she ever will…maybe she likes being like that, but dude sometimes I’d like to order a entre’ of self respect with a side of dignity for her…

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LMAO! No introduction post for me, I just jumped right in to blogging about the things that I was thinking about during that time. I remember that post came from talking to my sister about what she did for the weekend. She had gone to a softball tournament with her boyfriend. She was talking all this baseball talk like she was a Softball Queen and the trick has never played a game of softball in her life. And the more she talked, the more irritated I got because it was the same conversation we’ve had before, with her other boyfriends. When she was with her Mexican boyfriend, she learned how to speak Spanish and she said his name with this Spanish accent that used to bug the hell out of me, then when she was with that Hawaiian guy, suddenly she was all Shaka Bruddah’d out and on polycafe all the damn time, it annoyed the hell out of me and I wanted some place to rant about things like that and that’s when Izzy told me about the blogs, I signed up right away…but I knew very little about blogging, I only knew that I wanted my own space, some place where I can rant and rave and back then, my dumb ass would start a new blog everytime I wanted to post something new…which is why my blog URL address is eggsbenedict.blogspot.com, LOL! My first post was about my sister and the way she likes her damn eggs!

I remember when Izzy explained to me how a blog really worked (you know how to add to ONE blog instead of starting NEW blogs everyday, LOL) and I remember how she laughed at me and I also remember back when she was my only reader until Holly and Grace came along and then finally, Nicole.

My how time flies, I’ve met so many cool people, found so many cool blogs through other blogs and my life has changed considerably since then, because I HAVE A BLOG, YA’LL! haha. I feel so cool around my friends because I can say that I have a blog and I have readers and I have blog friends. Only my geeky heart can be content with something like that, but I LOVE IT and I love this blog and all of my blog friends.

A walk down memory lane with all the different looks of Coffee House Banter:

My very first template:

Back to:

Then the Becks Template, which Mailyn made for me and I LOVE TO PIECES!

And now, my template as it is now…

This past year has been wonderful to me and to this blog and I’d like to thank all of my faithful readers for sticking by me through thick and thin…ya’ll mean the world to me, so just for you…I uploaded my favorite song of the moment, My Love by Justin Timberlake which my stupid musical brother can dance too…gosh, last night while I was hooking up the video for you guys, my brother watched the video from behind me and by the time I had tweaked the code to be just the right size, he could do the entire dance routine, I was so jealous. My brother can dance just as well as JT and gosh I love it!

So anyways, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME and let’s do this again, next year!

Let’s keep the party going, like my friend, Jeremiah would say…;)