I’m Not A Happy Camper.

21 05 2007

I can’t say for sure, since I haven’t watched the entire episode yet but yesterday before I headed off to Church, I watched a little bit of the latest Tudors and I’m NOT a happy camper. I’ve got to know though, is this a mini series and was only supposed to be a 10 episode season?

Will there be a second season, does anyone know?

Another thing that I totally forgot to do was catch up on Brother’s and Sisters. Last night was the season finale for that show and I missed it, I’m not mad that I missed it because I hadn’t planned on watching it until I caught up on the episodes that I missed but dude, so much has happened and I missed it all, what was I thinking? Sheesh…Justin is getting shipped to Iraq and Kitty is marrying the Senator and what the flip? Sarah’s husband kissed Rebecca? Oh what the hell, I need to scratch out time to catch up on this one…holy crap! So much!!!