The CMA’s.

8 11 2006

My brother Pete and I have been Carrie fans from the first time we saw her on her audition for American Idol, two seasons ago. I remember how we would NEVER miss an AI episode and we looked forward to hearing her sing, every week. And to this day, Carrie is still my favorite American Idol, American Idol Contestant and all that junk. She’s just the shit to me, I think she can blow and she’s just oh so pretty, if I liked girls, I’d totally like someone like Carrie, but since I don’t like girls, my brother loves her enough for the both of us. He had the biggest crush on her and I thought it was so funny, the way he would sit through the episodes week in and week out and then we’d both sit there AFTER the show and vote for Carrie, over and over again, making damn sure she stayed out of the bottom 3. We totally helped her win that season, haha.

But, as with all crushes, I thought my brother’s crush on Carrie would fade away. Last night, proved how wrong I was on that count. You see, last night the 40th Annual Country Music Awards came on and during Prison Break, I was flippin’ back and forth between FOX and ABC, from 8-9pm.

Pete was over because last night was my nephew’s birthday and we had cake and ice cream for him, so Pete brought the cake and we all had dinner and more good times were had. And so when 8pm came rollin’ around, my whole house was putting the dinner remains away, cleaning up so that they can watch the CMA’s. There are 5 TV’s in my house. 4 downstairs and 1 upstairs and since I was doing laundry, I watched TV upstairs. Pete didn’t want to watch TV downstairs so he came upstairs to watch TV with me, I know he came upstairs because he didn’t want to talk with the dumb brother in law.

He was getting so pissed off because I kept flippin’ back and forth and he was so afraid that he was going to miss Carrie’s performance. I was looking forward to her performance too, but not enough to miss a minute of Prison Break to watch it. So for the first half of PB, all I heard was, “Turn it back,” It was really getting on my nerves. We fought like little school children because he refused to go downstairs and watch it on one of the many TV’s down there. He also refused to go downstairs period, but when PB started getting good, he threw in the towel and stormed downstairs, and just to be ornery (and because a commercial came on for PB) he was like half way down the stairs when I flipped it back to ABC just in time to see Carrie’s performance. He must have heard them announce Carrie’s name because he went stomping down the stairs so loud and so pissed, that you heard every footstep he took until he got to the back room.

And then he texted me and called me a stupid bitch.

LOL, good times, good times.

I thought she did great, and though I missed some performances, I’m not too worried about it since they’ll be up on YouTube soon anyway….my favorite part of the whole CMA’s last night was Faith Hill’s reaction to Carrie Underwood (YAY) winning Best Female Vocalist of the Year.

Oh it’s priceless, so priceless that I tried looking for it all day and my BBB found it for me on Pop Sugar, oh gosh it was frickin’ hilarious….so since Ames was good enough to send it to me, I’m sharing it with all of you guys….

And the winner of the Best Female Vocalist of the Year is…..CARRIE UNDERWOOD.

LMAOLMAOLMAO!!! I’m hella rollin’…

I’m Back..with Updates.

20 06 2006

Hey ya’ll!

Sorry it’s taken me to come back with updates on my concert experience but gosh, I’ve been tired since then that I took yesterday off to recoup. But, can I just say that I hella loved the concert…it had a lot to do with the people that I went with though. If you go with the right crowd, you’ll have fun no matter what you’re doing.

A recap.

So Friday night, the primping began. LOL. Friday night, my brother Pete asked Jess to braid his hair for the concert, so we spent the better part of Friday night handling that business, we had us some dinner and we watched Fast Inc. while Jess got to work on Pete’s hair. A few hours later, with his hair fresh pressed and dressed to impress, he thanks us and we take off. We take Jess’ little friend from work home and then we head out and do a Target run trying to find a shirt to wear for Jess. When we found the perfect shirt for her, we call it an early night. I went home and watched Something New and then my sister H finally got in and we spend the rest of the night catching up with her. We stayed up way too late talking and what not and woke up too early for comfort.

We did each other’s hair in the morning then they went and got their toes done and I stayed back and helped my brothers who came over to hang out upload songs onto his new Ipod. I downloaded pretty much every Kenny Chesney song ever made and then moved on to Dierks Bentley and uploaded all of it to Henry’s Ipod, since he already had Carrie Underwood.

Time for the concert came rolling around and my BIL gave my older brother Mel, his tickets so everyone in my family (immediate) family except two of my siblings was going. I was so excited for it all to start already. My brother’s girlfriend Tiffany and I primped in front of the mirror for like an hour and then finally at 5 o’clock, we were ready to roll.

My sister D had all of our tickets, but she didn’t have Pete and Tiffany’s tickets so we had to run to my brother Henry’s in laws to pick those up. We finally get there at about 6:15pm, the concert starts at 7, but it’s literally down the street so no one was in any rush to get there…..with the exception of me, Jess, Sister #2 and Tiffany. We were all dying to see Carrie Underwood.

We finally get the ticket and are on our way AT 7pm. I was livid. I was so pissed, because you know that they’re not running on Samoan time so Carrie’s probably already on performing, but my sisters are like, nothing ever starts on time, we’re good still, no worries.


After clawing our way up into the Home Depot Center (literally fighting with everyone who was trying to cut in front of us, bypassing the entire long ass line behind us), we finally park and that’s when I hear it.

Carrie Underwood performing.

I was only mad for a little bit, because I was trying desperately not to let it get me down, because I was so determined to have a great time. I promised myself that I would see Carrie the next time she came into town, Jess made the same promise and then we both laughed ourselves silly because my Molly Mormon sister had just threatened to get her T Flats gang on some guy who called her a bitch for honking her horn at him (he was trying to cut in), to hear her throwing insults out the window at the white old man that was trying to cut in front of us, had me rolling even long after the concert was done, because she even threw up some gang signs…me and Jess couldn’t stop laughing. She kept throwing, “You’re in my hood faggot!” out there at everyone who tried to cut in front of her, gosh it was comedy…even the car full of girls that was in the next lane was laughing at her, I swear it was right out of a comedy movie, she was so crazy that night.

When we finally got INSIDE, Dierks Bentley was singing, A Lot of Living Left To Do, and because only me and Jess know DB songs, we were skipping and singing along to him. It was good times, we sat at the top of the stairs for a long time, while my sisters took in the surroundings, me and Jess were in our own little world, checking out this guy and that guy, laughing at this girl and that girl and then Dierks started singing, What Was I Thinking and me and Jess started doing our country line dancing which had some guys coming over to dance with us. And because we threw in some of our ghetto booty dances, they were gleefully trying to stick to our sides, but of course they were already way past being drunk, they were plastered. We couldn’t be bothered, we left them standing there dancing with each other and ran off to catch up to my sisters and Tiffany.

We met Tiffany’s parents up there and Jess and I danced up a storm with Tiff’s Dad who was gone singing along to Dierks Bentley right along with us. I’m telling you, Tiff’s dad is like a straight up Biker Dude, but he had some down ass dance moves though, he gave us a run for our money.

Before going down to our seats, we all went to grab our concert tee shirts and a drink. I got me a Carrie Underwood shirt, A Dierks Bentley shirt AND a Kenny shirt. I love them all. LOL. Everyone else only got a Kenny shirt but not me. Dierks was doing good and my favorite shirt up there WAS a DB shirt so I got it. LOL. We grabbed our pretzels instead of drinks and went to our seats. None of us took the time to eat during the day, too hyped up on the concert to take the time to eat, that we made plans to eat after the concert.

So, we go down and we’re all talking and dancing and me and Jess are dancing along to Settle for a Slow Down and just loving it, because surprisingly Dierks Bentley is a MUCH better performer live then he is on TV, on TV he bores me to death but live he had me out of my seat singing along to his songs, and when he ended with Come a Little Closer, I was hella singing at the top of my lungs.

And then the sun went down, and the boys got there and then the moment of truth.

Kenny came out. Everyone was looking toward the stage when the big poster fell and the band started playing, we’re all screaming and me and Jess are like, “I can’t even see him but I’m screamin’!” And we couldn’t see him because he wasn’t even on the stage, he was on a platform in the middle of the stadium, IN THE CROWD. RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.

He starts with Summertime (which is my ringtone) and so me and Jess are singing at the top of our lungs and choo hooing like true Samoans and then he turns around and is like, “I see you guys over there!” And he points at our section and our section goes completely wild. We’re all dancing and he sang the entire second verse to us….it was good stuff right there…the energy in that stadium was just unreal. Kenny sang song after song after song and the crowd sang right along with him.

Now, if you know my hyper ass, you should already know I was hella getting down (Holly you remember, Grace you too!), I can’t dance like a country girl, but shootttttt….I can get down. And I was, we were so loud, me and Jess were, making my sisters laugh and then my brothers who were sitting a couple of rows in back of us, came down and were dancing with us, having such a good time. Jess is a horrible singer and at concerts I am too, but do you think we cared? We were singing at the top of our lungs off key, dancing and just having us a good ol’ time. My sisters have taken to calling us Brokenote Mountain but they were glad we came with them.

Kenny’s concert was great as usual, but he didn’t sing my song, What I Need to Do, and I was mad at him for a little bit about that, but aside from not singing that song, I was very happy with the concert, this was Jess’ first Kenny concert and she swears she’s never missing another concert again….good times, good times guys.

The night started out on a really high note, Dierks was great, Kenny was off the chains but then the night went downhill after that, and I’ll let you guys know all about the drama that unfolded afterward later…I gotta get to work.

The Countdown Has Officially Closed…

16 06 2006

…because tomorrow is the big day.

The waiting is over, tomorrow evening I will be in Carson, California along with thousands of other die hard Kenny fans from all over California waiting for Kenny to come out on stage and rock our socks. It’s become a sort of summer tradition in my family for all of the Adults to get tickets for his concert and attend it together. We’ve been going for 3 years strong so far and we have sworn that we will never miss another Kenny concert again. My sister H and I missed last year’s concert because of random things that we couldn’t get away from, since they went to the Vegas concert but no more will we ever miss another concert.

H is driving out from Colorado, as I type this out just for the concert and then she’s going to stay for an entire month, which means that I’ll get to see my little one, Kainoa for a whole flippin’ MONTH, gosh it’s going to be a great summer! Dude, I can’t wait!

OOOOOH WEEEEEEEEEEE, it’s down to a mere few hours before we’ll be chanting “Kenny” and doing our little hula to When the Sun Goes Down, damn is it Saturday yet?