Has Anyone Watched This Little Kid?

17 01 2008

I have two nieces who are in high school and they are into some pretty weird stuff, I tell ya. Like, I know all about their fascination with YouTube, I can even appreciate their addiction to YouTube because, I’m the same way….if there’s something that I wanna see again, something I want to catch (a new YouTube hot shot musician or singer singing something really cool) that I missed or just looking up old stuff, you can find it all on YouTube.

But, there’s a world of difference in what I’m watching on YouTube and what they’re watching on YouTube.

Check it out:

This is what I watch on YouTube:

This guy’s name is Chris Wong and he can get down on the ukulele and I am really digging this song.

Now, this is what my nieces watch every week on YouTube:

This kid’s name is Ryan Higa or whatever and he’s got a bunch of How To video’s and rants on YouTube that are 1) really stupid 2) kinda funny and 3) really stupid. I search YouTube for the latest and greatest youtube singers and tv shows that I’ve missed, my nieces browse through YouTube, trying to find all of these NigaHiga videos.


The Youth These Days…

4 12 2007


…growing up in my Church, when you turned 12 you moved from Primary to the Youth Program. The girls went on to Young Women and the boys went to Young Men. I remember when I was in Primary (the class all kids went to before moving up to the Youth), I looked forward to moving up to the Youth because the Youth always had the cool activities, they had the cool dances and they were just always so….cool.

My sister Ingrid was moving out of the Youth when I moved into the youth and I was glad for it because where I was always shy growing up, Ingrid was the “cool” sister because she was so sure of herself and so outgoing that everyone wanted to be her friend…well except for my friend Ralph at one time, but that’s another blog for another time. I didn’t want to live in her shadow so I was glad that by the time I came into the youth, she was moving out of it.

My years in the Youth program were the best years of my life. I mean, we had a good group of girls that came out every week and participated in the activities we planned, we had a good group of girls that I would attend Youth Dances with and Youth Firesides, Girls Camp and all those fun activities and I totally looked forward to hanging out with likeminded people who shared the same beliefs as me and had the same standards I held close to my heart. It was a good time in my life. In my day, we had about 20 girls in the Young Women and about the same amount in the Young Men and EVERYONE was active in Church, everyone came out to ALL of the activities and ALL of us were pretty close.

Yeah, we all had to come to Church or we would get sasa from our parents, we had to attend all the activities because our parents dragged us to them but when we got there, we made the most of it and always had a good time. But, nobody played softball on the weekends, nobody was allowed to miss Church to go dance in this show and that show, Sundays were a day of rest from all of that and Sundays were for Church and family.

Things sure are different nowadays.

It’s always fun to come home from a Young Adult activity and gush about what happened with who and who said what with Chloe and Chelsea. They’re always so interested in the goings on at my Singles Branch and so I always have some funny stories to share with them because my Branch totally rocks out like that but what always brings me up short is that when I was their age, I had the same amount of stories to share with everyone. There was always an activity that was worth talking about or a speaker that spoke in Youth Conference that gave me food for thought and made me want to be better and what not. There was always a good turn out to the activities we planned and there was always good leaders.

With Chloe and Chelsea, they’re the only active young women in our home ward and their activities never get approved from the Bishop because times have changed and I feel bad for them because they don’t even like going to Church but have to go because they’ll get sasa just like I did when I tried to fake sick and not go to Church. With their Dad being the 2nd Counselor in the ward, they have to go attend Church functions all the time but they’re the only girls in Church aside from one other girl who comes to Church every Sunday and they’re the only girls that show up to the ward activities. The other girls their age either moved out of the ward or are no longer active, or have this softball game or this dance function that they need to go and dance for which takes them away from Church functions and Church itself.

It’s sad to see that religion has taken a backseat in so many lives these days. It’s sad because my nieces Chloe and Chelsea are growing up with not too many good memories from their Youth days and their testimonies aren’t as strong as mine was when I was their age. I’m not the most perfect of examples for them but it’s sad to see their young women years remembered by cancelled activities or the Bishop scolding them about bowling not being a spiritual activity (hey we had bowling activities) or going to Knotts Berry Farm is too far and what not.

These are the learning years for most teenagers and if they don’t have anything fun to remember their youth years from it scares me to think about how active they’ll be when they turn 18 and will have the choice to continue going to Church or not. My Church is everything to me and I love it and it saddens me that the Church isn’t as important to Chloe and Chelsea as it should be.

What’s really going on?

That Two Bit Dirty Skank.

27 01 2007

The night before last night, Mini Me asked me if I could help her catch the interest of the boy of her affection by baking four small cakes, one for each of her friends and then one for, Brandon. So I say, “Sure.” It was one of her best friend’s birthdays yesterday and she wanted to bake her a cutesy little heart shaped cake and take it to school for her but she also wanted to make a cake for the best friend that I can’t stand and the boy she loves so we made 5 mini cakes for her and her friends and her favorite teacher, Mr. Fowler because he agreed to hold her cakes in his office until she was ready to eat them.

She had planned to give the cake to Brandon with an invitation to the movies with her and her friends which she got the okay from her parents, as long as there were other people going and she was honest about it, so her Mom said, go ahead and invite Brandon to come to the movies with us this weekend and Chelsea was exstatic, she has had a big time crush on Brandon since the beginning of the school year and it’s all I hear about. Her friends Stephanie and skank hoe Kortni were excited for her to ask Brandon.

But when Chelsea got to school, she found her best friend Kortni (the non birthday best friend) wrapped around the object of her affection. Miffed and a lot annoyed, she carried her cakes and took them to her teacher’s office for safe keeping, already planning to give Kortney’s cake away.

When lunchtime came around, she observed her “best friend” flirting with her “almost man” and it broke her heart, but at the time, she was more pissed than mad so she was really bitchy to Kortni and took comfort in the fact that Brandon didn’t seem too impressed with Kortni and her flirting.

But the whopper of a back slap came when it was time to take Brandon his cake. They had just finished singing Happy Birthday to Stephanie and Stephanie was urging Chelsea to go and take Brandon the cake and invite him over to the movies with them, when Kortni told her that she’d ask him to the movies for Chelsea and Chelsea vehemently refused, saying she could do it herself, but then Brandon walked over to their little circle on the grass. Brandon was then accosted by Chelsea’s stupid tramp of a friend, Kortni and she did the unthinkable.

She asked Brandon to go to the movies with her.


She took Kortni’s cake and gave it to her best guy friend, Nakoa and called Kortni a stupid whore and then stalked off because she couldn’t believe the nerve of the stupid hoecake.

This has been her best friend since elementary school, why is she doing this? Chelsea called me yesterday on her way home from school and was telling me what happened and how mad she was and then got so mad at herself because she was crying. She never got to give Brandon his cake, she never got to ask him to the movies and she doesn’t know what Brandon said to Kortni’s invitation.

She’s all heart broken and I feel so bad for my little pretty niece…isn’t she pretty? Brandon has got to be on crack if he chooses Kortni over Chelsea.

My poor niece…have you guys had any friends that have done something shady like this and pretended like they didn’t know that you liked said boy or whatever and of course, I’m talking about when you were in school because if you’re still having these problems, then something is seriously wrong sweets…LOL.

Every Family Has One…

15 06 2006

…a crackhead, that is.

Our family crack head is my 13 year old niece, Chelsea. You see, the reason I say this is because not only is she a ditz, most of the time she’ll say things without thinking and they usually get her a “I can’t believe you just said that” look from me or a scowl from her parents because the girl and her sayings are just out of this world. But not only does she have these off the wall sayings, but the things she gets herself into when she’s bored really are quite imaginative….and retarded.

Let me share some of the experiences I’ve come across with this girl. Now, we come from an LDS family, we’re not the best or the most righteous of LDS families, since a whole lot of my brothers and sisters are inactive and I curse like a sailor. (Hey I grew up with a bunch of boys and we live in L.A., what do you expect?) But anyway, we grew up with strict rules we had to follow. No boys until we were 16, no cursing, no tight and revealing clothes, no sex before marriage (shows how much I listened to this one, huh? hehe) and blah blah blah. Chelsea was raised no differently from me.

And because we’re Mormon and we’re Polynesian, naturally we have a HUGE family. I’m talking I have 9 brothers and sisters and Chelsea has 6 brothers and sisters. A joke in our family is that everytime B and her husband go out of town, someone (I started this one) will tell them, “Don’t come home pregnant” and sure enough, they come home pregnant with someone. The last three kids were out of town presents for us. The first time I said this to B, she came home pregnant…..with Chelsea.

I should have known she’d be a crack head then.

You see, Chelsea is a special child. Check out some of the stuff she says and does.

A few weeks ago, B and her husband (Chelsea’s parents) were going on a date, something they haven’t done in a long while, it was actually last month for Ron’s birthday. They’re getting decked out and I’ve got movies and what not for the kids at home, since I’m babysitting. So, while we’re all sitting on the couches watching TV, waiting for my other nieces to come over, Ron comes into the living room and announces that they’re heading out. I nod at him, he’s across the room and the other kids are saying, BYE DADDY and what not and what does Chelsea say?

“Hey Dad, don’t be silly, protect your willy!”

What the hell? Who says that to their Dad? Chelsea’s dumbass does. We all gape at her like she done lost her mind and Ron makes a strange face at her and shakes his head and walks out. I guess he told B because I heard her cracking up in the front. Chelsea thought it was funny, so she joined in B’s laughter….then we all started laughing.

Another incident is for the Family dinner for Ron’s birthday, we went to Home Town Buffet and we’re all sitting there eating dinner, laughing and just having a good time and Chelsea begins telling us about random things that happened at school. Here’s the story, EXACTLY how she told it…AT THE DINNER TABLE.

“Hey, so there’s this guy at my school, named Carlos, he’s really hot and today I found out he thinks I’m hot too, you wanna know how I know he thinks I’m hot? Well, I’ll tell you…you see, he came up to me at lunch and said, ‘Chelsea, you’re like Subway, everytime I think of you, I get a foot long.'” She starts laughing hysterically and then continues, “and then he told me, BOING Chelsea, BOING!”


B has told her more times then not that she can’t hang out with me anymore and really? Can you blame her? I mean, of all of the Aunts in our family and Chelsea’s other family, I’m the one that she’s closest too. She tells me EVERYTHING and I really do mean EVERYTHING, she even tells me when she gets out of the bathroom if it was a single or a double flusher, because I SO wanted to know those things. She chats to her friends from school online sometimes and so she’s taken to saying, J/K Smile, which is a chat thing for “j/k =)”…she walks around saying this and because I thought it was funny at the time she told me, I NOW say it too and it’s become our thing that we do.

Now, let me fill you guys in on the latest bonehead Chelsea bright idea.

You see, for the past couple of weeks my sister and I have been fighting over stupid crap and then Chelsea and Chloe have been fighting over every little thing and it’s just been non stop tension all over the damn place at our house, which is normal for any family but a couple of days ago, the day of my rant over the curling iron incident, B and I came home from work to find all these small pieces of paper with a red ? mark all over them, posted everywhere, on the stove, the TV, the DVD player, the washing machine, the rock outside on the walkway that leads to our front door, inside my shirt drawer, I’m talking if we owned it, there was a red ? mark taped to it. When we asked Chloe what they were, she told us that Chelsea was walking around posting them up everywhere, so since it was Chelsea’s turn to do the lesson for Family Home Evening, we figured it tied in with her lesson, so we didn’t think much on it until the next morning. You see, we didn’t have Family Home Evening this week because Ron was out with Chance at his practice and they didn’t get home until late, so we had to forgo our FHE this week.

Well, B went into work early on Tuesday so while we were all getting ready for the day, she called because she found a ? mark on her steering wheel and then on her sun visor thingy. So she calls us and talks to Chelsea. Her question, “What’s the deal with all the ? marks?” Chelsea’s answer? “Oh that, well I was bored so I put those up, I’ll take them down after school.”

She hangs up with Blanche and starts cracking the hell up, me and Chloe are looking at her like she done lost her marbles so I ask her, “So what WAS the deal with all the ? marks?” She smiles at me and starts singing, Where is the Love by The Black Eyed Peas.

Have you guys seen the music video for this song? There’s a bunch of freaking question marks all over the damn place, while Will I Am is rapping about Where the Love is….and because we’ve been fighting all week, she was wondering where the love is, she wanted to remind us that we’re a family and we should love each other….so I guess even though she didn’t get to teach her lesson, she really did teach ME a lesson…

Okay, so maybe she’s a cute crackhead, but still…LOL.

*YAY, I can upload pictures again, woo hoo!*

My Mini Me.

1 02 2006

One of my “resolutions” is to get healthier, lose some weight.

I’ve been doing good I guess you can say, because I don’t drink as many Pepsi’s as I did before (I’m not a coffee drinker, but I can drink the hell out of a can of Pepsi) and I’m mindful of what I eat. Monday night, my nieces and I went running at the High School’s track and while my niece Chloe took off running the moment we got to the track and didn’t stop running until we left thirty minutes later (healthy bitch, LOL), my other niece Chelsea and I were more sedate in our walking/running (hey we gotta work our way up). We sped walked for twenty minutes and then we ran non stop for the last ten minutes, we did seven laps around the track which is a mile and three quarters of a mile, pretty good if you ask me. Our goal for tonight is to run for fifteen minutes and speed walk for fifteen minutes and to walk/run for two miles. It sounds easy, but if you haven’t really been keeping up with your exercise, it’s flippin’ hell to run for 30 minutes straight.

While we were walking, Chelsea talked non stop about the drama at school, the drama at church, the boy that likes her at church, the boy she likes at school, she talked about damn near everything from George W. Bush to her texting conversation with my crush, David. And it wasn’t until I was listening to her talk that I noticed that we talk a like.


Not only do we talk a like, but we think a like too. We talk, think and just ARE alike. Chelsea is my very own, Mini Me.

And I’ve got to say that having a Mini Me, rocks out!

It’s so funny, because we share a lot of the same qualities, the same likes and dislikes and we also share the same crush.

You see, Chelsea has had a crush on David since she was 8. She’s now 12 and the crush is still going strong. It’s funny because the night when I beaned Trish in the eye with a raquetball, she asked me if she could borrow one of my phones (because you know I have two damn cell phones) to text her friend, I left it without hesitation, I knew that Chels has a good head on her shoulders and I trust her to not go overboard.

So imagine my surprise when a couple of days later, I’m checking my text logs and I see a bunch of texts from myself to David. I’m looking through them and she’s laying on the bed beside me, reading the second book in the Shopaholic Series by Sophia Kinsella, (she’s become a reader too, she’s loving this series and is eyeing Can You Keep A Secret to read after this series, she is SO her Auntie’s niece…LOL) and I ask her…

“Chels did you text David on Friday night?”

She puts her book down and by now she’s getting redder in the cheeks. I lift my eyebrow and she said, “He said he loves me.”

To which I start howling with laughter. Because, not only does she share a weakness for books like me (which is something she just discovered about herself) she also shares a weakness for happy endings and she’s already painted her happy ending portrait and hung it to dry. The girl is nuts.

She goes on to tell me that her and David were texting on Friday night and he’s going to bring her another fork to replace the fork he gave her to keep when he left. You see, David used to come to my house all the time when he lived here and he was always leaving stuff here, a shirt, a hat, stuff like that and one time we were eating in the car, eating food his mom packed for us and Therese was driving, so we stopped over at my house to dispose of all of our trash before heading out again, one of the things we dropped in my sink was, his fork. Chelsea treasured that fork, she didn’t use any other fork but that one, washing it after every meal she ate. When her younger brother told David about it, she was embarrassed but David, being the cutie that he is, told her to keep it, it was his gift to her and that before he left on his mission he would get her a plate, a spoon and knife to go with the fork.

She was over the moon.

She has since lost the fork but wanted his promise that he would supply her with another one. I’m telling you, the girl is nuts.

But, I love her because life without Chelsea would most definitely be quite boring.