22 06 2007

You’ll have to forgive me if I sound like a major fan girl right now because last night I pretty much felt like one and I don’t give a damn, the concert was totally off the hook. For the last week or so, the best friend Mulu and I have been bugging our friend, Nathan who works at the House of Blues in Anaheim if he can get us tickets to see Elliott Yamin, one of our boys from American Idol. The concert was last night and he called Mulu to tell her that he got us in.

And he was not lying when he said that he got us in because when I say, got us in, he did more than that. You see, we were supposed to meet him out front at 7pm but in true Wena and Mulu fashion, we got there at 8:30pm which in a large part was due to the fact that we had to make an appearance at my mini me’s graduation from middle school, she graduated from 8th grade yesterday and will be starting her high school years in September. So anyway, we left the graduation at about 7pm after getting the call from Nathan that he was finally able to snare some tickets for us.

We got to the House of Blues and parking was unbelievable. There was not ONE single parking space in the whole parking lot and we had to stoop down to following couples that were walking to their cars and asking them if we can have their parking spots when they leave. After finally getting a parking space, Mulu changed from her work clothes into a pair of jeans with her babydoll dress and her ballerina slippers and we were off to the concert.

Once we reached the House of Blues, we noticed that there was a long line in front of the doors leading up to where the concert was being held. You can hear music blaring inside and figured it was the opening act, some guy named Josh Hoge. I don’t know who he is or what kind of music he played because we didn’t see him perform at all. We were too busy looking for Nathan, who had our tickets. After being made to look really stupid in front of the people who were standing in line and being checked out and what not, we were escorted to the side of the building to the door that Nasty Nate was working.

He shook his head when he saw us, looking at his watch, letting us know just how late we were in meeting him. When we told him what happened and he told us what happened with the other girls he gave tickets too, telling us that he was pissed off because our other friend that he gave tickets too was trying to bring in some chick that he couldn’t stand so he sent them back out to the line outside and told them he could only get 3 tickets and made the girl he can’t stand buy her own ticket outside.

I was rollin’.

So anyway, after chatting for a few minutes with him, he led us to the club from the back, we saw the backstage where Elliott and the band were setting up for the concert but we couldn’t go up there because well, we weren’t that kind of VIP. LOL. So anyway, Nate escorts us to the club through the back door and when we get into the club, bypassed the lines and what not, we’re standing directly to the right of the stage, stage left to him and it was an intimate setting because the club isn’t that big and the stage was pretty close, so we had great seats, our friend Chris (Nate’s sisters boyfriend) was manning the bar for a bit and he let us sit on the bar which gave us hella great seats in the house.

And then Elliott came onstage.

The boy is even better live than he was on TV during last season’s American Idol. He sang song after song from his album and he just rocked the hell out of the stage and the crowd. He’s a great entertainer and I was so hecka glad that we went to the concert because man, Elliott can blow!

But what made me feel bad for Elliott was Chris Richardson stole his thunder…atleast for me and Mulu.

You see, Elliott was talking about this little show he used to be on, called, American Idol and he wanted to give a shout out to the last season’s finalists who were in the house tonight and the spotlight was immediately shone to the balcony right across from us, when….CHRIS FRICKIN RICHARDSON was sitting right next to Jordyn Sparks.

Idols in attendance was, Phil Stacy, Brandon Rogers, this year’s winner Jordyn Sparks and my favorite Idol of the season, CHRIS FRICKIN RICHARDSON! Now that was something me and Mulu got VERY excited about! Throughout the show, I was distracted because I kept looking up because like a tweeny bopper fangirl, I was so excited to be in the same room with CHRIS FRICKIN RICHARDSON! haha.

I know, pathetic, huh? But still, HE WAS THERE YA’LL…I was more excited about seeing him there and seeing him get down to Elliott on stage. Soon into the show though, it was easy to forget that Chris was there because Elliott sang so many songs that had us bobbin’ our heads to the beat and just flat out having a good time too because he looked like he was having so much fun and just entertaining the socks off of me but I did notice toward the end of the show when the Idols got up and started making their way out of the club. I saw Chris leave and was naive enough to think that they were going to go up on stage and sing a few songs with Elliott but *sigh* they didn’t.

Oh well.

After the show was done and over, everyone started filing out but not before Elliott threw his towel into the audience and of all the damn people in the room to catch it, our friend Mindy caught the damn towel. We weren’t sitting/standing with them and we were trying to avoid them since the girl we can’t really stand was with them but they spotted us anyway and came rushing over to throw the towel in our faces to make us jealous. We were kind of jealous but then our luck turned for the better because while we were hanging out with Nathan, who was positioned near the same side door we came in through, ALL OF THE IDOLS passed us by to go to the bathrooms which were located directly across from where we were standing.

Both Mulu and myself were struck dumb at being so hot damn close to them. We were already not paying attention to anything that Nathan’s sister, Tiara was telling us because we were too busy watching Phil and Brandon walk into the ladies room.

We sat there wondering what was over there and was surprised to see Phil Stacy and Brandon Rogers walk toward us. We saw that Brandon Rogers saw us and wanted to come and say hi to us but when they disappeared around the corner we didn’t think that it was going to happen until, it actually did.

Phil and Brandon came walking out and walked right up to us and said hi and then we asked if we can take a picture with them and since my phone didn’t have a flash, we used Mulu’s phone to take our pictures. Tiara, my friend from high school took our pictures and was confused as to why we were getting so excited about a bunch of nobodies as she put it, but we were flushed with excitement!

And while Phil and Brandon were talking to us, telling us that they were going to hang with us for a few, we saw Chris Richardson, the man of our American Idol dreams come walking out of the bathroom flapping his hands in the air trying to dry them and rude ass Mulu rushed toward him, I, on the other hand was too polite to cut Phil Stacy off, I finished listening to him say what a great show Elliott put on, murmured to him, “Hold on, just a second” before I dashed over to Chris Richardson’s side.

Mulu says, “Can I take a picture with you?”

Chris gave her a dirty look and said, “No!” and then quick as lightning, that sexy smile of his spread across his face and he said, “Of course you can!” So I gleefully started toward him and Mulu threw the phone at me and said, “Me first!”

The tramp.

So I took a really cute picture of Mulu and Chris on her phone, then I pushed her out of the way and she took this picture of me and Chris on her phone:

Isn’t it cute? Oh goodness, the guy is frickin’ hot! And so after we took the picture, I told him that I voted for him a whole gang of times and my thoughts and my words were tripping over themselves and he just smiled and thanked us and then I said, “Okay, now we need a picture of the both of us with you, because we’re best friends” and he’s like, “Dude, GREEDY!” and he laughs and I gave him one of my Wena looks and it made him laugh and then he puts his arms around both me and Mulu and I handed the phone to Tiara and he goes, “Ooh, I get two girls!” And me and Mulu were like, *sigh* ing all over him.


Then we took this picture:

…and then Jordyn Sparks came out and we wanted to take a picture with her but she didn’t even acknowledge us, she just walked right passed us, Mulu called her and asked if we could take a picture but she didn’t even stop to say hi or anything she just walked right out the door without a glance our way…so whatever, trick…I didn’t care about her any damn way, Chris looked pretty embarrassed but oh well, we were so happy to meet HIM that we blew Jordyn’s snub right off. They all waved at us and Chris said bye to the both of us and then we were left with just, me, Mulu, Nathan and Tiara.

Nathan looked pretty disgusted with us, but we didn’t care. He kept saying, “Dude, what are we in high school again?”


And it was seriously the best night of the year!

*sorry the pics of Elliott are so small, they’re from my phone and I have no idea how to make them bigger without messing them up.*