I’m Up For the Challenge.

15 01 2008


This past weekend was our Stake Conference and they issued a challenge for each of the members in our Stake to partake of and I’m actually pretty anxious about it. It’s called The Pursuit of Excellence Challenge and it’ll run from January 13th until our next Stake Conference which will be sometime in September, I forget the actual date.

There are 5 different aspects of this challenge.

1) Spiritual.
2) Intellectual.
3) Physical.
4) Service.
5) Provident Living.

My goals for the first aspect are to: Read my Book of Mormon on a regular basis and to actually finish it before September. To study from my Preach my Gospel manual and to attend Church each and every Sunday. I’ll be out of town for two of the weekends that I know of this year, but I since I’ll be going to Vegas, I’ll just have my sister find me a Church out there so that I can attend still.

My goals for the second aspect are to: Improve upon the blogs that I have, since they are my hobbies, I’m going to put more efforts into my team blogs, The Boob Tube and Book Binge. I will also be reading up on web design and photography since those are hobbies that I’d like to take up as well.

My goals for the third aspect are: To stay on the healthy diet that I’m on right now and to develop an exercise program that I can do every week…I’m doing okay so far in this but I could always step things up a bit, which I intend to do.

My goals for the fourth aspect are: To better serve my family and friends. To offer my services when they’re needed. I intend to maximize my calling as the Relief Society Secretary and do all that I can to assist my RS President, which happens to be my besty, Mulu.

My goals for the fifth aspect is: To pay a full tithe this year. I didn’t do too good in this last year and I met with my Bishop last year for my tithing settlement and I realized how selfish I’ve been so, I am going to commit to paying a full tithe this year and to also get some debts paid off and a budget set firmly in place for me and Brenna’s future. I need to do more on this because it’s only me and Brenna, I need to make sure that we’re all taken care of.

I’m pretty excited about this and I know that I will falter from my course from time to time but I sure as heck hope that I stick this out and see it through…

..wish me luck guys!

The Youth These Days…

4 12 2007


…growing up in my Church, when you turned 12 you moved from Primary to the Youth Program. The girls went on to Young Women and the boys went to Young Men. I remember when I was in Primary (the class all kids went to before moving up to the Youth), I looked forward to moving up to the Youth because the Youth always had the cool activities, they had the cool dances and they were just always so….cool.

My sister Ingrid was moving out of the Youth when I moved into the youth and I was glad for it because where I was always shy growing up, Ingrid was the “cool” sister because she was so sure of herself and so outgoing that everyone wanted to be her friend…well except for my friend Ralph at one time, but that’s another blog for another time. I didn’t want to live in her shadow so I was glad that by the time I came into the youth, she was moving out of it.

My years in the Youth program were the best years of my life. I mean, we had a good group of girls that came out every week and participated in the activities we planned, we had a good group of girls that I would attend Youth Dances with and Youth Firesides, Girls Camp and all those fun activities and I totally looked forward to hanging out with likeminded people who shared the same beliefs as me and had the same standards I held close to my heart. It was a good time in my life. In my day, we had about 20 girls in the Young Women and about the same amount in the Young Men and EVERYONE was active in Church, everyone came out to ALL of the activities and ALL of us were pretty close.

Yeah, we all had to come to Church or we would get sasa from our parents, we had to attend all the activities because our parents dragged us to them but when we got there, we made the most of it and always had a good time. But, nobody played softball on the weekends, nobody was allowed to miss Church to go dance in this show and that show, Sundays were a day of rest from all of that and Sundays were for Church and family.

Things sure are different nowadays.

It’s always fun to come home from a Young Adult activity and gush about what happened with who and who said what with Chloe and Chelsea. They’re always so interested in the goings on at my Singles Branch and so I always have some funny stories to share with them because my Branch totally rocks out like that but what always brings me up short is that when I was their age, I had the same amount of stories to share with everyone. There was always an activity that was worth talking about or a speaker that spoke in Youth Conference that gave me food for thought and made me want to be better and what not. There was always a good turn out to the activities we planned and there was always good leaders.

With Chloe and Chelsea, they’re the only active young women in our home ward and their activities never get approved from the Bishop because times have changed and I feel bad for them because they don’t even like going to Church but have to go because they’ll get sasa just like I did when I tried to fake sick and not go to Church. With their Dad being the 2nd Counselor in the ward, they have to go attend Church functions all the time but they’re the only girls in Church aside from one other girl who comes to Church every Sunday and they’re the only girls that show up to the ward activities. The other girls their age either moved out of the ward or are no longer active, or have this softball game or this dance function that they need to go and dance for which takes them away from Church functions and Church itself.

It’s sad to see that religion has taken a backseat in so many lives these days. It’s sad because my nieces Chloe and Chelsea are growing up with not too many good memories from their Youth days and their testimonies aren’t as strong as mine was when I was their age. I’m not the most perfect of examples for them but it’s sad to see their young women years remembered by cancelled activities or the Bishop scolding them about bowling not being a spiritual activity (hey we had bowling activities) or going to Knotts Berry Farm is too far and what not.

These are the learning years for most teenagers and if they don’t have anything fun to remember their youth years from it scares me to think about how active they’ll be when they turn 18 and will have the choice to continue going to Church or not. My Church is everything to me and I love it and it saddens me that the Church isn’t as important to Chloe and Chelsea as it should be.

What’s really going on?

Unwanted Attention.

27 12 2006

So this weekend, Mulu and I attended the Christmas Party/Dance for our home ward, which was put together by her Dad. She had to go and me, well I miss our home ward a lot since going to the Singles Ward and I was more than a little excited to go and see all the familiar faces and get my little dance on with the old men of the ward and Mark, of course. Gotta look forward to those obligatory dances with Mark. I was also looking forward to having fun with my family and then dancing with my Dad, because seriously??? My Dad can groove.

So anyway, we get to the dance a little late…everything is already underway and the band is playing and their singing one of my favorite island jams. We go in and are seated, Mulu goes to check out what’s up with her family and I walk over to my family’s table which is right next to hers and am greeted by my nephews, nieces, daughter and sister. We’re talking about what I missed so far and I ask where Mom and Dad are and then I am served with a mountain of food from the guy that used to annoy the snot out of me by pestering me every dang Sunday to go to class. I think I blogged about him last year but I can’t be sure. Anyway, so Mulu and I get our eat on and this is when we realize just how friggin’ great the band is. They’re playing song after song of great island music and then I muse aloud to Mulu that I couldn’t wait for them to play Selena…which is a must at all Samoan dances. And seriously, like they read my lips while I told Mulu or something, the very next song was Selena’s the bitty bitty bom bom song and I laughed and then of course, we had to go and dance to it.

It was the start of lots and lots of dancing for me. I danced with anyone and everyone and only rested when I couldn’t catch my breath anymore. I did my obligatory dances with Mark, as did Mulu and then I hid from some of the old men that creep me out (okay this is totally Lay Down, B Nice HA!)…and in the midst of all of my dancing, I get asked to dance by some new guy in the ward.

He wasn’t the worst looking man on earth but he was totally not my type but since it would have been rude to not dance with him after he came to all the trouble of asking me, I got up and walked onto the dancefloor with him.

We danced and didn’t talk much, I smiled a lot at him since I wasn’t saying anything, hoping against hope that he wouldnt’ take all of my smiling as a sign of interest because really, I was NOT interested in this guy…in any way. So anyway, he asks me question after question and I pretend that I can’t hear him, since one of the questions he asked me was if he could take me out on a date. WHAT THE HELL? I haven’t even told you my name yet, what is wrong with you? I swear that the band could feel my growing annoyance with my dance partner because just when I swore I couldn’t take anymore of his incessant talking, the band wrapped up the song and I shook his hand without saying a word and just turned my back on him and walked away.

He must have taken my abrupt departure as some sort of sign that I was playing hard to get because, he asked me to dance later on and with some prodding from my brother in law (who works with him) I grudgingly went.

It was during this dance that I couldn’t get out of talking to him, since it was a slow song. He asked my for my name, I gave it to him. He asked me if I was seeing someone and I shrugged, not saying yes and not saying no. I told him I was 26 years old and guess how old he told me he was? 39. Now usually I’m not that grossed out about older guys, I actually like older men but this guy didn’t even seem like he was 39, he was starting to seem like one of those slimy characters that you just can’t like and on top of all of that…he was trying to get with Mulu too. Now, I’ll let that one slide since he was new and probably didn’t know that Mulu and I are best friends and inseperable, but when it was more than a little aparent that we were close friends and the whispers and what not kept coming, I got all the more annoyed with him.

What a joke this guy was.

So Blanche tells me to go outside and call our sister in law to tell her that she was just going to take her girls home with her and that she could pick them up in the morning since it was getting late and they live all the way in Long Beach. So I start dialing the numbers but I can’t hear a lick of anything, so I take my call outside. I’m trying unsuccessfully to get through to my sister in law when I feel someone’s finger graze the side of my arm and I look up to see that it was frickin’ stalker guy.

I shrugged him off like I couldn’t be bothered and then took the call, I kept my sister in law on the phone longer than was necessary hoping stalker guy would go away, so then I finally hang up with my sister just as my brother in law is walking out of the hall, I immediately call for him and he turns to see me walking fast toward him, I make inane conversation with him and he laughingly obliges me and then he leads me away from the guy that just won’t take no for an answer.

Ron tells me that if I don’t like stalker guy, just tell him to lay off. I told him that I already did and he tells me to keep telling him where to stuff his stupid pick up lines until he gets the hint, I nod and promise to do just that then start away from him when Mulu comes out of the hall looking for me, she asked me if I was ready to leave and though I wanted to hear the band play more, I see Stalker guy looking in our direction and told her, let’s get the hell out of here. She leaves me to go tell her parents that she’s taking off and then as I’m talking to some of the young boys in the ward, stalker guy comes and stands right next to me, caressing my arm, telling me that we should go and dance again (a slow song is playing mind you), I look over to him and do I tell him to lay off like I told my brother in law that I would?

Hell to the no, I ran like a herd of donkeys were chasing me. And when I was safely esconced in Mulu’s car, we had us a good laugh since she witnessed my running away from the dumb ass in gold. Was it the mature thing to do? No. Did I make him look dumb in front of the boys? Probably. Am I contrite in my actions? Oh heck no..it was too funny.

Do you guys have any unwanted attention stories to share with me? Tell me, I want to laugh!

What Up? What Up? What Up?

5 09 2006

So, I’ve been missing in action this past weekend, it being a long weekend and all, I tried my hand at being young and carefree again and well, let’s just say that I’m hella tired for it.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and I hope no one is wearing white today either, hehe.

My weekend was spent catching up with old friends, renewing friendships that have been sorely tested over the past few months and celebrating best friend’s nephews birthdays, oh and…school shopping too.

Saturday, Brenna and I hung out in Compton and then went to dinner with a couple of my friends, saw a ghetto black cowboy riding his real hoove having horse down Central Boulevard. He reminded me of a black Zorro and I couldn’t stop laughing because it was pretty late at night and there he was, galloping alongside the light traffic in Compton, CA…yep, in Compton, hometown of Gangsta Rap Artists such as NWA, Tupac (I think), DJ Quick and The Game. HA! To think Compton turning country on us? LOL, it’s just hilarious to me.

Sunday, we had Break the Fast at Church and everyone tore up my Chinese Chicken Salad which made me popular and snicker my way around Jessica while doing my happy shoulder dance because haha, they all liked my salad better than her rice! LOL. We also went back to have dinner and dessert in Compton and hung out over there, since no one had work on Monday. It was good times, clowning around with all of our old friends, after that we kept the party going at my friend, Ralphs house where the laughs continued, the good times still rolled. I swear, Ralph is the funniest guy EVER and I’m so glad that he’s my friend.

Ralph, since I know you’re reading this, you better hurry up and get your blog started so that I can stalk your blog and poke around inside your head, the bloggers better watch out because Ralph Lauren is on the loose…hehe.

I missed Prison Break last night, so I’m getting ready to watch it online which I’m all excited about, after I watch it, please believe Izzy I will be hitting your blog up.

Happy Belated Birthday to Jessica’s nephew, Leroy, who celebrated his birthday yesterday at the park, very relaxing way to spend Labor Day, at the park with all the hotties playing soccer and tennis in Cerritos, good good times…

I swear, school shopping is going to be the death of me. Target was supposed to be having this big time sale where everything is half off the already marked price or whatever and we went to the Target in Cerritos which is the bomb diggity thank you very much and well I ended up spending way too much money for Brenna’s school supplies. I don’t even think she needs more than half of what I bought her yesterday, but who cares, they were all pretty good deals so she’s more than prepared for school to start. Now if only my luck can hold to make sure that she actually gets into a class, cross your fingers for me.

This post is all over the place, but I can’t be arsed to care at the moment…it is what it is, sorry readers. I hope all of you guys had a great weekend and got more sleep than I did. I’m sorely paying for all of my partying right now and I have soccer practice tonight, great…I’m so not cut out for the party life, LOL…will be back later for my thoughts on this week’s Prison Break.

Until then, peace out!

Soccer Try Outs, Softball Games and Happy Hands.

21 07 2006

..and Samoan Flag Day.

This past weekend, I have not been home all that much. Brenna was staying the night over my sister’s house, so I was free to do as I pleased with my weekend. And I certainly lived it up too, and I soon found out that I’m not as young and agile as I used to be, or maybe I’m just an old lady in a 25 year old body, because I can’t hang with the bar scene, it’s more laid back then the club scene but dude, there’s a lot of drama at the bars in Hermosa. And the whole staying out late thing, makes me yawn. How sad is that?

Last night, Brenna had soccer try outs, I can’t believe she’s old enough to actually be in the blind draft that they have for AYSO out here. But she is and she did pretty good, since I’m coaching her, I know she’s going to be on my team, but I wonder who else I’m going to be getting from the draft, there were a lot of good kids there and a lot of not so good kids and I had a moment during the try outs where I pictured myself getting stuck with all the sucky kids and reliving moments from Bad News Bears or The Mighty Ducks, getting so good that by the end of the season we whipped up on the Teams to Beat…but I think I only felt that way because I felt bad for the sucky girls, I didn’t want them to get chosen last. LOL…but then I remembered it was a blind draft and I just stopped thinking.

After the try outs, a friend and I went to watch some friends of ours softball game. We showed up and I was geared up to get my cheer on for our boys. I got many compliments on my style of cheers, check one of them out.

“B’s got the magic stick, I know if he can hit once, he can hit twice, he hits the baddest pitch,”


I’m an idiot, I know, me and my brother came up with that a few years back, it made me oh so popular last night amongst my friends and my new friends too, I sang some other hip hop songs and changed the lyrics to suit my needs, I’m tight like that. hehe.

Last night, Manpurse guy snubbed me, not once, not twice but THREE effing times, the stupid mothereffer. He became pretty tight with the friend that I went there with, thinking she was Jessica’s best friend. What the hell? Who does that? I’m telling you, this guy is a tool. So anyway, we’re sitting there and I’m talking to Jess on my cell phone, when I hear Manpurse guy ask my friend who I’m talking to, because I’m talking mad shit about Manpurse guy to her, all in Samoan of course, so my friend tells him, that I’m talking to Jess, he finds out that I’m her best friend and not the chick he just spent twenty minutes trying to find information about Jessica out from, and what do you know???

He tries to get all chummy with me,whatever asshole, you already done pissed me the hell off, brushing me off, ignoring me while you talk to everyone around me, except me, so yeah you’re done for, I will no longer be pleading your case to Jess, I was your only saving grace, but you done kicked that chance to the wind. A word of caution to the men out there stupid enough to believe that the best friend would actually be your ticket in, Find out who her best friend is first, before you waste valuable time buttering up the wrong friend, and don’t ever snub the woman of your dreams best friend, you’re never going to get in good with said woman if you’re mean to her friends, especially her best friend.

Stupid ass.

And now on to Happy Hands.

Last night, a friend of mine got a severe case of the Happy Hands. And at first I thought his hands slipped, but over the course of the night, his hands got a little too happy, but he would always make a joke which would distract me from his slippery hands and so his actions went unnoticed throughout most of the night, but this morning while I was talking to my friend that I went to the softball game with, she said that he told her of his intentions toward me and from where I’m standing, it’s not good…oh fuck, now I gotta tell this guy where to put his happy hands as he liked to call them and then I have to tell him that I’m not interested in him like that, oh frickin’ great…and here I thought we were all just joking around.

Lastly, let me tell you about Samoan Flag Day.

I’m half Samoan, half White (German and French).

I was raised up only knowing my Samoan background, since both my parents were born in Samoa. My Dad looks like a tanned White dude and my mom is fair as well, so it’s no surprise when people are surprised that I’m Samoan, sometimes I don’t care, but most times when other Samoans try to tell me I’m not Samoan, it makes me mad because I don’t have to prove anything to anyone about how Samoan I am, I know what the hell I am and I can do a mean ass Samoan dance, better than most full blooded Samoans, it’s not ego talking here either, it’s just knowledge, Jess and I are known for dancing around these parts, we’re the ones they turn to when they need performers to dance for this function and that function, so I know this.

Anyway, I’m so hot damn proud to be Samoan, I love my culture, I love the language and I just love the people, well “my” people anyway, but there are some aspects of the Samoan culture that irritate the crap out of me. Like…

  • There’s always gotta be a fight at every damn festival we have. And it’s all just stupid Samoan boys fighting other equally stupid Samoan boys. Although I’ve got to admit that some of the worst fights have been between stupid Old Samoan Ladies. Ugh. There’s always that crowd that ruins everything. There’s plenty of these at Samoan functions.
  • I hate how stupid they love to be. It’s like they love to be loud and obnoxious and they’re not cool unless they’re making asses of themselves. Grow up already.
  • Before every Samoan function can start, they have the Matai’s up there sitting in a circle, talking. And I swear they be talking for DAYS, so everyone has to wait until they’re done in their council before the show can start.

There’s plenty others but I’d be here for days (and the council will still be out there talking their heads off) trying to tell you all of them.

Last night, I met Jess at the Samoan Flag Day Festival by her house. The dance group that Brenna dances for performed so we went to check them out and then there was some dance groups from Samoa coming out to dance as well, so we went to check that out as well, and the security guards they have at these things are so retarded, how the hell are these old, fat guys supposed to keep the peace, they can’t run anywhere, they’re all older than Moses, I mean really?

In the space of two hours, there were a grand total of 4 fights in the crowd with one person threatening to get his strap?

Shakes head, I swear, this shit keeps getting stupider and stupider, last year they had a shooting where someone died, I wonder what they’re going to do this year to top that, fucking retards.

Thongs In Church?

3 07 2006

Okay, so this is probably dumb to be blogging about, but I couldn’t help but wonder about it yesterday when I caught a guy looking at a girl’s ass and so of course my dumb ass looked to see what he was looking at and then I saw her thong was peeking out from her skirt and it made me squirm a bit.

I’ve never really thought much about thongs and Church and I’m really retarded because I feel naughty WEARING a thong to church, but sometimes the skirts you wear or the dresses you wear, call for the elimination of panty lines so it can’t be helped and I guess because I was WEARING a thong and then the guy was looking at the other girls thong, it made it all the more, OMGOSH, we shouldn’t wear those things to Church if it’s going to elicit that kind of reaction from the guys. But, I’m thinking should we even wear thongs in Church, do you think God is looking down on us for wearing those kinds of naughty underwear to Church? Do you think it’s a big deal?

I guess, I’m asking this because I swear the guy was like eyeing the girls thong like he wanted to lick it off and WE’RE SITTING IN CHURCH! And then if you guys were to have seen the girl, the girl is skinny yeah, but she is butt ugly and so I didn’t see him thinking that she was hot stuff or whatever, but it wouldn’t have really mattered anyway since he seemed to be mesmerized by her backside and not her face in the first place.

I was really embarrassed for the girl because I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t trying to show THAT off in Church but she was a couple of rows in front of me so all throughout the first hour of Church, I was really red for the girl and the guy that I saw looking down her pants was none other than the guy that I think is flippin’ hot…but anyway, what I guess I’m trying to figure out is, should girls wear thongs to Church or is it inappropriate?

By the time, the first hour was done, the girl had stood and her thong was safely hidden BENEATH her clothes but I still went into the bathroom to make sure you couldn’t see anything, because it totally made me all self conscience…

So your thoughts, ladies…Is it okay to wear thongs to Church or is it inappropriate?

My Weekend.

10 04 2006

This weekend was pretty tame, compared to last week’s weekend but it was fun nonetheless.

Friday night– I went to a Quixtar meeting at Jessica’s because her older sister is ALL about those things these days and she needed help so me being the best friend of the younger sister, I got roped into serving food and serving as a seat filler, should people not show up to this thing. And let me tell you something, one of the main guys in Jess’ sisters Upline has a house that is just sick with it. He’s got a 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom house with a tennis court, an indoor basketball court, with an indoor pool as well, there’s a sauna up in the mix along with four out of this world cars parked in his garage that looks more like a warehouse then anything else. My eyes about popped out my sockets when they were showing us pictures of his house. I would have been skeptical about everything had Jess’ sister not been to the palace herself. The house is located in Utah and gosh I want a house like that, like it’s nobody’s business…sick with it. There was a cute guy that came to the meeting..with his damn wife. And the wife was really nice so I was totally hating on her, signed up for it too, so now I’m officially an IBO (Independant Business Owner) LOL, I know I laughed too, but it’s pretty cool though, both Jess and I signed up and will be doing all of one stop shopping needs through our own catalogues, so I’m kinda excited about it, the mainline guy did the same thing we’re doing and he’s more than happy to help us out, so that’s cool…we shall see what’s up with this thing.

Saturday- Woke up and Brenna and I did a spot of cleaning, watched two of the movies that we bought in Utah and thoroughly disliked one of the movies, I called and cursed Jessica out because she told me she saw the movie and said it was really good, come to find out the punk never ever heard of the movie, she just THOUGHT it would be a good movie, punk! So I talked to her and her cousin in Utah on threeway for about an hour and a half then I phoned off and got showered and dressed because Trish came and picked me and Brenna up and then we headed off to Jessica’s work place and hung out with her for the rest of her workshift, since she was the only person at the shop, we played Super Mario Cart in the back while Jess sold some shirts and Samoan bracelets in the front. Trish whooped my behind in some Mario Cart but that’s okay because I whooped Shelley’s butt, so it worked out for me. Afterward, we hit the mall up and shopped like crazy.

Trish got my Nike Shocks, well she got Shocks, not the ones I wanted, but she got them so Jess and I were trying to find some shoes that would knock her shoes out of the water, but couldn’t find anything, so we settled for looking better than her at church on Sunday, which I totally did…I was totally rocking my outfit and I got lots of compliments on it as well, woo hoo!! We went to dinner for Trish’s birthday and then we all made a Wal Mart run and shopped there until the store closed.

My damage of the day: $341.

*sigh* I know. But oh well, I got me some cute shirts, a totally rocking church outfit, some new movies and the new Rascal Flatts cd plus all of my bathroom essentials, so I’m not complaining!

Sunday- Sunday morning, WAY early Sunday morning, I was pulled awake from my sleep by my phone, it kept playing my song, “We Belong Together” by Gavin Degraw, which signalled to me that David was calling me. *chuckle, now you guys know what my ringtone for him is, LOL* I look up to check to see what time it is and it’s almost 3 in the morning, which means it’s almost 4 in the morning in Utah. It must be something important, so I pick it up and the first thing out of his mouth was, “Are you sleeping?”

My smart reply was, “Oh no, I’m running a 5k marathon, OF COURSE I’M SLEEPING!” He laughed and said, “Crap, Dee I forgot about Trish’s birthday.”

This made me sit up because everyone has heard Trish’s diatribe about how important her birthday is. She always makes a big deal about her birthday and if you forgot to call her to wish her a happy birthday, you’ll hear about it, for weeks, months, YEARS afterward. It’s doubly worst for us, her friends because she never shuts up about it, but because David is not only one of her good friends, but her cousin too???? He’s never going to hear the end of it. I can’t wait. But this is our conversation went:

David: I forgot about her birthday.
Me: Dude you are like the worst cousin, EVER. I’m so glad you’re not my cousin.
David: Shut up, I’m glad you’re not my cousin either because nerds aren’t good for my family tree.
Me: Don’t be mad at me because I’m smarter than you and because I didn’t forget Trish’s birthday.
David: *sigh* I can’t believe I forgot about it, she’s been talking about nothing else since she was here last week. Crap, what am I going to do?
Me: You’re going to hear a whole helluva lot of crap from her for the rest of your life….I already know that she was pissed that you didn’t pick up any of her calls.
David: *pregnant pause* I was busy.
Me: Yeah the heck right, you were too busy to pick up your phone and wish her a happy birthday? That’s not goign to go over well, you can take that to the bank.
David: This is what’s going to happen…you’re going to tell her that I called you at 11:30pm to wish her a happy birthday because I was too embarrassed to call her house that late, you’re going to tell her that I was busy with Uncle Rick in the hospital and they didn’t allow me to use my cell phone in the hospital. You’re also going to tell her whatever you need to tell her to get her off my back….okay?
Me: Why should I do that for?
David: Dee, please.
Me: You’ve got to ask her for my money back. If you do that, then I’ll do this for you.
David: Okay, how much is it?
Me: I told him the price.
David: What the hell are you letting her borrow that much money for, are you stupid? Oh I’ll get your money back for you, but you better tell her that I called you.
Me: Alright, I will.
David: Make sure she doesn’t call me tomorrow, if she tries to, I’d appreciate a text or a phone call to warn me.
Me: Got it.

Our conversation went on and on for another forty five minutes or so but I got him to ask Trish for my money back (since I didn’t want to ruin her birthday and ask for it myself) and I told Trish about his happy birthday call (which didn’t go over too well with her since she left three messages on his phone the day before), and she called him on Jess’ phone and of course he didn’t answer so I sent him a text message telling him, she’s goign to keep calling him until he picks up, so either turn your phone off or pick up.

He turned his phone off. LOL.

Yesterday was Fast Sunday at church, so after church we had a Break the Fast, which is like a potluck where everyone comes together and we all break our fast together, it was good fun. We all got to socialize and eat great grub. The Samoans in attendance decided that next month’s Break the Fast would be a great one, because we would be doign all the cooking. I think it’ll be fun to see how the others react to our cooking. I’m already looking forward to it, since I can cook like it’s nobody’s business.

We finally talked to the other races, because usually everyone sticks to their own kind, but yesterday we all talked to each other and it was just great fun. We all made plans to get together tonight and go to the FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight and meet other singles in our area that arent in our branch, so I’m looking forward to that…especially since I caught a cute guy named Eric, looking at me and then cheesing it in my direction, so yeah I’m totally enjoying that one…hehe.

There you go guys, my weekend. Heaps of fun, I know! LOL.

Can You BE Any More Annoying?

13 12 2005

When you grow up with a certain group of people, do they ever stop seeing you as the child you were or for the woman you grew up to be?

I have been going to the same church since I was a little girl. I do it more so because my parents are still there and everything is familiar, not to mention I don’t have the heart to take my daughter out of this ward where she has friends and loves it. But gosh, what irritates me the most about going to church and really, if I’m being honest if I didn’t have my daughter, I probably wouldn’t be attending church anyway, but I do because I want to raise my daughter up the way I was raised. Just not as sheltered.

Anyway, back to what irritates me about church.

I’m not a very spiritual person, but I can be at times. I’m 25 years old, if I want to sit and chit chat in the halls with my friends about old times or about life in general, I have that right because I’m a damn adult. QUIT SCOLDING ME TO GO TO FREAKING CLASS, if I wanted to go to class I’d be in there right now, so since I’m not. I don’t want to go. There’s this pesky little man with big ears who shall remain nameless who every Sunday bugs me to go to class and every Sunday I just ignore him and continue on with my business. Well this past Sunday I was talking to the Elders from the ward that meets after mine with Jess and he comes over and tells us to go to class and like always Jess and I just ignored him adn continued on with our conversation with the Elders because it was their last Sunday with us since they’re getting transferred and they had Christmas cards for us, well the stupid big ear pest came back and said if I didn’t go to class he was going to tell my dad. I laughed. I thought that was the most stupidest thing he could have ever said, because what the heck is my Dad going to do? Spank me at church? I’m a grown ass woman, don’t tell me what to do.

So once again, I roll my eyes and continue on with the conversation, but about ten minutes later, the stupid jerk comes back….with my DAD! I was slack jawed because I couldn’t believe how stupid it was. My dad sees me and Jess talking to the Elders and he laughs. He asks me why I’m not in class and I told him all attitudy that I can’t believe I got ratted out by the damn big eared man and my dad called me over for a quick word.

LOL, when I walked over to my dad the stupid man looked pleased with himself and I swear I wanted to slap that stupid smirk right off his ugly ass face. But then I got the last laugh because my dad hands me a twenty and says to me, “If you’re not going to go to class can you and Jess run to Taco Bell and get me something to eat, I’m hungry.”

I swear my Dad rocks!