I’m Outty…WOO HOO!

10 08 2006

Alright, I leave for Denver tomorrow morning for my nephew’s first birthday and it’s going to be a big time bitch at the airport now that the entire nation is on Red Alert, but I don’t care..I’m going to Denver!

I won’t be around much until next week, I’ll be back to normal on Wednesday…Peace Out!



3 02 2006

For a first visit to this beautiful state, I have got to say that I’m mighty impressed with what I’ve seen so far. There’s a crispness in the air that you will be hard put out to find in Los Angeles! The air is cleaner, the way of life is much slower here and more laid back then in L.A. People aren’t rushing to get twenty things done by a certain time, they’re not loitering around Starbucks (if the lack of a line at Starbucks this morning was any indication), doing nothing all day, people actually have things to do, people to see and what not….and people are much friendlier here than in L.A. which shouldn’t be surprising considering all the bitches that call Los Angeles home.

My flight came in last night at 11:40pm and my BIL was waiting already at the airport waiting for me, I just had to find him…which shouldn’t be so hard, right? Yeah right, you’re talking to Queen I don’t Know Where I am, so HE had to find ME…and he did about fifteen minutes after I got there. The drive to the house took us about fifty minutes, there weren’t that many cars on the highway which was just one of the many differences Colorado had against L.A. At that hour, there is always slight traffic on the 405…which made me sigh with delight…the ride wasn’t going to be longer than it should be.

We get to their house at about 1 in the morning and I was so happy to see my sister. We caught up and didn’t get to bed until about a quarter to 3 and we had to be up at 7am to get the boys ready for school and my sister’s flight was at 10.

This morning, I was waken up by all three of my nephews as they came bursting into my room, shouting, “Aunty Dylan, Aunty Dylan, when did you get here?” and “Aunty Dylan I missed you,”…it was just after 7 in the morning, so I wake up, go through my morning routine and come upstairs to see what I can do to help, my sister is giving me directions of what I’m to do, who’s got a game and what not and I’m writing down all of my notes, I sit down at the high chair and I grab my youngest nephew, whom I have yet to meet and I begin feeding him his breakfast, and OMGosh this has got to be the cutest baby in the world, he’s so adorable and he’s such a good baby, my back is to the garage door and while I’m busy feeding baby, I hear someone come into the kitchen from the garage, thinking it was my brother in law, I continue on without a care in the world…I was still in my pj’s, my hair was in a sloppy bun on my head and my glasses are slipping on my face, the newcomer is moving around in back of me, opening the refrigerator, grabbing a glass out of the cabinet to get a drink, and that was when I caught a look at him from the corner of my eyes, and dear Lord was this guy was a hottie.

Like my friend Holly would say, “Well, hello there!”

I’m embarrassed already because I’m looking like the bottom of the trash can right now, but I’m thankful I atleast brushed my teeth. I slip my glasses back on my nose when he turns to me and says, “Where’s my breakfast, missy?” I turn around just as my sister came into the kitchen and the gorgeous hunk’s eyes widen, his face slightly coloring.

“Oh T.J meet my sister, Dylan, Dee this is Rob’s friend T.J.”

Both of us smile politely to eachother, his face red because he mistook me for my sister and me, embarrassed because I was looking like death glazed over…I met his eye for a quick minute and then like the coward that I am, my gaze flew back to my nephew, hoping against hope that Hunky Gorgeous guy would come back later, when I’m dressed more appropriately. He makes quick work of talking to my sister, welcoming me to Colorado and then about ten minutes later, he says his good byes with a sigh, because he was going to be late for work if he didn’t get a move on.

I sighed as I watched him get into his big truck and drive away, OMGosh…this might prove to be an interesting weekend, afterall…

I didn’t get to see if he had a ring on his important finger or not, but I hope to high heaven that he doesn’t…I will be so moded if he was happily married….but with my luck, he probably is…everyone cross your fingers for me….

*sigh* It’s really good to be in Colorado right now…

Update On Colorado.

12 01 2006

I’m going to Colorado on the 3rd of February, coming back home on the 6th. My sister H is not flying back to Colorado with her husband but bringing baby (who will be traveling with them, DAMN I won’t get to see him until I get back home) here to L.A. and staying for a week with US. This certainly brought an excited smile to my face because it’s been entirely TOO long since I’ve seen my sister and gosh I miss her.

So everyone is happy once again in my family, woo hoo!! H is coming for a visit and bringing baby K with her, YAY! And while I’m in Colorado I’m going to be meeting one of my friends that I post with online. I can’t wait for that bit. It’s going to be so much fun!

Everything seems to be in order for the moment, and I’m happy for that because the past two days, things have been bothering me and to get some good news like this really made up for all the little stuff that bugged me from this week, I didn’t even mind redoing the report I had to do to add some last minute things for one of my coworkers, so that really means that things are looking up for me, YES!

Now I must be off, so many things to do, cause I’m uber busy and so important! LOL.