Another Great Weekend!

29 10 2007

This weekend was pretty cool.

Friday after work, I came home and got Brennigan dressed for the Primary Trunk or Treat at our Home Ward and then Chloe and myself went to Target to grab some stuff and then headed over to the Trunk or Treat to pass out some candy to the Primary kids. There was a good turn out, since we combined with the other two wards that meet in our building. Lots and lots of kids and lots and lots of candy was passed out and eaten. The whole family turnd out with the exception of the boys, Dad and Henry went to watch Jared’s football game against Lawndale and of course, Jared’s team stomped on them because well, I heard Lawndale sucks so good on Jared and the rest of the Tartars. Us girls (me, Blanche and Delene) showed up with Lesley coming with her girls and Mom then not too long after that, Pete and Tiffany showed up and the party train was complete! The kids had a good time, they got too much candy and a good time was had by all.

After the dance, Maria and I went to grab something to eat since it had been ALL DAY since I didn’t eat and then we were sitting there, me pouring my heart out to her while she listened on and offered whatever advice she felt was necessary and then not too long after that, Mulu called and she came, met up with us at McDonalds (you know how us broke people do it!) and then we dropped Maria’s car off at my house and headed to the Inglewood Stake Halloween Dance, which if you asked me was the perfect dance for Polynesian people. They played lots of reggae and lots of hip hop which made for a good time had by all of the Poly’s there. Levi and Aaron weren’t too wild about the lack of other types of music played but we (read that as me and Mulu) loved the music. Every other song, we were looking at eachother, saying, “THIS IS MY SONG!” They played lots of old reggae cuts that we had forgotten about and then they played a lot of cuts that had us groovin’ right along to on the dance floor.

We had a good time hanging and dancing with the peeps from our Branch and it was good that we got a group to go to show support for the Inglewood Stake, so hopefully they’ll return the favor at our dance this coming Wednesday…DJ’s McShorty Shorts say that they’ll be tearing it up so I hope they bring it because a lot of hype has been made about these guys, I hope they don’t let us down.

After the dance, Mulu, Maria and myself went to get a bite to eat for Mulu (Maria and I weren’t hungry) and we hung out, chatting while I texted unsuccessfully with The Boy and wondered over that. I went to bed thinking about the Boy and wondering what’s going on with him.

Saturday was another Saturday spent at the park. Makenna had the early game this weekend, she played at 9:30 and she tied her game and then after her game, Cheridan played against Brennigan’s team. Brenna’s team was winning the game, 3-0 until the 4th quarter. Coach Oscar put Brenna in as goalie (a first time at that) and Brenna let two goals slip through, she had a really good block, one that surprised the heck out of me but there were too many girls for her to keep track of (don’t ask me what happened to her defenders, I have no idea, it was Brenna against three girls from Cheridan’s team, Cheridan being one of them) and then right before the game ended…Cheridan got the ball and booted the heck out of the ball and scored from outside the goalie box and that ended the game. So we didn’t lose but we didn’t win either which for me was not a big deal but I don’t think the parents on my team was too happy with me for jumping and cheering for Cheridan when she scored the tying goal….but oh well.

After their game, Nathan showed up to the park with his parents to watch his niece’s game which was the game after Brenna’s game. We had a whole conversation with our eyes, it was pretty crazy…Chloe was like, “That’s the second weekend, we saw Nathan at the park and you guys didn’t say anything to each other, what’s wrong with you guys now?” I told her, “Nothing, we talked…just because we didn’t say anything doesn’t mean that we didn’t say anything to each other, we… talked.” And I left it at that and she said, “Ohhhhh, I know…awwww, that’s so cute! I wish I had that.”

I had to wait for Blanche who ran home to get some stuff for Chase and we waited for Pete, Chloe and Kurt to bring lunch back from McDonald’s. Me, Chance and Chase sat on the opposite side of Nathan’s niece’s team and paid little attention to the game while we played…Chase’s tooth came out on the field and he wasn’t too happy with me about that but it was okay because I talked him into being happy about it since the tooth fairy was goign to hook him up with some money and as soon as I said he’d get money for his tooth, he forgot all about being mad at me.

LOL, kids!

Chase won his game, 1-0…with no goals from him and then after his game, we had our last game of the day…Chay Chay’s game, she lost her game, I forget what the score was but her team is the worst of all the teams, I think and her coaches are frickin’ hilarious. But Chay Chay did a good job, she’s a great defender so that was all good in the hood.

I was too tired from the days activities to go out Saturday night so I stayed home, helped clean the house and get the house ready for Halloween night and then this morning, Maria came and picked me up for Church and we were on our way.

I saw Aaron today, things went down with Aaron on Monday and he told me that he wasn’t going to be coming around much because he needs to focus on his calling in his own ward and I was pretty bummed about that since I like hanging out with Aaron but after spending time with him this weekend (at the dance on Friday and then today at Church), I need to stop leading the guy on. I’m not digging him the way that I am, Nathan so I just need to leave that one alone. We talked on the phone and then emailed throughout the week and either he’s playing with my emotions or I’m playing with him and either way, it can’t end well so I need to just bust a Keisha Cole and let it go…but, if Aaron was taller and buffer, I would totally date him. Oh yeah and if I wasn’t diggin on Nathan like TLC sings in their song, Diggin’ On You.


I need to pray about this because I need an eternal companion dangit!


What A Weekend…What A Weekend.

28 08 2007

My weekend was pretty relaxing, or it was supposed to be but turned out to be anything but, relaxing.

Friday night, I had a slumber party planned for the girls in our Singles Branch to just have a girly fest and then organized our Service Project stuff that we needed to get done before next month, sometime. Our Stake is putting together a bunch of School Kits for the poor and we had to make the bags that are going to hold all of the school supplies.

So Friday after work, I rush over to my house to throw some clothes and pack up the stuff I needed to take over to Roro’s house and then I was off to Roro’s house to help her in any way that I could to get the house in order before the girls started arriving. I got to her house a little before 6 and the first of the girls started arriving at about 7ish.

Of the 20 girls that RSVP’d, only about 6 showed up but that didn’t stop us from having a good ol’ time.

We had a blast! We karaoke’d (is that even how you spell it? I’m too lazy to check it so you know what the heck I mean) all night and when I say ALL NIGHT, we really did do that and Mulu once again had everyone in fits of giggles when she sang, Crazy by Patsy Cline and then she had me almost peeing in my pants when she sang Britney Spears’ I’m A Slave For You. Oh goodness, she was her own back up dancer for that one and though I was singing with her, I couldn’t really concentrate because she was making me laugh so hot dang much.

We stayed up way too late (or early since we all went to sleep at about 5 in the morning) and then woke up early to make breakfast and start on the bags, since we had to be up and decent since our Stake Relief Society President was coming by to show us how to do the bags.

So because I can sew worth a damn, I hid in the kitchen with Roro and made the food while Mulu and the others tried their hand at making the bags, which actually turned out really good. We made bags until 6:30pm at night.

I wanted to go to the Stephenie Meyer signing at my local Borders but I was beyond tired and I had Nathan go check it out, since I didn’t have a wristband, I wanted to see if I would be waiting long and since Nathan was on his way back from the beach and he’d be passing the Borders on his way home, I asked him to stop by and see if it’s crowded over there. He called me a little after 5 and was like, “It’s pretty packed over here, what’s going on over here? One of your geeky book conferences?” Then he was like, “Holy crap, is that Whitney right there? And look, it’s Cassie” He saw a bunch of random people from our Church over at Borders because Stephenie Meyer is a member of our Church so a lot of the people from our Church went out to support her, I guess.

After I told the girls (who wanted to go with us to the signing) that Nate said Borders was pretty crowded, we all decided that none of us wanted to go stand in line and so instead of getting dressed, we all stayed in our pajamas, LOL and played Guitar Hero on Cassie’s (the other Cassie) PS2, that game is so much fun! I wanna get it so frickin’ bad! That game is off the hook and if you haven’t played this game, make sure you fix that pronto, this game, I LOVE!

I got home a little after 7 and my happy butt went straight to sleep, I was shaken awake by the shrill noise that is my phone, holy crap is my ringtone really loud, but its my song, Make It Work by Ne Yo, so I wasn’t too mad about it, but man, I was so tired, I checked and saw that I got a text message from Nathan and a voice mail from Daphne. I tried calling Daphne back but I couldn’t hear what she was saying and I was tired so I just hung up and went back to sleep, only to be shaken awake by the same shrill noise a few hours later.

It was Nathan.

He wants to hang out after work, so I need to wake up. I didn’t, of course…I went back to sleep because it was after 11 and then my phone rang again and he was leaving work and on his way to my house, so like the good little girl that I am, I ran a brush through my hair, shook it off my shoulders (it was a good thing, Chelsea straightened my naps for me) threw on the same pair of jeans that I wore to the slumber party and threw a jacket on and thanked my lucky stars it all matched and fell asleep on the couch again waiting for Nathan to get to my house.

I got a call from my cousin Braxton who wanted to know if I was hanging out and I told him, “Yeah, Nathan’s on his way to my house, so get ready, I’m dragging you with me since Chris and Hermy Herm are with him.”

Chris is Nathan’s sisters boyfriend, they both work at the House of Blues and Chris was coming to chill. Hermy Herm is what we call his friend, Herman from Hawaii. Herman is living with Nathan now and we’re all one big happy circle of friends. So, the guys were hungry and they wanted to chill, so I went and chilled with all of the guys…I was the only girl, it was great times for me.


After that, we hung out for awhile and then they took me home. I fell asleep again, texting with Nathan and then fighting over something but I forgot what and then he said that I hung up on him, but I was too tired to care, like Chelsea would say, whatev…=) I didn’t get to sleep until about 4 am. What’s new?

Sunday morning, I had to be up early because Mulu had a meeting at Church and then Tita and B Nice had to sing in Sacrament and they wanted to practice their song so I got my happy butt up at the ungodly hour of 8 o’clock on a weekend and got dressed.

Mulu and Tita came and got me and we went to Church. The girls practiced their song and totally rocked it out because I swear I was in tears, listening to them sing, my favorite song, “Its Real” and then Church started.

It’s funny because there was a guy that got baptized yesterday and he’s been coming to our Branch for awhile now and B Nice comes to our Branch to sing (she’s never been to our Branch before) and it’s such a small world because she knew Rodney, since they work together and she didn’t know he was taking discussions and he didn’t know that she was a member, LOL…poor B Nice is not setting a good example at work, LOL.

Man, I love listening to my friend Tita Boom sing, the girl can blow. B Nice too, and they did such an amazing job singing at Church and then again at the baptism last night. It was the business. I can’t wait to listen to them again.

After Church, Nathan, Herman and I went to lunch. Nathan treated us to L&L’s (it seems to be my staple after Church, since this is the exact same restaurant that me, Mulu and Miah went to lunch after Church last Sunday) and then Miah started calling, because I needed to doing the program. I told Nathan to take me to Compton and he had a fit, because Nathan isn’t liked too well over in Compton so after a bunch of words thrown all over the car and him dragging me to take Braxton something to eat, he finally took me over to Compton, two hours later.


I got the programs done, made Nathan go to the baptism, put him to work and then made him come to Jamba Juice after the baptism (I know, we’re horrible, huh?) so that he can pay for me and Brenna’s Jamba Juice and then after he paid for our Jamba Juice and all of us headed over to Compton, he went home.

I hung out in Compton for a little bit, said my goodbyes to my 2nd Mom who is leaving for Samoa for a couple of weeks and then we all headed out. Roro took me and Brenna home and then I put Brenna to sleep and not too long after I got home, Nathan came and picked me up to hang out some more…

…yeah, I know, lots and lots of hanging out with Nathan, it’s a good and a bad thing but I can’t stop it because I love the company.

But man, I had me a good ol’ time last night….*sigh*

How Was YOUR Weekend?

30 07 2007

Hey ya’ll!

My weekend was filled to the brim with lots of fun activities and I had a great time doing it all. I haven’t really been up to much but Church stuff and hanging out with the homies (yes, Cool Guy included).

I spent my friday night with my family at Chuck E. Cheeses’ celebrating my nephew Chase’s 5th birthday. He had a Pirates of the Carrebean themed party with Chuck E. Cheese dancing with him to the Happy Birthday song, you know, now clap your hands (clap clap clap) and stomp your feet (stomp, stomp, stomp) and Happy Birthday and blah blah blah, you know that song? Well anyway, after we ate the cheap pizza, greasy wings and sang Happy Birthday to Chase, the real fun began. Chloe, Chelsea and I took our everytime we go to Chuck E. Cheese we have to take a new picture of the three of us for our wall in our rooms and my office. After we took our twenty pictures at that little sketch booth thing, the tournament began…

…and can I just tell you that I am the champion of the Dance Dance Revolution thing? Okay, not really since Chelsea kicked my tail in that game, but against who it counts, I BEAT HIM! I BEAT PETE at Dance Dance Revolution, it was so funny trying to beat Pete because my older brother, Henry was trying to coach Pete along on the sidelines and watching him jump up and down while he told Pete the correct way to hit the back and top to get the point had me in fits of laughter and almost had me losing to Pete.

That wouldn’t have been the business, at ALL. But man, I had me a good ol’ time messing around with my brothers and my nieces.

Good times with us that’s for sure…good times.

Chloe had to leave the party early because she had some team bonding crap she had to go to with her softball team so me and Chelsea had our own bonding adventures at home, while I talked to Cool Guy on the phone and while we (me and Chelsea) played dumb pranks on each other. We chatted with my friend Juju and Ames for a while but then Juju was busy so we ended that conversation and I just spent the night, laughing and joking around with Chelsea and talking about everything and anything with Cool Guy.

Things between me and Cool Guy have totally cooled down. We’re totally just friends right now because well, stuff. But, it’s a good thing and I’m really just enjoying my friendship with him and we’ll see what happens down the road, if anything.

I didn’t get off the phone until about 3:45 the next morning so it was no surprise that I woke up the next afternoon at noon. I took a shower to start my day and had planned to go to the beach with my brothers and nieces for a couple of hours but was pleasantly surprised when Cool Guy called and asked if I wanted a Jamba Juice.

Me, turning down a Jamba Juice? NEVER THAT.

He told me he was down the street from my house so if I wanted a Jamba Juice I had to come with him so I rushed through getting dressed and after we got off the phone, he was at my house real quick like, so I had my brother Pete entertain him while I finished calming my naps…haha. We went to the mall, picked up a Jamba Juice (woo hoo, that’s two mango a go go’s this week, YAY ME!) and then were heading to my work to pick up some stuff from my friend Nicole, who was there waiting for me.

Before we went to my work though, my friend Braxton called and we went and picked him up since he’s part of our little Torrance crew. Everyone else that we hang out with live in Compton and we’re the only ones that live in Torrance, so it’s always me, Cool Guy and Braxton. So we go to Braxton’s house, pick him up and then head over to my work and then we went to get some lunch because Cool Guy was hungry.

While we’re eating lunch, I get the text from Mulu alerting me that she’s on her way to my house, so I end things with the guys, I told him to drop me off and then I barely had time to do anything before Mulu was texting me telling me she’s outside, so after she came and got me, we went by RoRo’s house and picked her up and then headed over to the luau that we had planned for that day.

Cool Guy was on his way to work and we talked on the phone while he filled me in on some friends business and I laughed and teased him until he went to work. I had a good time at the luau, but that’s to be expected when you go out with frickin’ Mulu and the crew.

The show was really good, a little cluttered but for the most part, enjoyable. There are aLOT of dancers in this dance group and it got to be overwhelming at times but still, the show was good but the best part of the show came when they did audience participation…


She made the entire show worth paying the $20 for because her and Ralph totally twork’d it out, I was rollin’ and just as soon as RoRo uploads the video to Youtube, I’ll be putting it up on here because I was laughing so effing hard because Mulu reeled Ralph in like he was a fish and then she freaked the hell out of him while she did her Beyonce’ booty shake and errthang, it was the bomb!

Edited to add: HERE’S THE VIDEO, the laughter in the background? Yeah, that’s ME! I was laughing so hard while RoRo was trying to video tape the whole thing on her camera, she was trying so hard not to laugh and I was laughing my butt off, this is my best friend ya’ll!!!


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I spent yesterday in Church, learning about great things. My favorite Miah taught the class and it was a really good lesson and I swear, Miah’s personality is one of the best out there, if you think I’m all sunshiny and everything that’s nice, you haven’t seen anything yet, because Miah is the absolute bomb! I spent last night where we always spend the night…in Compton and we had fun over there so it was good to just chill with the homies.

We got plans for next weekend so it should be good times! =)

So, really…what did YOU guys do yesterday?

Get It Shorty…

11 07 2007

…so I know that I’ve been a horrible blogger this week but I’ve been busy with nothing really, I’ve just been given a lot of work that needs to be done which leaves less and less time for me to blog at work, so sorry guys.

But, a quick recap of what I’ve been up to?

Last weekend was my family reunion with my Mom’s brother’s kids. My Mom’s brother, my Uncle Pete (my younger brother was named after him) died in 1991 and since then, we’ve seen his kids only a handful of times and my Mom wanted to spend more time with them so my older sister, Blanche put together a mini family reunion and everyone showed up and we had such a great time.

I am proud to announce that in the family relay races on Saturday, I smoked my brother Henry not ONCE but TWICE, ya’ll…he can’t see me and man I have never laughed so much before in my life as I did with my family over the weekend. I had such a good time with my family and it was just so good to see everyone in real life and not just on myspace. LOL.

My nephew, Jerome (he goes by Lome’) came down with his girlfriend and he’s such a handsome man now, all growed up and errthang and he’s still gifted with a guitar. The boy can play ANYTHING and I totally mean ANYTHING, every song that I requested, he played for me and we sang song after song with Lome’ on the guitar, kickin’ crazy sexy cool.

It was so awesome.

Other things that I’ve been doing is, I’ve been hanging out with my homie gee loccs, Mulu, Theresa and the gang. Mulu and I are planning to go to the Josh Gracin concert this weekend with the tickets that I talked Cool Guy into getting for us. I hung out with Cool Guy last night and we kissed a lot and necked a whole lot too, it was great but that’s about it.

I’m just enjoying whatever this is with Cool Guy, he’s confused but I don’t mind, he can kiss good. LOL.

Hmmm, what else? I think that’s it…oh wait, over the weekend there was this big Polynesian Music Concert complete with Polynesian floor show by a well known Polynesian dance group called Tupulaga and there were Polynesian musicians galore performing as well. I wanted to go but with my family reunion the same weekend I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go but, a lot of my favorite Samoan artists were there and my friend B Nice sang with one of my favorite Polynesian R&B singing groups from New Zealand, Adeaze.

Check her out on You Tube.


Thursday Thirteen….about my Date with Cool Guy.

5 07 2007

So, it would seem that I’m being called a tease because I still haven’t made the time to lay out the deets about my date with Cool Guy. I’m sorry you guys, I’ve been busy with other things but I’m here now and I’ve decided that today’s Thursday Thirteen is going to be about my date with Cool Guy and just some random stuff that you guys would like to know about him. (Since it’s very obvious that you guys are dying of curiosity! haha)

Some background deets on Cool Guy. I’ve known Cool Guy since we were little, I’m a couple of years older than Cool Guy but I can’t really care because I think he’s cutie and sweet and all that good stuff. We go to the same Church and we laugh at the same things and well, we just have lots of fun together, sometimes doing absolutely nothing and if you can have fun with people doing absolutely nothing, you tend to want to hang around those kinds of people more, am I right? =)

So anyway, here’s the deets to my date with Cool Guy.

1. We had a moment. He’s part of our Monday night crew and we always stay after FHE and crack jokes and what not, he’s part of that and it was on a Monday night a few weeks ago that we played really nice with him trying to butter him up so that he’d get us some tickets to the Elliott Yamin concert. It worked, but while we were at the concert, Cool Guy and I had a moment. It was a nice hand holding moment, but it was then that I noticed that hey, he really IS a good guy, cute too. That’s what started the whole attraction thing, I felt it but didn’t have any plans on making anything of it.

2. He came to Church. After not having been to Church in a while, he promised my friend that he’d come to Church, he came and that Sunday that he came to Church, we had yet….another moment. Two moments in a week, yeah…there’s a bit of an attraction going on me thinks…

3. It started with a 4 hour phone conversation. Mulu texted him on my phone, I assumed she was texting with Theresa, turns out she was texting with Cool Guy and I called him to tell him I had no idea what the heck he was talking about (Mulu had deleted my logs) and we ended up talking and talking and talking…it was great.

4. I found out we have a lot of things in common. Because of things that happened in our pasts, things that have shaped us into the people we are today, it’s kind of hard to date other members from our Church, feeling the way that we feel and I’ve never felt that anyone has really understood me and the way I see things until I talked to Cool Guy, people may see what I mean or get what I mean, but they never understand what I mean….he does.

5. He’s got some baggage. He may think that he’s ready to move on from the baggage from his last relationship but I’ll be the first to tell you that he’s not and even though I’d like to see where things go between us, I know that it can’t go very far until he fixes all of his stuff, but I’m not in a rush for things to go further, not yet anyway…I can be patient.

6. He called me back. After our four hour conversation, his phone died, he said he’d call me back and an hour later, he really did. We talked for another couple of hours and he turned down all the girls I tried hooking him up with, then told me that there was one girl that I hadn’t mentioned that he might be interested in….I bet you can guess just who that girl is.

7. He got hungry.…and then he asked me to go out with him. By the time we got off the phone, it was after 9:30 but he was hungry. I wasn’t hungry and I had a ton of things to do before bed, because I was babysitting my Mom for my Dad who was out of town. He told me that I still had some time before he got to me and I told him that maybe it wasn’t a good idea and he kept saying, “It’s a good idea, stop making up excuses, come out with me.” So I did.

8. There was a change in plans. By the time he came and got me, I had already had my Mom situated and wasn’t really feeling my best, kept telling him that I was pretty busted (looking really toe up) but he kept saying, “No excuses, you have to come with me.” He told me that we were going over to his friend David’s house and that I had to come, no excuses. I totally didn’t want to go and hang out with his friends. His friends kept calling him to come over and hang out with them and he said, fine but I’m picking up Wena and then we’ll come. His friends are people that I joke around with at Church so it’s not like I didn’t know them but well, I just felt weird coming to their house with him, but it turned out for the good…they were great.

9. He’s a really funny guy. I’ve always known this about him but the kind of funny that he showed me before, wasn’t the kind of funny that I saw on this night. It was just him hanging out with his boys and it was just so much more funny. He’s a very witty guy and the person he shows the world and the person I saw that night are two totally different people and I like all of his “persons”.

10. He’s got broad shoulders. And I’m a sucker for broad shoulders.

11. He’s such a sweetheart. This entire night was spent talking and sort of getting to know the person that the other didn’t see before now. It was by no means, a me listening to him talk about himself all night kind of thing. He asked questions, he listened and he tried to help me with whatever issues I had. He also spent a lot of the night whispering sweet nothings in my ear. And I liked it…a lot.

12. The boy can kiss. *sigh* Yeah, he can.

13. There was a promise for more but we’ll see…yeah, we’ll see.

There you go, your deets post. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on my whatever this is with Cool Guy.