The Youth These Days…

4 12 2007


…growing up in my Church, when you turned 12 you moved from Primary to the Youth Program. The girls went on to Young Women and the boys went to Young Men. I remember when I was in Primary (the class all kids went to before moving up to the Youth), I looked forward to moving up to the Youth because the Youth always had the cool activities, they had the cool dances and they were just always so….cool.

My sister Ingrid was moving out of the Youth when I moved into the youth and I was glad for it because where I was always shy growing up, Ingrid was the “cool” sister because she was so sure of herself and so outgoing that everyone wanted to be her friend…well except for my friend Ralph at one time, but that’s another blog for another time. I didn’t want to live in her shadow so I was glad that by the time I came into the youth, she was moving out of it.

My years in the Youth program were the best years of my life. I mean, we had a good group of girls that came out every week and participated in the activities we planned, we had a good group of girls that I would attend Youth Dances with and Youth Firesides, Girls Camp and all those fun activities and I totally looked forward to hanging out with likeminded people who shared the same beliefs as me and had the same standards I held close to my heart. It was a good time in my life. In my day, we had about 20 girls in the Young Women and about the same amount in the Young Men and EVERYONE was active in Church, everyone came out to ALL of the activities and ALL of us were pretty close.

Yeah, we all had to come to Church or we would get sasa from our parents, we had to attend all the activities because our parents dragged us to them but when we got there, we made the most of it and always had a good time. But, nobody played softball on the weekends, nobody was allowed to miss Church to go dance in this show and that show, Sundays were a day of rest from all of that and Sundays were for Church and family.

Things sure are different nowadays.

It’s always fun to come home from a Young Adult activity and gush about what happened with who and who said what with Chloe and Chelsea. They’re always so interested in the goings on at my Singles Branch and so I always have some funny stories to share with them because my Branch totally rocks out like that but what always brings me up short is that when I was their age, I had the same amount of stories to share with everyone. There was always an activity that was worth talking about or a speaker that spoke in Youth Conference that gave me food for thought and made me want to be better and what not. There was always a good turn out to the activities we planned and there was always good leaders.

With Chloe and Chelsea, they’re the only active young women in our home ward and their activities never get approved from the Bishop because times have changed and I feel bad for them because they don’t even like going to Church but have to go because they’ll get sasa just like I did when I tried to fake sick and not go to Church. With their Dad being the 2nd Counselor in the ward, they have to go attend Church functions all the time but they’re the only girls in Church aside from one other girl who comes to Church every Sunday and they’re the only girls that show up to the ward activities. The other girls their age either moved out of the ward or are no longer active, or have this softball game or this dance function that they need to go and dance for which takes them away from Church functions and Church itself.

It’s sad to see that religion has taken a backseat in so many lives these days. It’s sad because my nieces Chloe and Chelsea are growing up with not too many good memories from their Youth days and their testimonies aren’t as strong as mine was when I was their age. I’m not the most perfect of examples for them but it’s sad to see their young women years remembered by cancelled activities or the Bishop scolding them about bowling not being a spiritual activity (hey we had bowling activities) or going to Knotts Berry Farm is too far and what not.

These are the learning years for most teenagers and if they don’t have anything fun to remember their youth years from it scares me to think about how active they’ll be when they turn 18 and will have the choice to continue going to Church or not. My Church is everything to me and I love it and it saddens me that the Church isn’t as important to Chloe and Chelsea as it should be.

What’s really going on?

A New Romance Reader in the Making?

29 11 2007

Reading has always been a big part of my life, once I started. I’m known in my family as the romantic, in my circle of friends I’m the bookish geek and to anyone who knows me in the cyber world, I’m one of the chicks that reviews over at Book Binge.

Reading is a passion that I don’t really share with anyone in my family. I mean, my sisters all read but none of them read with as much enthusiasm and gusto as I do. They are the kind of readers that read to fill the time, enjoy a book and can move on. I, on the other hand am not like that at all. I read books, fall into the stories and laugh and cry with the characters and I’m just more animated in my love of all things romance novel related that my sisters often think I’m a nut job because I can go on and on about this book and that book and this hero and that hero.

I’ve often longed for a reading companion in my family, someone that can appreciate a fantastically written romance novel and just spend time gushing with me…but nobody has ever been that person for me, I guess I have those companions in my friends, Izzy, Daphne and Holly for but I’ve always wished that either my sisters or Mulu would share in my enthusiasm for reading but much to my chagrin, they just haven’t.

I think I’ve found someone who will share in my enthusiasm when she grown enough to be able to read our books.

I think I see a little romance novel lover in the making with my 10 year old niece, Chaylene. Yes, the same niece that I didn’t want to shop for last year because she stole Brenna’s pants and wouldn’t admit to it, the same niece that I think is sometimes evil. Well, she’s been on my good side for the past couple of months and yesterday when I came home from work, she done shot straight up into my favorite niece spot! =)

I walked in the house yesterday after a very busy and long day at the office. Blanche is making dinner but I’m not very hungry since I’m just kind of tired, lazy and just want to sit down with Dain and Jessica and read the rest of the day away. I still have to walk on the treadmill so I go upstairs and that’s where I find Chaylene laying down on her bed, reading a book but as soon as she looked up and saw me, she shot out of her bed and she’s shoving her book in my face, telling me how much she’s loving the book and how much better the book is then the movie that she watched and I finally get a good look at the book she’s reading and it’s…

…Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

You have no idea how excited I was that Chaylene was reading this book, I was caught off guard but I was totally cheesing it while Chay Chay explained where she was in the book, how much she wishes she was like Elizabeth Bennett and how pretty she is on the cover of the book and she knows which one is Jane and which girl is Elizabeth and listening to her gush on about Pride and Prejudice totally reminded me of my gush fests that I have with my girls from Book Binge and it made me smile because Chay Chay ended her diatribe by saying to me, “Do you think when I’m old enough, I can read some of the books on your bookshelf, Aunty Wena? Would you let me borrow your books?”

With a grin wider than the Pacific Ocean, I told her…”My books are your books, Chay Chay and when you get older, you can read whatever book of mine you want.”

I don’t know who was more exicted, me or her. =)

One Year Ago…

21 11 2007

…today, Tiffany was getting was getting ready to have a baby who would come into the world the day before Thanksgiving and her name would eventually become Ahbrey.

Tomorrow, Ahbrey will be turning a year old. I can’t believe how fast time has flown since Ahbrey was born. Memories of Ahbrey as a newborn were flying through my head as I was coming to work this morning. Ahbrey came over this morning and she has grown up since then. She’s walking and she’s talking nonsense (talking a lot of crap that don’t make a lick of sense) and she is just the cutest thing ever. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have such an adorable baby in my family and more importantly, in my life.

I seriously love that little girl.

No that’s not Ahbrey, that baby to the left is my new nephew, Brody. Isn’t he a cutie patootie? Excuse the Redskins stuff, for as long as I can remember my brother Henry has been the biggest Washington Redskins fan…loyal as can be, no matter how good or how sucky they are…Henry has been a Redskins fan. So yeah, I just had to share the picture with you guys, my dear readers. I’m kinda excited for tomorrow to get here already because my Mom’s cooking and that woman can cook, I hope they make some chop suey even though it’s not a usual Thanksgiving dish but shoot, we’re Samoan…bring on the chop suey, I haven’t had my Dad’s chop suey in a cool minute so everyone please cross your fingers for me.

I’ll add some pictures of Ahbrey later because I have to put them in my photobucket account and I can’t access that site from my work computer so ya’ll are just going to have to wait. Ahbrey’s party is this coming Saturday and we’re finally going to have some Banana Cake from Torrance Bakery with fresh strawberries a custard filling and whipped topping, that cake is the frickin’ bomb I swear…the only thing that would make that cake even better is if Duff from Ace of Cakes made the cake…oh wait, not Duff since I’m a big Geoff fan, I LOVE GEOFF…do you guys watch that show? It’s so the bomb, I love the cakes that Geoff makes, he’s my fave…though that Gum Ball Machine cake that Duff made was frickin’ off the chains, I loved it…I think my favorite cake they made on that ship cake that he made with the Titanic sinking and the plane crashing into the ship, that cake was so awesome…well check out my favorites from Ace of Cakes.

Oh goodness, I totally love this show and I’m going to watch some shows on Food Network On Demand because I hecka love this stuff…and I HEART GEOFF! Love, love love him! Alright, I gotta go and I guess this show was one of those rambling posts that I do from time to time…enjoy!

What are you guys up to today?

Fun, Fun, Fun.

13 11 2007

I had a really good weekend. It was three days of doing whatever I wanted and it was heavenly. Friday night, was Jarred’s League Championship game against my old high school and I felt like such a traitorous b word because I sat on Torrance High’s side and cheered for them to win against my alma mater because I wanted this win so much for Jarred. It’s his senior year and Torrance hasn’t won a championship since 1990, so 17 years later they finally got their Championship. Next year, I’ll go back to cheering on North! =) Jarred did really good, some great tackles, made some big plays and helped his team come out on top, I was very impressed and it was so cute to see all of my brothers jumping up and down cheering Jarred on. My brother Henry almost lost his voice he was cheering so loud.

He’s so cute. Henry is so looking forward to being able to watch his new bundle of joy, Brody play football and it’s so cute to watch how excited he is about having a son. He’s so goofy, it’s adorable.

After the game, the family went to McDonalds to feed the kids and we stayed up late, talking and just hanging out. Saturday morning came too soon and at 8am, we were all at the park, cheering Cheridan’s team on while they battled to beat Daylene’s team…too bad they lost and poor Beargrills (is that the guy’s name from Man vs. Wild, Cheridan’s coach looks EXACTLY like him, LOL), he’s a good soccer coach but he can’t get his team to win for beans. LOL. After Cheridan’s game, Brenna played…that girl is a born defender because she was positioned as a forward but she never played her position, she was always defending instead of attacking the ball to score…it was horrible. She won her game though, 5-1 so it was all good in the hood…the only thing that sucked is that we played the exact same team we played last week and the same ref called our game too. What the heezie? Oh well, another win for us. After Brenna’s game was Chay Chay’s game, she lost her game too and then it was Makenna and Chase’s game. Chase lost his game but Makenna won hers. And then me, Chloe and Chelsea had to work the closing shift at the snack bar and that was fun…yeah right.

After we left the park, we met Blanche, Delene and the kids over at Henry’s house because the kids wanted to meet their new cousin, Brody. It was a good time, the whole family turned out and we ate dinner, laughed, played cards (and I got spanked at Animal and Spoons by the lying, cheating bastard that is my brother, Pete) …Jarred brought his girlfriend over to meet the family and she’s a cute itty bitty little thing and she’s very nice too. I like her for Jarred so I was happy to meet, Janeen (however you spell her name). We played BS and Pete won that game too, stupid jerk. We also had our family game of dodge ball in the backyard but we had to stop because we kept making the kids cry, so my Mom told us to knock it off and we stopped playing, BLAH!

Chloe and Pete put the music on and the kids ran straight to the dance floor aka the kitchen to get their boogie on and I swear they dance like little strippers…all that was missing for Cheridan’s little dancing was a pole! :eek! My dad wasn’t too happy to see the kids dropping down and getting their eagle on…nor was he too happy to see them getting their Apple bottom Jeans on and crankin’ dat soulja boy! haha, my kids can get down that’s for dang sure…haha, I’m gonna video tape Cheridan dancing and then I’m going to post it on here because that girl can walk it out, crank dat soulja boy and drop them apple bottom jeans, it’s the bomb!

After getting yelled at to keep things down, we had to clean the party up and head home because Mommy Les was tired and we had to go to Church in the morning. So we headed home and I got a text from my friend Maria that she went on a date with a friend of ours from Church, named Rodney….heyyyy, toot dat thang Maria! =) Rodney’s a good guy, I hope they had fun on their little date.

I stayed home from Church on Sunday and watched a few movies which I’ll be putting my reviews up for shortly and then I read Tangled Up In You and Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarty, I enjoyed both books and am reading a very cheesy but good story, Body Check by Deidre Martin. I need some cheese right now, I’m not in the mood to read anything too deep or anything.

I had FHE last night and we wrote letters to those we are thankful for and I wrote a letter to my friends Ayu and Maria. Maria because she needs to realize what an awesome spirit she is and to Ayu because I’ve been thinking about her a lot and I don’t know what that means but maybe my kind words will help her out with whatever she’s got going on right now. I had a good time, and yes today is my birthday….last night, Mulu brought a cupcake cake to FHE and everyone sang happy birthday to me and I was all embarrassed because believe it or not, I don’t like having the attention on me, I’m not an attention getter like Mulu is so I was all red in the face but whatev, it was cool. I had a good time. I went home last night and read some more, texted with my friend, Marivel and with Mulu and then I went to bed.

And I woke up on my birthday morning with a big ol’ cold sore on my mouth, I’m telling you, it was not the business. Ugh! So I’m rushing through everything this morning because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t late for my staff meeting, I didn’t really fix my hair, my clothes are only ironed on the front side and I get to work on time to find out that THE MEETING WAS CANCELLED!!! Oh h to the no, I was pissed…but atleast I brought in the snacks that I bought so that I can stop eating out so much…only to find out that the best friend, Mulu wants to take me to lunch so I’m going to be eating out anyway, LOL.

I want to see Enchanted so bad and I finally found my two peeps that I’ll be going with and I don’t even care that I have to pay for them…Chloe and Chelsea! Although, Im’ going to take Brenna too…maybe we can make it a family thing.

Whatev, so anyway, how was everyone’s weekend?

Another Great Weekend!

29 10 2007

This weekend was pretty cool.

Friday after work, I came home and got Brennigan dressed for the Primary Trunk or Treat at our Home Ward and then Chloe and myself went to Target to grab some stuff and then headed over to the Trunk or Treat to pass out some candy to the Primary kids. There was a good turn out, since we combined with the other two wards that meet in our building. Lots and lots of kids and lots and lots of candy was passed out and eaten. The whole family turnd out with the exception of the boys, Dad and Henry went to watch Jared’s football game against Lawndale and of course, Jared’s team stomped on them because well, I heard Lawndale sucks so good on Jared and the rest of the Tartars. Us girls (me, Blanche and Delene) showed up with Lesley coming with her girls and Mom then not too long after that, Pete and Tiffany showed up and the party train was complete! The kids had a good time, they got too much candy and a good time was had by all.

After the dance, Maria and I went to grab something to eat since it had been ALL DAY since I didn’t eat and then we were sitting there, me pouring my heart out to her while she listened on and offered whatever advice she felt was necessary and then not too long after that, Mulu called and she came, met up with us at McDonalds (you know how us broke people do it!) and then we dropped Maria’s car off at my house and headed to the Inglewood Stake Halloween Dance, which if you asked me was the perfect dance for Polynesian people. They played lots of reggae and lots of hip hop which made for a good time had by all of the Poly’s there. Levi and Aaron weren’t too wild about the lack of other types of music played but we (read that as me and Mulu) loved the music. Every other song, we were looking at eachother, saying, “THIS IS MY SONG!” They played lots of old reggae cuts that we had forgotten about and then they played a lot of cuts that had us groovin’ right along to on the dance floor.

We had a good time hanging and dancing with the peeps from our Branch and it was good that we got a group to go to show support for the Inglewood Stake, so hopefully they’ll return the favor at our dance this coming Wednesday…DJ’s McShorty Shorts say that they’ll be tearing it up so I hope they bring it because a lot of hype has been made about these guys, I hope they don’t let us down.

After the dance, Mulu, Maria and myself went to get a bite to eat for Mulu (Maria and I weren’t hungry) and we hung out, chatting while I texted unsuccessfully with The Boy and wondered over that. I went to bed thinking about the Boy and wondering what’s going on with him.

Saturday was another Saturday spent at the park. Makenna had the early game this weekend, she played at 9:30 and she tied her game and then after her game, Cheridan played against Brennigan’s team. Brenna’s team was winning the game, 3-0 until the 4th quarter. Coach Oscar put Brenna in as goalie (a first time at that) and Brenna let two goals slip through, she had a really good block, one that surprised the heck out of me but there were too many girls for her to keep track of (don’t ask me what happened to her defenders, I have no idea, it was Brenna against three girls from Cheridan’s team, Cheridan being one of them) and then right before the game ended…Cheridan got the ball and booted the heck out of the ball and scored from outside the goalie box and that ended the game. So we didn’t lose but we didn’t win either which for me was not a big deal but I don’t think the parents on my team was too happy with me for jumping and cheering for Cheridan when she scored the tying goal….but oh well.

After their game, Nathan showed up to the park with his parents to watch his niece’s game which was the game after Brenna’s game. We had a whole conversation with our eyes, it was pretty crazy…Chloe was like, “That’s the second weekend, we saw Nathan at the park and you guys didn’t say anything to each other, what’s wrong with you guys now?” I told her, “Nothing, we talked…just because we didn’t say anything doesn’t mean that we didn’t say anything to each other, we… talked.” And I left it at that and she said, “Ohhhhh, I know…awwww, that’s so cute! I wish I had that.”

I had to wait for Blanche who ran home to get some stuff for Chase and we waited for Pete, Chloe and Kurt to bring lunch back from McDonald’s. Me, Chance and Chase sat on the opposite side of Nathan’s niece’s team and paid little attention to the game while we played…Chase’s tooth came out on the field and he wasn’t too happy with me about that but it was okay because I talked him into being happy about it since the tooth fairy was goign to hook him up with some money and as soon as I said he’d get money for his tooth, he forgot all about being mad at me.

LOL, kids!

Chase won his game, 1-0…with no goals from him and then after his game, we had our last game of the day…Chay Chay’s game, she lost her game, I forget what the score was but her team is the worst of all the teams, I think and her coaches are frickin’ hilarious. But Chay Chay did a good job, she’s a great defender so that was all good in the hood.

I was too tired from the days activities to go out Saturday night so I stayed home, helped clean the house and get the house ready for Halloween night and then this morning, Maria came and picked me up for Church and we were on our way.

I saw Aaron today, things went down with Aaron on Monday and he told me that he wasn’t going to be coming around much because he needs to focus on his calling in his own ward and I was pretty bummed about that since I like hanging out with Aaron but after spending time with him this weekend (at the dance on Friday and then today at Church), I need to stop leading the guy on. I’m not digging him the way that I am, Nathan so I just need to leave that one alone. We talked on the phone and then emailed throughout the week and either he’s playing with my emotions or I’m playing with him and either way, it can’t end well so I need to just bust a Keisha Cole and let it go…but, if Aaron was taller and buffer, I would totally date him. Oh yeah and if I wasn’t diggin on Nathan like TLC sings in their song, Diggin’ On You.


I need to pray about this because I need an eternal companion dangit!

My Top Ten Highlights of the Weekend…

8 10 2007

…with the kids.

So this weekend, Blanche and Ron were out of town at Ron’s cousin’s wedding and I had to stay home with the kids which on Friday, I wasn’t too excited about but I have survived another weekend with a billion kids and a trillion soccer games to attend and have lived to tell about it. I had a blast with the kids and here are the top ten highlights of my weekend.

1. Brenna’s team won their soccer game 6-0.
2. Chaylene did an awesome job at her game playing defense…if they were giving out MVP trophies that day, Chay Chay totally would have gotten it, even though her team lost 4-2. She did GREAT!
3. Cheridan lost her game too but man that girl is a total ditz when it comes to playing soccer…we were coaching her on the sidelines and everytime she missed the ball, she’d look at us at scream, “OOPS! SORRY!” LOL.
4. Makenna walked around the park for a good two hours with a big ol’ dirt stain on her pants that made it look like she had an accident, LOL.
5. Meghan took over the care of little Ahbrey, so I didn’t have to change any diapers or feed her any bottles, WOO HOO!
6. Chase peed in the cooler before we headed home, just because. (I swear this boy has a serious problem going to the potty).
7. Chaylene and Brenna took over the nightly feeding of Ahbrey and rocking her to sleep since Ahbrey spent the night, I didn’t have to wake up because they had it under control..I’m telling you, I scored big time having the kids around this weekend.
8. Cheridan having an accident from laughing too hard on the floor. She had to go and shower because we were laughing at her and she kept saying, “Stop laughing you guys, it’s horrible, I peed on the floor from laughing too much you silly girls!”
9. Chase winning the bet with his Dad, letting him go to Pete’s house to spend the night. His reaction was priceless, “HAHAHAHA DAD YOU LOSE I WIN, PEACE OUT I’M GOING TO PETE’S HOUSE!” And then running to catch Tiffany, who….LEFT HIM!

And the best thing that had me laughing….

10. Finishing watching General Conference to see that Cheridan gave my Mom a faux hawk!

LOL, so yeah, I had a lot of kids this weekend but I also had a definite blast with them as well! Oh gosh, I love my kids!

Thursday Thirteen….

27 09 2007

…why I’m lucky to have the family that I do.

1. Because I’m never alone, even when I want to be….and probably shouldn’t be.
2. Because Brenna loves me even when I’m mean and forget things.
3. Because only I can come home to a kid’s choir, singing Jennifer Love Hewitt’s song, I’m Gonna Love You from that one Hunchback Disney movie, the second one. All kids are singing off tune and really loud, and they’re singing the song, over and over kind of like Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, you know the book that never ends, this choir never ends either. Too cute.
4. Because I have a Chasey boy who tells me I’m beautiful even when I’m toe the hell back and looking like ass warmed over.
5. Because little Makaela is my best friend and I’m hers.
6. Because Meghan and Makenna are always so happy to see me as I am them.
7. Because I have an Uncle Party and an Uncle Happy in my family.
8. Because my brother Pete can beat anyone in a dance off and never fails to impress me with his Stomp the Yard skills.
9. Because Chloe and Chelsea make me laugh when all I want to do is cry.
10. Because I have the Dad that I do.
11. Because of my Sister Dinners.
12. Because our family functions are always loud and chaotic and…perfect.
13. Because I have little Ahbrey in my life.