For my blogging buddy, B.

3 12 2007

B, from B- my life my thoughts asked me to recommend a few of my favorite romance novels to her since she’s never read a romance before and seriously? You don’t have to tell me twice because I love me some romance novels the way she loves her some tabloid magazines (love you, B =P), so I’ve compiled a list of my top ten romance novels that I want her to check out.

And B, I must warn you that my top ten favorites change like the wind as I read new books or remember old books because there are so many really good romances out there and I’ve got to say that romance novels are not porn books because porn is about sex and romance is about love. Keep that in mind! =)

Anyway on with the list…

1. Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. This book is so good, I just finished reading it last week and it’s seriously one of my favorite books that I’ve ever read EVER…it’s set in regency England and the witty banter between the hero and the heroine had me crackin’ the heck up and just enjoying the heck out of this book, it’s the perfect book to escape in and I promise you, you will like this book…so funny.

2. Dreaming Of You by Lisa Kleypas. This is another book that is set in historical England and it’s another one of those books that had me sighing and loving every minute of it. Derek, the hero is a great hero and one of my most favorites of Lisa Kleypas and Sara was a fantastic heroine as well. You’ll like this book, I’m sure of it!

3. Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. This is a contemporary romantic suspense novel and it’s funny, the hero, Sam Donovan is one sexy motherbrother and the heroine, Jaine is bright, funny and super cool! This is one of those books that will have you turning the page over and over again until you finish it because you’ll be so wrapped up in it, GREAT BOOK!

4. Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie. This book is fantastically written and just a total page turner. It’s funny, it’s witty and Cal Morrissey is a FOX! Can you tell, what’s important to me in a book? LOL…HOT HEROES and this book has a fantastic hero, I loved that he didn’t want to change Min the way everyone else wanted to change her, I loved how he loved her just the way she was and that was so just so frickin’ great!

5. Saving Grace by Julie Garwood. This book is fantastic, one of Julie Garwood’s best, it’s set in historical England/Scotland and the Laird in this book, Gabriel McBain is so hot, he’ll melt your bones…this book is funny, heartwarming romantic and just uber good!

6. Paradise by Judith McNaught. This book is a contemporary romance set here in the United States and I loved this book, like seriously loved this book and this is actually probably one of the most popular titles by Judith McNaught, she’s got a whole crapload of fans and they love this book and the book’s hero, Matt Farrell. He’s as yummalicious as they come and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book as well and after you read it, make sure to read the book after this one, Perfect because that’s another winner of a book!

7. Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught. This is one of those books that you’ll want to reread frequently throughout the years to follow because it’s just that good. Judith McNaught writes some of the best romances out there, they’re enough to wrench every emotion out of you and this book put me through the wringer, Ian is one of my favorite characters and Elizabeth is so beautiful, smart and witty but she can make you want to pop her in the face at times (Ian too) but at the end of the book, you’ll be sighing, crying tears of joy and just every dang thing in between…SO GOOD but you might want to read, Something Wonderful first, which is one of my most favorite books of all time!

8. Over The Edge by Suzanne Brockmann. This is my favorite book in the whole Troubleshooters series (the third book of the series too) but man, this series is fulled to the brim with FANTASTIC characters, great storylines and a little bit of history thrown in as well, they’re contemporary books set around a Navy SEALs Team and it’s about the men in Team 16 finding their true loves and the journey they all had to go through in order to get to their happy endings, great great series, you should definitely read them!

9. See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson. This is a contemporary book that is set around a journalist and a professional hockey player and seriously, if you read this book for anything, you should read this book to find out all about Luc Martineau’s tatoo…*sigh* Seriously, this book is a fun and cute read and you’ll totally enjoy it!

10. Sea Swept by Nora Roberts. This is another contemporary book that is set in New England, around the Quinn family, it’s a very family oriented romance novel and my absolute favorite series by Nora Roberts. Read this one too, B! =)

Alright sweetie, there you go…I can go on for days about what books you should read but I’ll stop at those..any of those books should make a romance reader out of you, hehe. =) If you want to read some of my reviews, you can check my team book blog, Book Binge or just see what books I’m reading nowadays at my book journal, here.




Remember These Guys?

10 10 2007

So either last night or the night before last, I was blog hopping, something I haven’t done in a long while and I came across an old favorite blog of mine, Sushi’s blog where she mentioned that she was going to karaoke somewhere and she was going to sing, Total Eclipse of the Heart and it was mentioned on her blog that she should sing the Old Skool version of that song when she’s doing her karaoke stuff.

I laughed out loud. Literally.

Because, have you guys seen the Old Skool version of that song? When The Dan Band is singing Total Eclipse of the Heart at Beanie’s wedding? Holy crap in the pants, that junk is hilarious, so of course, being the nifty blogger that I am, I went searching for that video on Youtube but came up with the following video instead and man I was laughing all over again.

So, dear readers, I bless you with this video, enjoy:

And dude, just because I’m a nice lady, I’m going to share with you, these other videos that had me crackin’ the hell up while I’m sitting in my brand spakin’ new office, hehe…so once again, enjoy:

OMGOSH I’m laughing so hard, these are guys are the best!

Dude, Daphne Rocks My Socks.

4 09 2007

I hung out with Daphne on friday.

We ate at Red Lobster and we had a good time. I confused the heck out of our waiter and myself. I made Daph laugh and we chatted, laughed a lot and just had ourselves a good time. Daphne is a funny girl, like seriously…she’s funny.

She’s always a delight to be around and I’m serious, Daph…we live the closest to each other, we need to hang out more often. We need to have more Borders “Readings” of the naughty sections of the cook books that catch our fancy and we need to watch more movies together like..Hairspray, because I’m so seriously in love with that movie. This remake of the movie was super duper great! And a review of the movie is totally in the works and should be posted soon!

Oh and guess what else?

Daphne met Nathan.

He texted me while we were eating lunch to make sure that I wasn’t drinking because I promised him that I wouldn’t drink anymore (I asked that he promise he wouldn’t do something for me and he said he’d promise if I promised him that I wouldn’t drink anymore) and he knew that I’ve been stressing out about a lot of personal issues that I’ve been going through and he didn’t want me to regret my actions afterward so after he texted me to see if I was okay and to make sure I wasn’t having anything stronger than a Sprite to drink with my lunch, he asked me what me and Daphne were going to do after lunch. I told him the bookstore, which bookstore and then I told him to come through because Daphne wanted to meet him.

He told me he wasn’t looking his best, that he was going to the gym later and was dressed for it. I told him I didn’t care and he said, “Fine, we’re at Jamba Juice right now, we’ll stop by over there…we’ve got Braxton with us.”

I love Braxton and so was glad that he was coming over as well, he’s like one of my favorite people because he’s so funny.

So anyway, while me and Daph are reading through a naughty book, they show up and I was so happy to see him that I was all anxious to introduce him to Daphne. She was so cute about everything, she said nice to meet you and Nathan’s a really quiet guy around people he doesn’t know so he didn’t really say much but I put him and his friends (and my cousin) to work trying to find the one book that me and Daph went over there to look for…the new RG book, they couldn’t find it, I couldn’t find it and so we all gave up.

Daphne and I had made plans to go see Hairspray and so while I tried to get the boys to come with us, Nathan was like, oh hair no! He didn’t want to see it, so I told him that I’d call him later and then Daph and I were off to see our movie!


I hecka loved it and I totally heart Zac Efron because he was such a cutie patootie in Hairspray and was a great Linc. Tracy, or the girl who played Tracy was fantastic as well…I loved Amanda Bynes, she had me laughing a lot in the movie and John Travolta…dude, he was FAB! I loved him!

I kept getting calls from my house while we were in the movies so I called home afterward and was being summoned home because Blanche wanted to go to Jarred (my nephew)’s football game but didn’t want to take the kids so she asked me (quite nicely too) if I could come home and watch the kids while they went to the game…the kids voted and wanted me to watch them so I went home and hung out with my kiddies that night.

Nathan came by to drop off some movies for me to watch and he played with the kids for a little bit. My little Chase likes messing around with Nathan, it’s so funny when they size each other up for the first few minutes in each other’s company…Chase is still trying to “protect” me but he told my brother Pete yesterday that Nate’s a cool guy, he promises! haha, love my little Chase.

I stayed home on Saturday and cleaned the house and then hung out with Chloe and Chelsea that day. I left my wallet in Nathan’s car Friday night (yes he came back after the kids were asleep and we hung out) so I didn’t have anything on me on Saturday so it wasn’t like I could go out but I was glad that I stayed home because I bonded with my two BFF’s (as they call themselves) and I had a talk with them about boys and the upcoming school year, I hope what I told them really gets through because those two are really boy crazy.

I spent the entire day on Sunday with my brother Pete. I woke up with the intention of going to Church but Church started at 11, I woke up and it was almost 10:20am. I didn’t even shower yet and I just knew I was going to be late. I was irritated with Nathan because he didn’t make time to drop my wallet off because he went to Ryan’s house for some party and I had break the fast things that I needed to get. So he comes to my house to bring my wallet and take me to the store, he comes with his sister and it was only a little bit awkward but it was cool.

I like his sister and his sister likes me so it worked out well. We shopped together and I helped his sister out while I sent the boys (Herm was with us) to get the stuff on my list. They dropped me off after the store so that I could make my sauce really fast then they came back and though I was supposed to go with them to drop off my sauce, Pete and Tiffany came to the house so I just went with them and sent Nathan to drop off me and Tita’s sauce for Break the Fast.

I hung out with Pete that whole day and had a blast with my brother. He is such a funny guy, I loved it! He moved into a small house near my work and it’s just the cutest little house ever. He bought a little fire pit and when the sun went down and we were eating our bar b que chicken dinner, he lit the fire and was like a little boyscout, all proud of himself and spent the rest of the night and early morning just poking the fire around, making the flame go higher and higher. It was funny.

I spent my Labor Day with the family at the pool because it was hotter than hell up in Southern California yesterday…it was not the business but being at the pool cooled us down considerably and I had a good time hanging with my family…my brother Henry was calling me Ghost because I haven’t been around the family lately, he looked at his drink and was like, “Damn I must be drinking the good shit because I could’ve sworn I saw Wena sitting next to Fish. That can’t be right.”

And I spent the whole day laughing, playing cards and eating…I was spent last night and when I dropped off last night, I was dead…to the world.

What about you guys? How was your long weekend?

Get It Shorty…

11 07 2007

…so I know that I’ve been a horrible blogger this week but I’ve been busy with nothing really, I’ve just been given a lot of work that needs to be done which leaves less and less time for me to blog at work, so sorry guys.

But, a quick recap of what I’ve been up to?

Last weekend was my family reunion with my Mom’s brother’s kids. My Mom’s brother, my Uncle Pete (my younger brother was named after him) died in 1991 and since then, we’ve seen his kids only a handful of times and my Mom wanted to spend more time with them so my older sister, Blanche put together a mini family reunion and everyone showed up and we had such a great time.

I am proud to announce that in the family relay races on Saturday, I smoked my brother Henry not ONCE but TWICE, ya’ll…he can’t see me and man I have never laughed so much before in my life as I did with my family over the weekend. I had such a good time with my family and it was just so good to see everyone in real life and not just on myspace. LOL.

My nephew, Jerome (he goes by Lome’) came down with his girlfriend and he’s such a handsome man now, all growed up and errthang and he’s still gifted with a guitar. The boy can play ANYTHING and I totally mean ANYTHING, every song that I requested, he played for me and we sang song after song with Lome’ on the guitar, kickin’ crazy sexy cool.

It was so awesome.

Other things that I’ve been doing is, I’ve been hanging out with my homie gee loccs, Mulu, Theresa and the gang. Mulu and I are planning to go to the Josh Gracin concert this weekend with the tickets that I talked Cool Guy into getting for us. I hung out with Cool Guy last night and we kissed a lot and necked a whole lot too, it was great but that’s about it.

I’m just enjoying whatever this is with Cool Guy, he’s confused but I don’t mind, he can kiss good. LOL.

Hmmm, what else? I think that’s it…oh wait, over the weekend there was this big Polynesian Music Concert complete with Polynesian floor show by a well known Polynesian dance group called Tupulaga and there were Polynesian musicians galore performing as well. I wanted to go but with my family reunion the same weekend I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go but, a lot of my favorite Samoan artists were there and my friend B Nice sang with one of my favorite Polynesian R&B singing groups from New Zealand, Adeaze.

Check her out on You Tube.


So Let Me Tell You ….

2 07 2007

….about Cool Guy.

The last crush you guys have seen me write about, his name was Scott and just not that into me because he’s doing some blonde chick on his lunch hour and though we still flirt up the wazoo with each other, I just know that is going nowhere, sorry to those of you who had high hopes for me and Scott. We’re just homie gee loccs. He’s a cool guy but that’s about it. And plus, I don’t think Mulu approves of him so meh, whatever.

Anyway, lately Mulu, Theresa and I have been becoming more and more popular with the peeps at Church, I mean lots of people want to hang out with us and seriously, can you blame them? LOL..just kidding. So anyway, our calendar has been really busy trying to squeeze in time to hang out with everyone and just getting everyone together for dance classes and just hanging out.

Enter Cool Guy.

Every Monday night, we have FHE, that’s Family Home Evening and since I’m in a Singles Ward, we have our own FHE’s instead of having them with our families, a lot of kids are here for the summer with no family here for them or whatever and so we hold these activities every week as a way to hang out and keep our spirituality’s in tact, ya know?

So anyway, we’ve hung out with Cool Guy and Ryan for the past few Mondays and have stayed up laughing and joking with Mulu well into the night.

We’ve gotten pretty close and have loads of fun just hanging out. And well, he finally asked me out this past Friday and…

…we went out!

Deets later. I gotta go right now.

Have You Ever…

25 06 2007

…wanted something for your friend so bad that you could feel it all the way to your toes?

I have a friend that I’ve become really close to in the past couple of months. We’re not the best of friends but I really care about him and his life choices. I’ve known him my whole life and he’s such a good guy and he loves both me and Brenna dearly. He’s in a relationship right now, but it’s a long distance relationship and really, I don’t think he loves this woman as much as he thinks he does because it’s so easy for him to see himself with other women and so easy for him to talk about dating other women.

No, I don’t like him for myself but I do like him for another one of my friends. A friend of mine who hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to relationships. She just got out of a relationship that has taken a lot out of her and I’m really hoping that she can bounce back from all of this. She’s a really special person and she’s one of those friends that you would do just about anything for because she’s just that great.

She’s perfect for my friend and I think he knows it but he’s holding on to his love for his girlfriend that lives in a different state. Why? I have no idea. It’s not that I don’t like his girlfriend, I don’t know her so I don’t have anything against her but I’m just realistic in that I don’t think his relationship will last if they’re living in different states, he’s much too physical to keep something like that up for very long, so I’m thinking hey, my friend is perfect for you, you like her, what’s the problem?

I think he’s very interested in my friend, he wants to take her out on a date but he’s very wishy washy, I wish he’d make up his mind and just be with her. He’s totally okay with taking her out on a date and just hanging out but I know that should he take her out, there’s going to be a whole more than, “I just want to be her friend” but he’s going to chicken out and not ask her out.

And that’s what I really want for him, too bad he’s so confused about what he wants, my friend deserves more than a confused suitor but man, I wish he’d stop talking about it and just be about it already.

There really isn’t a point to this little rant, I just wanted to rant about it because they’re so perfect for each other and they don’t see it…


I’m Scarred Ya’ll…

15 06 2007

…really I am. LOL.

So yesterday, I put in a late night helping my niece (who I was babysitting) finish up her essay, I had to make sure that everything was all gravy and good to go because the paper is due today so my cell phone was buried in my purse and stayed there until I got this essay corrected, my niece’s research doubled checked, typed and double spaced, then printed.

By the time I finished with all of this, it was after 11pm at night. So I went and grabbed my cell phone and noticed that I had 7 missed calls and 2 voice mails.

One of the voicemails were from Holly. She had something she wanted to tell me and because she’s my friend and because I wasn’t worried about waking her up (the kids were already gone), I called her back, wanting to know what’s up.

The phone rang a few times and then finally Holly picks up, sounding out of breath and a tad bit annoyed, so the following conversation takes place.

Holly: *sounding out of breath and annoyed* Hello?
Me: *thinking WTF?* Were you sleeping?
Holly: No! I was having sex, WTF?
Me: WHAT? And your dumb ass answered the phone?
Holly: Well it’s 11:30, the kids just left, what if it was an emergency?
Me: Well it’s not, so go …finish.
Holly: *laughs* I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
Me: *hangs up* OMGOSH OMGOSH OMGOSH *images are running through my mind, OMHELL I JUST SAW THOSE TWO THIS WEEKEND!*
My sister: Is everything alright?
Me: Oh, yeah…yeah, everything’s fine.

After I got off the phone with Holly, I ran upstairs took a quick shower and then I settled in for the night, reading a few chapters before I went to sleep and while I was reading a sex scene between Travis and Red Dog in Crazy Sweet, I replayed the scene with Holly in my mind and the sheer comedy of it all just caught up with me, becuase I swear I must have laughed myself silly for like 15 minutes straight, I laughed for so long that I had to put my book away because there was just no way that I was going to finish that scene without laughing, so I gave up.

And the thing is, she called me this morning to fill me in on what she wanted to tell me yesterday and afterward, I go, “Dude, you answered the phone when you were having sex.” And she goes on to tell me, laughing by the way, “I know, the phone was in the kitchen so I ran into the kitchen bare ass naked too!”

LMAO, only frickin’ Holly you guys, only frickin’ Holly.