Gossip Girl: Week of 11/14/07.

15 11 2007

Dude, did anyone watch Gossip Girl last night? This is the only show that I’m absolutely addicted to. This is the only show that I’ve got to be sitting in front of the TV show all week. No longer is that show Grey’s Anatomy or Prison Break or anything like that…this season, so far my only show that I’m watching right now is Gossip Girl.

I’m totally addicted to it and it’s getting so good.

It’s a great gossip filled show of high school kids who’s lives are broadcast on this anonymous blogger’s blogs.

Last night’s episode was off the chains good. Serena and Dan are still as cute as can be without being nauseating. Vanessa needs to quit trailing after Dan and his girlfriend and go out and find herself a man or some other friends because seriously, she looks all kinds of pathetic being all sad everytime Dan wants to hang out with Serena. GET YOUR OWN LIFE, Dan’s got himself a woman! =) But then, whatev…I wonder if she’s on the show for good or if she’s just a plug in until they fill her with another character.

Anyway, the whole Blair and Nate thing is so in dire need of ENDING…for good. I’m over that storyline and as bad as I feel for Blair because she’s in love with someone who is in love with her best friend…she’s got something good with Chuck (I know, shock of all shocks!) and I was so excited for her last night when Chuck admitted to her that he likes her and is all digusted about it. Then how he goes out of his way to make her feel better after his being right about Nate not wanting to be with her, only feels like he has to for his family…and while we’re on the subject of Nate’s family, HOLY WOW can his Dad be any more of a weenie man? Seriously, having your son whore around to save your drug addicted, no spine having slimey a word makes me loathe you and your stupid, crap for brains wife too…oh gosh, is that how rich people really are? Holy cow, I want to smack Nate’s Dad every time he comes on screen because he makes my stomach turn, stupid jerk!

As for Nate, himself…I’m glad that he didn’t go through with it. I’m glad that he was with Jenny last night and I’m glad that he did the right thing. He’s got a good heart and he can’t help who he loves any more than Blair could help loving him….or I can help loving, well never mind…anyway, the show was really good. I want more Blair and Chuck, more Serena and Dan and maybe…MAYBE, some more Nate and Jenny…for now. (the for now was for Nate and Jenny) I can’t help but think that Nate and Serena are not done with each other. I have a feeling that they’re going to get closer and closer and Serena is going to start feeling those feelings for Nate again.

And Blair is going to flip a b word. Man, it’s going to be off the hook and I can’t wait to watch it all go down.

OH! I’m not feeling Rufus and the Mom. I wish Jenny wouldn’t have brought her back because Rufus needs to somehow end up with Lily even though it means that there can’t be anymore Dan and Serena, still…I really like Rufus, with Lily. I guess they can’t be together right now but I hope eventually they’ll end up together.

And where the heck is Serena’s little brother? Ever since he checked out of the rehab center, he sure is missing in action…is that little fool cutting himself again? Somebody better watch out for him. He might be up to no good, now that he’s out of rehab…all rich kids go back to being bad once they’re free! Check out Lindsay Lohan and all them other starlets…okay, okay Im kidding, I don’t know all rich kids, as a matter of fact, I don’t know ANY rich kids so let me quit it.

Anyway, next week’s show looks totally promising and I can’t wait to see what goes down. Why would Blair be all pissed off at Serena since all she’s trying to do is be her friend and advise her against hooking up with Nate’s best friend…since it’s more than evident that Blair loves her some Nate but whatev, Blair’s theatrics makes for great TV so toot dat thang Blair…can’t wait!

Until next week….