Grey’s Anatomy: Season 3, Episode I Don’t Know.

27 04 2007

It’s been forever since I’ve done one of these things but goodness, I was all wrapped up in last night’s episode that I just had to put one of these up for old times sake.

I haven’t really been that into Grey’s for some time now because for me it seemed to lack a lot of something that kept me hooked on the show every week, but I caught last week’s show and I was really amped to watch this week’s episode and last night’s episode hooked me right in.

So Izzy, this one’s for you.

I need to start with Derek though and how stupid he is being. I’m really not seeing why I loved him so much because not only is not McSteaming up my pants, he’s being a total dickhead right now and why? Because he can’t have The Chief position and Meredith at the same time, so he’s going to eat a can of worms, or however the hell that kid song goes, nobody loves him, everybody hates him so he’s gonna eat a can of worms? OH BITE ME you IN DIRE NEED OF HAIR GEL AND SOME SHUT EYE WHINY BABY PUNKASS! After all the crap that him and Meredith went through to be together, for him to just give up on her the way he is right now is pissing me the hell off and I want to kick him in McDreamy nuts, the stupid asshat!

What’s next for Meredith and Derek?

Meredith is going to go right back to where she was before Derek and her got back together, she’s going to go back to sleeping with inappropriate men and the biggest inappropriate man in town is….MARK SLOAN!

Oh hell to the no, stupid shits!

And what about the whole Izzy/George/Callie thing? I love this triangle. I didn’t think I would because I wasn’t a big fan of George and Meredith but I love this for George. I love this storyline. I love that George and Izzy are best friends and have feelings for each other. I love that George is so torn between the two women and has to make a choice. I hate Izzy, I seriously do but there’s so much between her and George, though I’m unsure of what it really is. Is it just a she needs someone and George is there and she wants to keep him in her life, or are these some for real feelings she’s got going on with him? I want them to explore whatever it is between them though, even though I like Callie.


Such angst, I tell ya!

And then there’s the whole Addisex thing. I knew they were going to do the horizontal tango but all of this seems to be leading into something, don’t you think? Like with Alex shying away from spending anymore time with Addison, it’s too soon for them to be all jumping into a relationship, there’s got to be that cat and mouse chase thing, so maybe this is it? Or is this the way they’re going to write Addison’s character off the show?

Curiouser and curiouser, that’s for sure.

And what about the whole Mark thing? I felt bad for him because I totally think that he’s the kind of man that Addison is striving to find, but Addison is going to miss out on all of it because she pushed him away.

So, from some things that me and Izzy were talking about in our millions of weekly emails, we think that Callie is going to turn up pregnant, with Mark’s baby and that’s how we’re going to find out that Mark really is a good guy (just like Alex) and he’s going to barbeque (haha Addison) and play catch with his kid and he’s going to be a real stand up kind of guy…and then that’s how George and Callie are going to break up…

…unless of course, Mark is the inappropriate man that Meredith hooks up with when she spirals out of control from losing Derek….AGAIN!

Ugh, sing another tune Meredith seriously…

..and really, how odd is it that the only HAPPY couple these days is friggin’ Burke and Christina? Can I just say, HOLY WOW! That was really punky of Callie to give Christina the flashcards instead of her own husband, but Izzy said she would have done the same thing, so yeah whatever…

My favorite thing that happened last night was when Swollen Face was pitching a fit about having the baby and then when she blurts, “I don’t want to do this alone” and Alex reaches over and takes her hand and says, “Well it’s a good thing you’re not alone then”…I got all misty eyed and pantie happy, it was such a great scene.

I totally understood why Addison jumped his bones afterward, I would have done the same damn thing.

Man, what to think, what to think…so much to look forward to, I can’t wait…it’s great to finally be happy to catch this show, I haven’t been that way in so long that I don’t even remember the last post (before last week) on this show that I did.

WOO HOO, can’t wait for next week!

Last Nights Grey’s Anatomy.

20 04 2007

Alright, I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy in so long because I just haven’t been that into it. It was just a whole bunch of blah for me but tonight, I stayed in and watched it while working on some blog stuff and I’ve got to say, it was pretty good.

Well good enough to hold my attention for a few minutes at a time.

But what I want to know? IZZY AND GEORGE??? What the hell? Color me surprised because when I thought about Izzy and George together, I didn’t like it but then after seeing tonight’s episode, it doesn’t bother me. I kind of like it. I mean, Izzy needs George just as much as he needs her and they’re good together, they’re a good team.

I like it.

I want to see some damn Alex and Addison and not Alex and Ava/Shannon Marie/Ava/YOU DON’T WANT ME TO LEAVE ALEX!! Bring it on already gosh…or is Addy STILL leaving?


And for the love of God, GIVE MCSTEAMY A DAMN STORYLINE!

Callie and George are totally doomed, especially because George keeps lying to her. Poor Callie.

Who was laughing at The Chief being Sloan’s wingman? LMAO LMAO.

Derek and Meredith…are you serious, Derek? You’re just NOW thinking about how Meredith is going to hold you back from everything? Just now? Get real, Derek…stop being such a whiny baby.

Christina/Burke/and her old man boyfriend gross guy, I just don’t care.

Moving right along….

Last Night’s Grey’s, Men in Trees and The Office.

3 02 2007

I’m not going to do all three different posts, this is going to be one gigantic post about my thoughts on all three of these shows from last night.

Starting with…The Office just for you Ames.

Awww, I liked this episode. It had me cracking up, cringing and then whooping for joy when I saw Jim’s reaction to Pam’s, “Whoa I need a boyfriend” and then her request that Ryan hook her up with one of his friends, WOO HOO…work your magic Pam, you’ll get him soon..I hope. I also loved all of Jim’s resigned looks about him and Karen’s “long talks” for the past 5 nights. I love that it doesn’t look at all like Jim wants to continue his relationship with Karen. Your days as Jim’s girlfriend are sorely numbered, Karen…prepare yourself.

Michael never ceases to annoy the snot of me. The whole, “Let’s get a stripper and be cool” thing made me roll my eyes and then when no one wanted the stripper and he’s all game for Elizabeth (the stripper) to give him a lap dance and then his prompt dismissal of her and the entire party was just so dumb and so…Michael. Go stupid, go dumb dumb….*rolls eyes*

But what made me laugh? Dwight making the stripper dance because they paid her for 3 hours and he’s going to get his money worth. LOL. Jim being put in charge of finding the women’s stripper and calling the Scholastic House and ordering Benjamin Franklin to come and “entertain” them. Oh hell to the no, Jim is the bestest prankster ever!

Gosh I love this show…but I want more JIM AND PAM!

Now moving right along to the next show on last night which was, Grey’s Anatomy, now was that not the show or what? I mean seriously, that gets a great big…NOW THASS WASSUP! from me for last night’s episode.

And can I just tell ya’ll how much I love me some Alex Karev? That black tank top? (hehe Ames) YUM! I was texting with my friend, Ralph last night and told him that Alex’s new official name is, McSexME! Because I totally felt Addison with all of her steamy drooling over the Karev.


And not, Callie and George going to Vegas to get married….”Dude, she’s Callie O’Malley” LMAO LMAO LMAO! I totally love it!

I’m so glad that George finally grew a pair and stood up for Callie, now that I’m slowly becoming okay with the fact (I think I’m okay with it merely becasue I’m just so used to it now) that they’re a couple, I seem to have made my piece with them. I think they still look retarded because George is just so little but I’m good, I like Callie and I like her with George, she’s proven herself to me and I think the only reason why I didn’t like her with him is because she’s bigger than him. She needs to be with a strapplin’ man, like….Ben from Men in Trees, he can handle Callie but yeah whatever, I’m okay with George and Callie…O’Malley. LMAO.

I think Izzy is a bitch. I don’t like her all that much. I hope she never gets patients for her clinic, the way she acted last night made me want to karate chop her head off kick it into the trash can. Yeah, that’s how I felt for her.

McSteamy needs a frickin’ storyline people, get on it…I want more McSteamy and I want him to have a reason to still be in Seattle. Is he going to fight for Addison? What are his plans? Don’t make him stay there to look yummy for us, GIVE HIM A STORYLINE DAMMIT! GOSH!

Meredith’s Mom’s official new name is McBitch. I hate her. I don’t care if she grows a heart later in the season, I just can’t like her…she’s like an older Izzy, they both get on my effing nerves. I felt really bad for Meredith when she was getting blasted by her Mom for being “ordinary”, her stupid heiffer of a mother obviously doesn’t know Meredith a lick if she said all of those things. Stupid witch and I hated that Meredith didn’t get to tell a lucid Ellis Grey how things really were. It must really suck for Meredith and I’m mad at Derek for being mean to Meredith…something’s brewing there, I think. Go get him, Meredith.

Okay, the whole Addison craving Alex? I LOVE IT! I’m telling you guys, Alex is a hottie. I’m so excited to see where this storyline leads…a new love triangle? I hope so…give McSteamy something to do besides Addison and something for him to fight for.

And whoa dang…Horse Face (haha Izzy) and Needs Help in Real Life are getting married, without a ring because after all, she’s still a surgeon. *rolls eyes*

The whole toxic thing was off the chains, all the doctors dropping like flies? Oh yeah, that’s waht I’m talkin’ about. I liked her boyfriend, I want a boyfriend like that, someone who cares about me regardless of EVERYTHING! So sweet!

Can’t wait to see next week’s episode, woo hoo!

And last but not least, frickin’ Men In Trees. Man this show cracks me up, pisses me off and makes me sigh all at the same time.

Patrick and his challenged swimmers had me laughing even though I knew I shouldn’t have been because its a sensitive subject, but dude…the way he reacted to it, all pissed when he found out nobody wanted his sperm. Then the dinner with him and Annie and how he got all bent out of shape because she wouldn’t tell him the secret ingredient, oh goodness, good times with Patrick and Annie.

His surprise for his Pops was cute too, and it’s the Music Director for Drumline, haha. The Make 7 Up Yours guy! haha.

I love me some Publisher Stuart and a part of me wants him to stay and be with Marin because she deserves to have someone but then again, he IS not a commitment kind of guy and plus, I heard that Jason O’Mara (Stuart in real life) just signed on for a new show playing a detective or something like that, so I know he’s not going to sign on with Men in Trees, so his time in Elmo are limited, or Iowa or wherever he’s at.

You know what? Marin reminds me of Holly. That’s a compliment Holly because I really like Marin. And how the hell do you spell Marin anyway? I always switch it up because I don’t know how to do it…

…but anyway, Plow Guy and Jane cracked me up last night with Plow Guy’s Facial Mask and Jane’s knots that landed her in the middle of the lake. Oh good gosh, I was rollin’.

I’m still mad at Jack for being such a pansy about the whole Lynn thing, he knows that he’s not all into it like he should be, why lead her on for? He’s still pining for Marin and she’s doing her damndest to move on, good for her…tough noogies for you Jack. But dude, grow a pair and kick Lynn to the curb, you don’t really want to be with her. When he turned up at her doctor’s appointment, I was so mad I wanted to spit.

Marin trying to be a guy had me laughing too…I love the Marin/Jack scenes, when they were talking and playing pool together, haha, it’s those times when you can totally tell that Jack isn’t completely over Marin, he still loves the snot out of her.

Stupid boy.

Woo hoo, I want more more more!

Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode 12

20 01 2007

Yeah I wasn’t too impressed with last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t know why, it was an okay show but I just couldn’t really concentrate on it with everything going on at my house and well, a really good show would have captivated me so much that I would have been glued to the TV but it wasn’t the case with Grey’s last night.

George’s father dying because they pulled the plug…that was sad but it didn’t make me all weepy or anything, I was just, well, I felt bad for George and his family but dude, his brother started farting in the hall..what the??? I didn’t find that funny, just rather stupid and well, so like George’s brothers. So yeah, I wasn’t overly emotional about it, I just though, “Awww poor George” and then I was over it.

Izzy, she’s just blah to me now, so I don’t really have much to say about her.

Meredith and Derek’s snoring problem? It was funny last week, this week, it was like, get over it already. But then it was cute again when Meredith talked about her snoring problem with her Dad and he tells her that ear plugs work, I smiled when Derek comes to bed and sees the ear plugs but then I got over that too.

Mark and Addison. I’m not sure if I want them together anymore, I mean, I like Addison, she’s come a long way in my book because I could not stand her when she first came to Seattle and then when she tells Mark that he would have been a terrible father, I felt bad for him because nobody knows how he would have been with the child but whatever…I’m just so blah about these two together now that Addison’s got Alex. Do I want Addison and Alex to end up together permenantly? Oh hell to the no, I just like them for right now but even last night I couldn’t drum up enough enthusiasm when they finally kissed.

Am I losing interest in the show that I used to absolutely LOVE? I hope not but it sure seems like it.


What did YOU GUYS think of last night’s Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode Eleven.

13 01 2007

So finally our favorite Interns and Doctors from Seattle Grace Hospital are back with brand new episodes for us to swoon over. How did the writers do?

Well enough.

I thought it was a cute episode last night. I didn’t want to pummel anyone to the floor which is weird since I usually do. But I liked the whole show. Oh, I know who I wanted to pummel.


She’s always been the person to get on my hot damn nerves when she was being a bitch to everyone and their Mom about anything and everything. The whole I’m mad at Meredith for helping Alex with his tests and then the whole, “Cause it’s what Jesus was freakin’ do,” when she went to help Alex, it was all just a bit MEH for me, she irritates me and she did irritate me when she was at the bank trying to deposit Denny’s check. I admit it, I laughed because she’s not very pretty when she cries and if anything is right in this show, it’s that Izzy is the pretty intern. She wasn’t so pretty last night, crying over the inheritance that Denny left her. Am I dense or something? Why is depositing the check so heartbreaking for her? Is it because it’s the last thing that Denny left for her? Is it because she doesn’t need it? Is it because it’s the only thing of Denny’s that she has left?

What is it? Someone please fill me in because that was the only part of the show last night that I just rolled my eyes over.

The rest of the show was great.

Meredith’s snoring and Derek’s sleeping everywhere but with her? LOL! I loved it. I’m glad that they’re not fighting or rethinking their relationship because I like that they’re getting to do the couple things that they missed out on before Addison. I like seeing this side of Derek, the happy side. I love that man.

George’s Dad. Whoa dang. I wonder how all of this is going to pan out for George. I mean, this is HIS Dad. I wonder if he’s going to be break down or if he’s going to become a workaholic, curioiuser and curiouser. It’s kind of good to see him and Callie, I don’t know..bonding I guess. When she tried to use the stare on George, I was laughing. She’s pretty when she’s not standing next to George, because when she’s standing next to George, she overwhelms him. I’m not a big fan of men who have to look up to their girlfriends and that’s what George has to do so yeah let’s find him a woman his own size, why don’t we? But keep Callie, I want to see Callie with someone who can handle her that’s NOT McSteamy.

Speaking of McSteamy, did him and Addison almost have a baby? Did she get RID of McSteamy’s child? Holy crap in the pants, NO WONDER he followed her over here to Seattle. No wonder he’s so hung up on her. He’s hurt. He’s not the big bad boy we all think he is, he’s a man who is suffering from not only unrequited love but from the loss of a baby. From what I heard on next week’s previews, she didnt want to have HIS baby?


That’s got to hurt. Poor Mark.

And the whole Christina and Burke thing….meh, that’s how I feel about it. Will someone say Uncle already?

Alex and Addison.

*gasping with delight* I’m so happy that they’re going to explore this avenue of happiness for Alex because he needs someone and so does Addison. I’m glad that they could be with each other because though many people may not be happy about it, I’m exstatic! I’m so effing happy that Alex will have someone all the while Izzy has NO ONE because she rejected him. I want her to see what she’s missing out on and the same thing with Addison though. I want Mark to find someone on the show to be with and be semi happy with so that Addison can get jealous and feel what he feels now.

And then I want them all to find their ways back to each other.


This is a great show. I felt bad for Bailey because I knew she didn’t want to lie or withold any information about George’s father’s operation from him, but she has too. I’m glad that she’s pissed to high heaven at the Chief for making her lie to her intern. I wonder if Meredith will tell. Maybe she will because George gets pissed at someone, I’m thinking maybe it’s the Chief.

Can’t wait until next week.

Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode Ten.

1 12 2006

This show has gotten really tame to me.

I mean, I guess tonight’s show was pretty okay, but it wasn’t like OH GOSH I’VE GOT TO CALL MULU AND GUSH ABOUT IT…It hasn’t been like that in a long time. I wonder why, but one thing that I’m a little excited about is the prospect of, hmmm….McSteamy and Izzy.

Ya’ll know that I love me some McSteamy and I was a little pissed off when I thought that he was going to go after Meredith and steam up her windows, but HE DIDN’T, so YAY! But after tonight’s episode I’m wondering if he’s got his eye on another Intern, in the form of ex model, student loan debt free Izzy. YAY. Though, Izzy still gets on my hot damn nerves, I want someone ELSE to be with McSteamy, so that he can have himself a little fling or two since Addison won’t give him any play…and can I just say it now…


Yeah baby….I called that one, I soo knew that they’d have plans for those two, gosh I cannot wait! I want to see more of Alex and Addison, because did ya’ll see the “moment” between those two? Oh gosh, it was SO cute…and did you guys see Addison when she’s all messed up on the American Music Awards? She’s frickin’ HOT! I’m gonna picture her as all the red headed heroines in my books from now on because she’s romance novel heroine beauty material, love it! But yeah, bring on the Alex and Addy moments…I want more of those!

Moving right along to Burke’s stupid ass and his “doubts” in Derek’s surgical capabilities. Oh I wanted to slap that stupid effer upside his stupid effin’ head. To place the blame on Derek because of his tremors, almost as if he’s blaming Derek for the stupid shit him and Christina pulled to COVER HIS SHAKES made me foam at the mouth I wanted to do this stupid asshole some bodily harm. What a stupid asshat. I know that he’s got to be doubting himself, but for him to try to place the blame on others, others that are supposed to be HIS FRIEND, oh hell no, don’t try to place the blame on Derek because Christina ratted you out.

You make me plucking mad, asshole!

And then the whole Christina thing…oh shut up, you ugly hag! “Stop defending me to them, Meredith” Oh stop your whining you dumbass, that’s what friends do for you though in your case, why do they even bother. But one of these days, Christina…Meredith is going to find that heart of yours, under all those different walls and then where will you be?

I don’t really care about that storyline.

I was cheering Bailey on when she was bitching at the Chief about how Christina and Burke are going to get off scotch free…then when she was there for Derek and telling him how things really were, I was like, “Yeah! You tell him Nazi, you tell him!”

Ugh, I’m still pissed that nothing happened to Burke OR Christina, and if Burke continues to be held in interest for the Chief of Surgery Position, oh hell to the no, I’m gonna be fumin’ pissed. Don’t do it, Chief…don’t do it, make him work for it…he’s got to earn your trust back, ESPECIALLY since he wasn’t the one that came to you about his problem. Christina did, so chew on that one, long and hard before you make him Chief of Surgery…


The whole Siamese Twins thing was kind of weird but I liked how it worked out in the end. I was shocked that the girl was dating one twin and fell for the other. Dude, how weird must it have been to make love to a siamese twin? How weird for her to make love to one, have him fall asleep and then have pillow talk with the other one? Holy Cow, talk about STRANGE! I couldn’t do it, oh gosh I couldn’t do it…

…and what about Meredith’s Mom? I mean on one hand, the woman has that forgetting disease but that doesn’t make it any better for Meredith who is being told that the reason her affair didn’t work out was because she had a daughter, and with Meredith being THE daughter it’s got to suck and when Meredith told her Dad’s Wife that she wasn’t their family and that they weren’t hers, I kind of understood, because though they are, where it matters most, they aren’t. She had to form her own family with the other interns and I thought that was sweet when Meredith told Christina at the end of the show…”Because you’re my family and you’re the only family I’ve got!”

Yay, Meredith! You didn’t piss me off this episode, good for you! And with every show, I love Addison more and more…

So yeah, nothing majorly GREAT about this episode but it didn’t suck either, so yeah…until next week…

Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode Nine.

24 11 2006

Another just “okay” episode for me.

Nothing really stood out for me and made me think, “Well hot damn!” It was either I was mildly annoyed with Christina and Burke because I just think they’re so dumb to be risking the lives of their patients to keep their “secret” or I was like, “That’s what you get” to Burke for allowing Christina to talk him into all of this and then “You stupid bitch” to Christina for luring Burke into doing all this only to rat him out at the end without so much as saying a word to HIM about going to the Cheif.

What kind of crap is that?

Yes, it needed to be done, but because SHE was the one that started the whole debacle she should’ve had the balls to tell Burke that they needed to go the Chief, regardless of how he treated her and what not, she should have TOLD HIM and she deserved nothing less than that door slammed in her face at the end of the night.


Derek and Meredith and their no sex policy, let’s be real now, between the two of you, how long do you think you’d be able to stick to THAT?

Yeah right.

George’s family drives me straight up the wall. They’re too noisy and the way they belittle everything George says to them AT WORK, pisses me off to no end. The way they air his dirty laundry as if it’s the coolest thing to do seriously makes me want to gag them all! His brothers get on my hot damn nerves and everytime they come onto the camera range I see red and want to shoot them with the same shot gun that they shot George with, was it George that got shot last season? Well whoever got shot, I want to shoot his brothers with that same shot gun! The way they make George look like an idiot in front of all of his colleagues makes me want to backslap those sonsabitches!

I felt bad for the girl who was shot through the windshield at the fish market. The old couple, how they’ll be paying for this for the rest of their lives, because she didn’t want to break his heart…better his heart then the girls baby…but I guess, too little too late.


And on happier notes, what about Callie busting up on Meredith because she thought Meredith told George about her sleeping with Sloane? Oh gosh taht was frickin’ hilarious, I was rolllin’…she was gonna whoop Meredith’s ASS and then when Meredith and Izzy were laughing about it after Callie left WITHOUT saying sorry, oh gosh I was dyin’….haha.

The whole Christina/Burke thing…yeah I hated it and I’m glad it’s finally up. Stupid asshats!

…until next week.