15 02 2007

I know, I know it’s been slow going around these parts lately and I’m so sorry but I can’t seem to find anything to blog about, that’s how sad my life is right now. As soon as my creative juices start flowing again, I’ll be back to blogging in full force.

But until then, I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day and I hope that Mulu has fun on her date tonight…because she totally has a date with someone that I think is so cool, so wish her luck with me, will ya?

See you around! Oh and a big time THANKS to Therese for sending me this Valentine’s E Card, you already know that I hella love it but thanks again Therese, that just made my day!



Okay, So I Guess I’m A Little Excited Now.

19 12 2006

…for Christmas to get here, because I made this awesome Christmas CD for Mulu on Saturday and it’s been on repeat all day here at my office, so I’m going to share one of the videos with you guys on this week’s video of the week on my sidebar, check it out and how many of you guys sang along? haha…I love it!

A regular post is coming soon, be patient! Tomorrow, I’m gonna change the video to my other Christmas jam that I totally forgot to add to my 6 favorite Christmas songs, haha.

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.

15 12 2006

…and it’s making me want to puke.

I’m just not feeling in the mood to do any Christmas shopping, I’m not in the mood to exchange gifts, it seems that this year I have turned into a raving Scrooge. What happened to me?

I have no idea.

The Christmas lights make me want to electricute someone and all this holly jolly Christmas spirit is really making me want to holly jolly PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE FACE! I can’t seem to help myself, I’m just in this bad funk and I don’t know how to fix it.

I used to love listening to Christmas music, now it makes me want to choke someone. I used to love shopping for the kids, now it makes me want to run someone over. I used to love all the things associated with Christmas, like holiday stories (can you believe that I haven’t read Simple Gifts by Judith McNaught and Jude Deveraux? I read that book EVERY year and yet this year, meh!) and holiday baking oh and decorating the tree, you know things like that.

This year?

I went out instead of going to get the Christmas tree with everyone and I stayed out while they decorated the tree. I’m not sending out any Christmas cards, because I just don’t want to (sorry to all of my friends if you were expecting one from me) and the baking? I had a fit when a friend asked me to bake some cupcakes on Monday for some Church activity where they were making ornaments and stuff.

Something has taken over my body you guys and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I still have about 6 more kids that I need to shop for and I’m dreading it, all I want to do is curl up beside the nice warm fire and read Hot Number by Carly Phillips because I started it and have a hunch that I’m going to like this book better than Hot Stuff so I’m hoping and wishing that I’m right.

And I keep wanting to say Ba Hum Bug.

Ba Hum Bug.

There I’ve said it.


31 10 2006


I’ve been uber busy today with Brenna’s Halloween Parade this morning which went a little over but still went really well, she’s Belle and she loves her little ball gown, so I’ll get pictures of that tonight and then of my little Jack Sparrow, Chase…gosh he’s such a little cutie and he’s got that ‘I’m a tough guy’ mentality that makes me roll my eyes at the same time I’m chuckling because he swears he’s untouchable…get real, kid.

After the Halloween Parade, I had to rush to work because I had promised my friend, Sharon (oh gosh I have a story for you guys tomorrow about her) that I’d help her set up for the Halloween Luncheon we were having at the office. That turned out well, we had lots of people show up, including the people that we acquired from our buy out of a small company in September, the people from over there came over and partied it up with us on their lunch hour and we had us a good time. We had a real life, Peter Pan here paired with his green tights and everything, I didn’t get a pic of him, but it sure was funny. We also had Conchita the Banana Chick on the Banana, she was here as was Jack Sparrow, it was too funny and I’d really like to post pictures of them on here, but I really doubt they’d allow me to do so, so you guys will just have to use your imagination on their costumes, it was really great though, good turn out, good food and just good times.

Tonight, we’re having a little (if you can call anything in my family, small or little) gathering at our house, some finger foods, salads and lots of desserts at the house, the boys and myself are taking the kids Trick or Treating and the women will be passing out candy and what not. Then, at my Church, the Young Adults are having a little, get your groove on dance and me and Mulu are going to be going over there to get our Fergalicious on, cause we put those boys are ROCK ROCK! haha. I can’t wait!

I also want to come home early though, because I started reading Nora Robert’s Morrigan’s Cross the other night and can I just say that I LOVE this book! There’s so much going on but I’ hecka loving the little world, Nora Roberts wrote up about witches and sorcerers, vampires and scholars and men of many shapes joining together to fight the war against evil, oh it’s the perfect book to be reading right now and the last book in the series came out today, so I’m hecka looking forward to reading it, woo hoo…can’t wait to get my review on this book up because it’s the bomb DOT com!

So, the million dollar questions of the day are:

What are your plans for tonight? What are you dressed up as today? What are your kids dressing up this year as and Do you guys trick or treat or pass out candy?

Until tomorrow….HAPPY HALLOWEEN YA’LL!