Beckham Meets Bush.

29 06 2007

So Adidas has this new campaign out where Futbol meets Football. And in the futbol corner is David “FINE ASS” Beckham, aka Mr. Rowena’s Man. And in the Football corner is the man who played alongside my OTHER man, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush who plays in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints.

Reggie Bush was on my Morning News Show yesterday talking about this and so I wanted to blog about this yesterday but well, yesterday had enough posts with all the Thursday Thirteen business going on, so I saved Eye Candy Friday Day (well when I actually do it!) for David Beckham and Reggie Bush.

Man, but Reggie Bush is a handsome guy. I was totally admiring him while I was getting dressed for work. He’s so solid and strong and has those striking looks that makes you look twice, ya know? I’ve got to be honest though, when I was watching Reggie on KTLA yesterday, I was more interested in the clips of David Beckham. I mean, ya’ll know that I love me some David Beckham. I must have watched these damn clips on Youtube twenty million times just to hear his high pitch British accent.

He’s really hot, you guys..seriously, check out these pictures that I stole from David Beckham Zone.

Didn’t I tell you he was hot? Now, I’ve been hearing conflicting rumors about when he’ll be starting with The L.A. Galaxy and I’ve been dying to find out the exact date because I hear 9/1 (and if that’s true then OH HELL NO!) and lately I’ve been hearing that he will making an appearance as soon as 7/21, which isn’t too far away at all. And I really think he’s going to make it to this game since it’s a friendly type game with Chelsea, the likes of which his homie gee loccs will be in attendance, like Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, well if they still play for Chelsea, I couldn’t be arsed to check because well, even though I love me some Frank and Joe, they’re not Becks. LOL.

So as of right now, I’ve got my fingers crossed for July 21st, but who knows…I know that Becks has a scheduled press conference for 7/13, which is just next week so woo hoo…BRING ON THE BECKS! On David Beckham Zone, it says that Becks is ending his family holiday soon to come and help the Galaxy out because seriously, they need it…they’ve been sucking it up all season long and need all the help they can get. Now if they suck in the MLS, can you just imagine how sucky they are compared to Becks old team, Real Madrid and then Manchester United?


I don’t even want to think about it…but dude, check out a video I found on Youtube which features Becks and Bush swapping sports for a day…very entertaining, well for lovers of David Beckham (like myself) and Reggie Bush…check it out.


I Hate Seeing Stuff Like This…

27 06 2007

…about my favorite celebrities.

Fresh after getting snubbed from Jordyn Sparks, for me to be doing my daily bloghop and stumble across something like this makes me mad. I don’t want to read that Justin Timberlake, my love, my heart (HA!) being a big asshole (that’s probably the reason my blog is rated NC-17) to FANS. Do they not know that it is those fans that make it possible for them to drink those endless bottles of Dom? It’s the fans that make them the big stars that they are and for them to act like this pisses me off.

I mean, I can see being annoyed with the paparazzi because they be all up in your grill but to regular fans who just want to take a picture with a favorite celebrity? Goodness, what’s up with all the snobbyness?

I mean, I saw this first hand with Jordyn Sparks and to think that I spent that last night of voting, VOTING FOR HER to win out over Blake and to see her all snobby like toward me and Mulu made us not like her anymore and then to come on the computer and see that Justin Timberlake, the man that I’ve loved since I was frickin’ 14 years old and was so loyal to behave in this manner to fans makes me just a little bit pissed off at him.

Ugh…check this out:

Earlier that day, a little girl asked him if she could take a picture of him, and he responded: “You want me to juggle also?”

This is not the JT that I pictured after all these years of loving the hell out of him…goodness, I hope it’s not true.

One Tree Hill News.

15 03 2007

Got this from my OTH Newsletter, so wanted to spread the word for my readers on here.

The next all-new OTH will air on Wednesday, March 28th. Though that may seem like a long time from now, we’re content to wait because it promises to be awesome! Word on the street is that in “You Call It Madness But I Call It Love,” and someone will finally put two and two together and figure out that Dan offed his own brother. Wonder who will figure it out? There are plenty of Tree Hill citizens with all the clues they need to solve the mystery.

As crazy as prepping for the prom was, the prom itself promises to provide even more drama! We still don’t believe that Rachel got on that plane. We’re guessing she’ll show up at the dance eventually. At prom, we hear Dan will try his darndest to win over Karen, romantically. And speaking of romance, Nathan and Haley will vow to be romantic teenagers instead of an old, married couple with a baby on the way.

And of course… everyone wants to know what will happen to Peyton after Evil Derek shows up on her porch. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Lucas will arrive and be the knight in shining armor, as usual. But you never know… he may have been convinced that his gal really didn’t want to go to the prom and decided to go stag without stopping by her house.

Woo hoo, March 28th isn’t nearly as long as I thought the wait would be so just a bit more patience and we’ll have our show back guys, YAY!

Are You Fecking Kidding Me?

19 02 2007

Britney is bald now…what the bleeding hell is she thinking? Gosh, she just keeps getting worst and worst.

The Britney that I knew and loved as a tweeny bopper is long gone and shows no sign of returning.

What a dipshit.

It’s True.

9 01 2007

I was unsure if the rumors about Justin and Cameron being dunzo but it appears that they’re true because this morning, I heard that already, Justin has a new whirl girl. It appears that one Scarlett Johanssen snuck into his movie premiere for Alpha Dog and Justin was seen rubbing her head and kissing her neck all throughout the premiere. It might have been just a rumor last week before the premiere since I guess, Scarlett is the girl in Justin’s new video, What Goes Around…which is a song that I absolutely love.

So there you have it.

Merlin, good luck to you on your quest for Cameron’s hand but it looks like I have some ass kicking to do for myself.


But at least she’s pretty.

Calling Merlin…

5 01 2007

…here’s our chance!

Word on the street is that…JT AND CAMERON ARE DUNZO!!

Sweeter words have never reached my ears, *giggles* Now’s my chance for real. haha. Thanks to Marivel who told me the news and then Ames for sharing the news with me on her blog, ya’ll rock!

Today is going to be a great day!

So Merlin, make sure you handle Cameron, get her out of Dodge real quick like so that I can usurp all of JT’s time and we’ll be totally straight. Man, is that not great news or what?

Guess What I Heard?

5 10 2006

The Gods have heard my prayers, because….

From Yahoo:

McSteamy Fogs Up “Grey’s Anatomy”
Friday September 29 11:32 PM ET

By Natalie Finn

Grey’s Anatomy is getting a new McCharacter.

Well, not new exactly, but a familiar pretty face is about to become a permanent third-season fixture.

Eric Dane is set to join the cast of the hit ABC drama, reprising his role as plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Sloan, Dr. McDreamy’s ex-best friend whom Meredith, Izzie and their fellow female interns cleverly dubbed “McSteamy.” Ooh, tension.

The fresh meat got his nickname when the ladies spied him stitching up his own face after Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. Derek Shepherd spied him flirting with Meredith and let him have it.

(Mark is a bad boy, having carried on an affair with Derek’s wife, Addison, prompting the Shepherds’ cross-country move to Seattle from New York. And Addison didn’t seem too unhappy when he showed up in her neonatal unit last season, if you catch our drift.)

Dane most recently played Multiple Man in X-Men: The Last Stand and before that had a recurring stint as Phoebe’s boyfriend Jason on Charmed. The actor is married to Rebecca Gayheart, who’s currently tracking down scoops as an intrepid reporter on Fox’s Vanished.

Meanwhile, after walloping CSI with last week’s season premiere, Grey’s Anatomy slipped to second place Thursday–barely. The most emotionally-embattled group of doctors this side of ER attracted 23.5 million viewers to CSI’s 23.8 million.


Kevin Federline, Are You Kidding Me?

21 07 2006

Did you guys see the Teen Choice Awards last night? I didn’t, wasn’t home to see it, but ummm, Kevin Federline was supposed to have performed, is he actually popular among the youngun’ s these days?

Please say it aint so.

Its a sad state of affairs when you find out that the lame back up dancer, turned Mr. Britney Spears, chronic woman impregnator, is actually being taken seriously as an artist and that the kids of America actually like him.

In the words of Jenna Fink from 13 Going on 30…


So, who watched it last night and who laughed at Federline, how was it?