Remembering Telmo Alvear.

11 09 2006

His name was Telmo Alvear and he was a 25 year old waiter who took the earlier shift to cover for a coworker. Born in Ecuador, Telmo immigrated to the United States when he was a teenager for a better life and to live the American Dream.

A month before he died, he quit his job as a busboy to become a waiter at Windows on the World, where he liked serving fancy dinners and was learning about wine.

When he wasn’t working, he loved spending time with his family, his wife Bianca and his son, Steven. He loved watching soccer on TV and cooking seafood and pasta dinners for his friends and family. He spent his weekends playing volleyball with his team at Crushing Meadows-Corona Park and he was just an all around great guy. When out dancing with friends and their wives, he would make it a point to dance with as many women as he can, he is missed by his family and his friends.

It’s been five years.

All over blogland, bloggers are uniting to remember the victims of 9/11. As part of the 2,996 Participants, I was given, Telmo Alvear to remember and I’m glad for it. We share a love for soccer and volleyball and of course, dancing. I will definitely be adding Telmo’s family and loved ones to my prayers, because after learning all that I could on this wonderful man from Ecuador, I have realized how blessed I am in my life and reading about his life has reminded me of all that I take for granted.

I may not have known Telmo at all, but through his story, I have been touched. So much so, that I will hold my daughter a little closer everyday and hug her just a little tighter everyday, because if 9/11 has taught me anything, it’s that disaster can strike at any time and everything I know and love can be stripped away from me without any warning.

I hope that we can all take a moment today, to stop for a minute and think about those who’s lives were taken and who’s lives were affected this day, five years ago. It is my hope that we can all continue to learn from each other, to help eachother to NEVER FORGET.

It is also my hope that we could take moments throughout the day to honor the people who died serving our country, all of the firefighters, the policemen, men who serve in all branches of the Military, but also the regular everyday people just like you and me, the people like Telmo Alvear, who was just going in to work a little early.

Today, I honor Telmo Alvear and I honor his family and I’m honored for this privilege because from everything that I read on him, he sounds like someone that I would have been friends with. Someone who would have been fun to be around, he reminds me of my brother and my heart definitely goes out to his family.

We should never forget about the people who lost their lives that dreadful day and I know from now on, thanks to this project, I will never forget to pray for Telmo Alvear and his family that he left behind.

I’ll never forget.

In Loving Memory of Telmo Alvear
Loving Husband and Father.