Well Blow Me Down…

19 09 2006

…I just got banned from an author’s forum.

Why did I get banned from said author’s forum, you ask?

Because I had the audacity to state my opinion about her book and her band of Brothers and then I even had the nerve to ask some questions about things that I saw in the book.

Oh hell no, don’t you dare state your opinion or ask questions that don’t burst to the rim with love and adoration for this author. Oh no, don’t even think about going onto THEIR board and asking quesitons about certain undertones in this author’s books. Because they will serve your ass to you on a platter.

And it wasn’t even a silver one, fucking cheap asses.

Talk about rabid fan girls.

You know, many people have blogged about these damn rabid fan girls and I have never said anything or added anything to those fires because I felt on some levels that maybe I was a rabid fan girl myself, for my favorite authors. But now that I have first hand experience with all of these rabid fan girls, I can totally see what everyone is talking about.

I am most definitely NOT a rabid fan girl.

If I like a book, I will rave about the book and give it raving reviews on both this blog and my team book blog, Sanctuary’s Finest. But if there is someone who doesn’t feel the same way I do about a certain book, author, series, WHATEVER the case may be, I’m not going to jump down that person’s throat because they don’t see my books the same way that I do.

That’s what seperates me from those go for your throat wack jobs at the author’s forum I was posting at.

I don’t understand why posting the not so good things about this author’s latest book was met with such blatant hostility, I mean I DID say that I enjoyed the book, I just didn’t enjoy some of the stuff in there and then I posted my thoughts on certain things that didn’t measure up for me….they said that I didn’t respect the author?

What the???

Well you can bet the farm, I don’t respect her or her fans on that forum now! I think the only way you can continue to post at this forum is if you post nothing about what you REALLY think about her books but only continue to tell her how much of a God she is.

Like one of my funny friends told me today, she isn’t God, she didn’t cure cancer and she for damn sure hasn’t brought around world peace so I’m not going to bow down and kiss her stank ass, I don’t give two shits about what went down at that forum. It’s their loss since I’m the bomb diggity and have a sparkling personality that they’re missing out on….LOL.

I’ll write more on this later, cause I know my nosy friends out there want to know all the details….

So Stay Tuned…