Britney Is NOT Bringing Sexy Back…

10 09 2007

….I stayed home Sunday night because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss Britney’s performance. I wanted to see for myself, if Britney really had it in her to make a comeback and what I saw was not her best. What I saw was Britney wearing shoes that were too high and very uncomfortable to dance in and what I saw was her badly lyp synching to her own song. She didn’t look like she was happy to be up there, she didn’t look like performing was her life, she looked like she trying really hard to be something, she’s not.

It wasn’t pretty.

But man, did my menz Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown get dizown.

Holy smack, Chris Brown’s first performance on a VMA’s was off the chains good and Justin Timberlake and all of his performances with Timbaland, with Nelly Furtado and most especially with 50 Cent was just fanfrickin’tastic!

As a whole, the VMA’s this year wasn’t so bad. I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen boring VMA’s, stupid VMA’s and this year’s VMA’s besides having the wackest most not funniest host ever, was still pretty cool. I was digging all of the performances from the other suites and rooms and all that ish, it was cool.

But really, what did the whole show for me was Chris frickin’ Brown and Justin flippin’ Timberlake.

Have ya’ll seen his HBO Concert from Labor Day? DAMN BUT MY MAN IS FINE AND CAN DANCE…

So yeah, Britney sucked, my menz rocked it out and everyone else did good too. LOL. But did ya’ll see Kanye West bitchin’ about Britney? All I heard was, “Tell them what I said, ya’ll….MTV, tell them what the hell I said!” Oh gosh, he irritates me.

I hope 50 trounces him in their little record sales competition, well really I hope Kenny Chesney smashes the both of them in record sales but between 50 and Kanye, I want 50 to win and I don’t even like him.


I Hate Seeing Stuff Like This…

27 06 2007

…about my favorite celebrities.

Fresh after getting snubbed from Jordyn Sparks, for me to be doing my daily bloghop and stumble across something like this makes me mad. I don’t want to read that Justin Timberlake, my love, my heart (HA!) being a big asshole (that’s probably the reason my blog is rated NC-17) to FANS. Do they not know that it is those fans that make it possible for them to drink those endless bottles of Dom? It’s the fans that make them the big stars that they are and for them to act like this pisses me off.

I mean, I can see being annoyed with the paparazzi because they be all up in your grill but to regular fans who just want to take a picture with a favorite celebrity? Goodness, what’s up with all the snobbyness?

I mean, I saw this first hand with Jordyn Sparks and to think that I spent that last night of voting, VOTING FOR HER to win out over Blake and to see her all snobby like toward me and Mulu made us not like her anymore and then to come on the computer and see that Justin Timberlake, the man that I’ve loved since I was frickin’ 14 years old and was so loyal to behave in this manner to fans makes me just a little bit pissed off at him.

Ugh…check this out:

Earlier that day, a little girl asked him if she could take a picture of him, and he responded: “You want me to juggle also?”

This is not the JT that I pictured after all these years of loving the hell out of him…goodness, I hope it’s not true.

Have You Guys Seen This Yet?

13 02 2007

I bought this on ITunes on Friday and wondered when it would make its way onto Youtube…yesterday was the day.

Check it out.

One of those Random Posts.

12 01 2007

Alright, so there’s a few things I wanted to blog about today and I’m lumping it all into this one blog, so just deal with it.

Beck’s Coming to L.A.

In honor of my favorite soccer player (well one of them anyway) coming to my hometown and playing for my hometown soccer team, I changed my template back to my Becks template (deal with it, Drake, haha) because that’s right….DAVID BECKHAM IS COMING TO L.A. He’s packing up his stuff in Spain and moving to Los Angeles, WOO HOO! Can I BE any more happier at the bit of news? His contract with Real Madrid ends in June or July, one of those and he turned down signing with them for another 2 years and opted to come play for the MLS for $250 million…I will never miss a Galaxy Game again. HAHAHAHAHA, YAY! Maybe with the addition of Beckham to the line up, the Galaxy will finally get their shit together and be about soccer again, because they suck ass right now! Let’s hope Becks brings all his tricks because this L.A. team needs it!

Last night’s Friday Night Lights.

Alright, so I just started watching this show but I’ve caught up with all of the episodes and I’ve got to say that I’m hooked on this show. I love me some Matt Saracen and though I was pissed off that Jason is actually going to go through with the law suit against the school district and Coach Taylor, I can’t hate him. I don’t know how I feel about Riggins and his whole, “If you give me a second chance, things will be so different” thing with Tyra. It was weird to see Tyra in the vulnerable state that she was in last night. She’s usually so rough and tough (remember when she slapped the shit out of Riggins when she found out that he slept with Lyla? haha, I was rollin’!) I really don’t give a rats behind about Smash, he’s just so effing stupid. I’m laughing at him now because next week, his season is over..and it’s nobody’s fault but his own. Stupid boy. Lost the girl, now he’s lost the game. And he blames his Mom, shows just how stupid he really is!

Grey’s Anatomy is new tonight!

Finally, we’ll be getting new Grey’s episodes tonight, so it’s a good day for me. I hope that the writers have been working extra hard on some good juicy bits for the show because I haven’t been too impressed with the show lately, let’s hope things have turned around for the better on this show. Don’t let me down writers or you’ll be getting a letter from me. =)

The Office is new tonight too!

Ames, remember tonight is a new office, so you gotta watch it with me so we can get our gush on tomorrow, woo hoo! I thought it was really sweet of Dwight (in his offhand retarded way) to be there for Pam last week and I can’t help but think, this is what you get Pam for not saying anything to Jim. TELL HIM SOMETHING because we know that he loves YOU and not Karen. I mean, him not wanting Karen to move into the same apartment building as him should’ve tipped HIM off if not you, but in true writer form, you guys have to suffer for a bit more before you guys can be together and please, please tell me that you guys are NOT going to follow the same pattern that the British Office took because I heard the Jim and Pam of that show never got together that the British Pam got back with her fiance and if that happens here, I’m gonna be mightily pissed! Ooh, I can’t wait to see what Michael gets himself into this week, especially with Jan. I love this show!

The JT and Kate Hudson Rumor for Karen.

Okay so I heard on the radio this morning that the rumors about Kate Hudson and Justin Timberlake are as followed: Kate Hudson was seen sneaking into JT’s hotel suite on I think it was New Year’s and was seen coming out hours later, both reps for both celebrities have denied that anything happened between the two celebs but that’s to be expected, hot damn my JT is a straight up P.I.M.P. haha. I love it!

Hmm, I can’t think of anything else but I’ll be back if I do…peace out!

This Is The Way It’s Really Going Down..

11 01 2007 this how we say goodbye? haha.

Gosh, last night’s show was off the hook. Mere words can’t explain how awesome a performer, Justin Timberlake is. He performed for over 2 hours and his show felt like it just kept going and going in a very good and happy way. I had a blast, I was seated up in the stands so I was nowhere near the stage but I didn’t feel very far away from him. The stage was set up so that he could have access to all the fans. And he totally used up the stage. He played different instruments, danced his socks off all while lookin’ pimp in his three piece suit.

I’m telling you, that boy is something else.

I was hella lovin’ it when he got up on stage and you know at the beginning when they tease you with him and all that junk? My heart was pounding with exitement like he was coming to perform just for me.

I thought I saw Trent from Pink is the New Blog but now that I think about it, probably it wasn’t him…I’m thinking it was wishful thinking but I know that he was there last night. Oh well, not that I could have gotten anywhere near him being that I saw him from afar but whatever, it was still a fantabulous time and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Holly for making it possible for me to go.

I didn’t get a chance to go and dazzle Justin with my sparkling personality and witty conversation because I had tired myself out by the end of the concert but dude, ya’ll have to see this one in concert because he is all kinds of the bomb.

If you’re planning to go and see the concert which I know some of you guys are, I won’t ruin the show for you but I will tell you that I don’t think you guys will be disappointed because Justin got dizown last night. I love this show more than the Nsync shows that I went to, this one is more for my grown up heart and man he totally got off.

Since I didn’t take a camera (whats new, eh?) Ya’ll will just have to go and check out the pictures roaming the internet, there’s plenty of them, trust me. But seriously, I’m in JT heaven right now…he most definitely brought sexy back last night in Anaheim.


Oh and real quick…Charmed One Tree Hill doesn’t come back with new episodes until next week, the 17th, so YAY, OUR SHOW IS COMING BACK, ONE MORE WEEK GUYS!

It’s True.

9 01 2007

I was unsure if the rumors about Justin and Cameron being dunzo but it appears that they’re true because this morning, I heard that already, Justin has a new whirl girl. It appears that one Scarlett Johanssen snuck into his movie premiere for Alpha Dog and Justin was seen rubbing her head and kissing her neck all throughout the premiere. It might have been just a rumor last week before the premiere since I guess, Scarlett is the girl in Justin’s new video, What Goes Around…which is a song that I absolutely love.

So there you have it.

Merlin, good luck to you on your quest for Cameron’s hand but it looks like I have some ass kicking to do for myself.


But at least she’s pretty.

Calling Merlin…

5 01 2007

…here’s our chance!

Word on the street is that…JT AND CAMERON ARE DUNZO!!

Sweeter words have never reached my ears, *giggles* Now’s my chance for real. haha. Thanks to Marivel who told me the news and then Ames for sharing the news with me on her blog, ya’ll rock!

Today is going to be a great day!

So Merlin, make sure you handle Cameron, get her out of Dodge real quick like so that I can usurp all of JT’s time and we’ll be totally straight. Man, is that not great news or what?