My Summer Guilty Pleasures.

20 07 2006

I’m following in Izzy’s lead, listing my summer guilty pleasures because I can’t believe that I actually like the things that I’m watching and listening too. It’s really retarded but I can’t help it, so I’m coming clean right now.

My #1 guilty pleasure for this summer is the same as Izzy, I’m sadly addicted to The Hills. Again, like Izzy I was a fan of Laguna Beach, even talked to Ryan Seacrest on his early morning radio station here in L.A. about it on the radio, hehe, it was a day I’ll never forget, I couldn’t believe I actually got through and that people, my best friend heard me on the radio, but anyway, I was a fan of L.C. on Laguna and was jazzed that she was getting her own spin off of life here in sunny, smog filled, L.A. I watch this show every Wednesday but when I miss it, I’ll stalk my TV until I’ve seen the latest installment into Lauren’s life, with her room mate and friend, Heidi (who I haven’t like much but slowly she’s growing on me, maybe) and her new friends, Audrina and Whitney and then her Laguna boyfriend, Jason. I was a Jason fan in the beginning of last seasons, Laguna but then when he cheated on L.C. at her fashion show with his ex girlfriend with her watching on and then lied through his buck teeth saying that he didn’t and last night I wanted to kick him in the nuts when he was getting pissed off at Lauren because she picked up a phone call from her ex boyfriend, like who the heck cares? She wasn’t doing anything with him, she was just talking to him. What a dumb ass, Jason has turned out to be, I don’t see his appeal to Lauren, she can do so much better than him. I wish she’d buy a clue already, gosh.

Why do I love this show? The same reason I loved Laguna Beach, I have no idea, maybe because I’m just nosy and like to see what’s happening for other people because it’s funny to watch other people’s problems, who knows…I just like it.

Another guilty pleasure of mine this summer is, the show that comes on AFTER The Hills,Cheyenne. This show is just a frickin show about MTV following a 15 year old, trying to make it in the business youngster singer. And you know what?

She does.

And you know what else? I’m happy that she did because I’m a Cheyenne fan, I saw the start of this show and thought she was just this little teeny bopper who was going to be just one of those pretty stars because Cheyenne is really pretty and I didn’t think she’d be able to pull off the whole singing career at such a young age, but gosh by the fourth episode I was rootin’ her on and hoping against hope that she’d get a good gig, because she’s been playing in some piece of shit gigs so far, but in the past couple of shows, she’s definitely hit the big time, so much so that her sister that didn’t want to move to L.A. is finally coming out to get in on the Cheyenne Band Wagon. I cheered when she finally made it on TRL, because you know, only the A List people make it onto TRL and then just last night, Cheyenne got a call from Sheryl Crow’s manager saying that Sheryl herself wanted to sing with Cheyenne in her concert out in Atlanta, talk about GREAT news, even I got a little teary eyed when Cheyenne wept tears of joy that her career is finally going somewhere, all of her hard work and all of her song writing and all of her crying about her ugly Bob Marley Dreads Totin’ boyfriend Jason not being in her first ever video was all worth it because she’s got a CD cover, she’s got an album cover and SHE’S SINGING WITH SHERYL CROW DAMMIT!

I just can’t be any more proud of her if I was her mother, you go Cheyenne and yes, I really do like her. *hangs head in shame* I really do. LOL.

Another show that I’m addicted to this summer is also on MTV, it’s called Made. It’s funny to see what the kids these days want to become made into. You see, the concept of this show is kids all around America write in or send their tapes into MTV and tell them what they want to be made into and then MTV gets these Professionals to come in and Make the kids into whatever it is they want and then of course, MTV tapes their journey from point A to point B, one fat kid wanted to be a soccer player, MTV took the fat kid and turned him into a real soccer player, not the best soccer player out there but they helped this fat kid be something more than the goof at school who is gay, there was another one where this girly girl wanted to become a rugby player, umm okay, but MTV made it happen and then another girly girl wanted to be made into a Boxer and dude she was a funny one, these shows are supposed to be inspirational to teens and what not, but me and my brother like to watch them and laugh at the kids, the things these kids aspire to be makes me laugh, I’m mean but whatever, this show is good for lots of laughs.

Then there are the regular guilty pleasures that I’ve talked about before on this blog, the Real World: Key West addiction, the Fresh Meat Challenge, which I think Kenny is just too cute for words, he cracks me up and I hope he doesn’t go home, I hope it’s Katie and the big guy who go home, Kenny is my eye candy of the challenge and I’d hate to see him go home. Here’s a picture of Cutie Kenny, he’s Italian and hot stuff…

Isn’t he a cute one?

A few of my guilty pleasure songs of the summer are: Paris Hilton’s Stars Are Blind, Jessica Simpson’s A Public Affair, Cheyenne’s Hanging On, and a bunch of other lame songs that I can’t help but like, I know, I know, I’m retarded but oh well…ya’ll like me anyway.