Eye Candy Friday: Milo Ventimiglia

14 12 2007

So I’ve decided to resurrect Eye Candy Friday because last night while I was chatting online with my BBB, Ames I started looking for some cutie pictures of Milo Ventimiglia because I just felt like it and man, look at the treasures I’ve found….

So without further adeu, this week’s Eye Candy Friday: Milo Ventimiglia.




Until next week…


Something Pretty To Cheer Me Up.

1 06 2007

I haven’t been in the best of moods lately so I need something on this crisp Friday morning to make me feel better, what better way then to surround myself with all of my favorite hotties??? It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a hottie on here anyway…

Maybe I’ll post more, maybe I won’t, who knows…but there’s a start…and all I can say is DAMN!

Eye Candy Friday: David Annable.

13 01 2007

Dave Annable

Today’s Eye Candy Friday guy is my favorite Sunday night man, Dave Annable who plays Justin Walker on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters. His character on the show is the right amount of charming and troubled to keep me watching to see what he’s going to get into each week. It’s a fantastic show and I’m smitten with Dave. He’s such a cutie patootie on the show so I’m spotlighting him this week.

So enjoy, my favorite pics of Dave Annable.

Damn, but I love this guy!

Until next week…

Eye Candy Friday: Tarkan.

6 01 2007


This one’s for you, Mailyn. =)

Wow, check out those eyes, they’re wicked crazy. Thanks Mailyn.

Eye Candy Friday: Jude Law.

30 12 2006

Jude Law

Okay this is long overdue but anyway, here you guys go…

And my favorite picture of this yummy man!

Until the next time…

Eye Candy Friday: Channing Tatum, Again.

15 12 2006

Channing Tatum

This week’s Eye Candy is strictly for my girl, Ames whose birthday it was on Monday. This one’s for you sweets, I hope you had a great one and I love you girl!


Eye Candy Friday: Wentworth Miller, yet Again.

9 12 2006

Wentworth Miller

Here’s this week’s (or last weeks’ whatever) Eye Candy…for you, Izzy girl, cause I know you’re gonna love me for this, you too Grace!

There you go….Enjoy!

Until next week or not…LOL.

*all pictures are from wentworthmiller.org*