The Hills: Season Three…

21 09 2007

…so I’ve been habitually watching The Hills every Monday night since the second episode of the season because I’m totally addicted to this show and have been since I watched the first episode of the first season.

It’s just one of those shows that I can’t get enough of. I love Lauren and always have since she was on Laguna Beach and getting dicked around by stupid ass Stephen and feuding with slutty tramp Kristin.

Now Lauren’s in her third season of The Hills and the drama from last season is still running wild all over the Hollywood Hills.

This season, Lauren has a new roommate, Audrina and Heidi moved in with Spencer. Lauren and Heidi are no longer friends and this season documents their whole feud, through trips to the bar, restaurants and just when you think things can’t get any worst for Lauren…her evil ex, Jason Wahler comes back into the picture after being out of commission and in jail and rehab.

Things are heating up in the Hollywood Hills and its making for some great television. I love all of the drama that is surrounding Lauren and Heidi and I can’t wait to see more…but my favorite scene of all is when Spence broke up with Brody because Brody showed no loyalty to Spencer because he’s hanging out with Spencer’s enemy. I so effing loved it when Brody gets off the phone with Spence and is all irritated and says, “Bitch” while he looks at his phone all bewildered….me and my sister were laughing so hard at that part.

I lub it!

Audrina’s boyfriend is a total tool. I mean, why would you want to call the guy who wore combat boots to a beach party your boyfriend? Seriously…he’s an immature jerk who doesn’t deserve someone like Audrina but he must be doing something right because Audrina is still sprung on his ass but hey, toot that thang Audrina…whatever rocks your socks!

As far as Lauren goes…she’s not really up to much besides getting her life back in order and I applaud her for that. Regardless of what’s going on with her and Heidi and her lack of a lovelife, Lauren is living things up and tworking things out. Things are starting to look up for her at work, she’s actually doing big thangs and I still think she’s pretty awesome! I love that she can hook up with whoever she wants to hook up with and I just love that she’s doing her thang…handle your scandal, Lauren..don’t let sneaky, coniving little bitches get you down, you’re so much better than that!

Heidi and Spencer just need to jump off a cliff and get lost at the bottom of the ocean…cause I really don’t care about them.

I love that Jason is back on the show but I’m hating that he’s back with a new girlfriend/fiance. I’m so bummed that things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to with Lauren and Jason but that just opens things up for Lauren and Brody…let’s see how that turns out. I’ve got my fingers crossed for that since things with Jason didn’t turn out well…sheesh.

Gosh I love this crap, don’t you?

Britney Is NOT Bringing Sexy Back…

10 09 2007

….I stayed home Sunday night because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss Britney’s performance. I wanted to see for myself, if Britney really had it in her to make a comeback and what I saw was not her best. What I saw was Britney wearing shoes that were too high and very uncomfortable to dance in and what I saw was her badly lyp synching to her own song. She didn’t look like she was happy to be up there, she didn’t look like performing was her life, she looked like she trying really hard to be something, she’s not.

It wasn’t pretty.

But man, did my menz Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown get dizown.

Holy smack, Chris Brown’s first performance on a VMA’s was off the chains good and Justin Timberlake and all of his performances with Timbaland, with Nelly Furtado and most especially with 50 Cent was just fanfrickin’tastic!

As a whole, the VMA’s this year wasn’t so bad. I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen boring VMA’s, stupid VMA’s and this year’s VMA’s besides having the wackest most not funniest host ever, was still pretty cool. I was digging all of the performances from the other suites and rooms and all that ish, it was cool.

But really, what did the whole show for me was Chris frickin’ Brown and Justin flippin’ Timberlake.

Have ya’ll seen his HBO Concert from Labor Day? DAMN BUT MY MAN IS FINE AND CAN DANCE…

So yeah, Britney sucked, my menz rocked it out and everyone else did good too. LOL. But did ya’ll see Kanye West bitchin’ about Britney? All I heard was, “Tell them what I said, ya’ll….MTV, tell them what the hell I said!” Oh gosh, he irritates me.

I hope 50 trounces him in their little record sales competition, well really I hope Kenny Chesney smashes the both of them in record sales but between 50 and Kanye, I want 50 to win and I don’t even like him.