Whoa Dang.

13 04 2007

I’m the youngest sister in my family. I’m not the youngest, that title belongs to my younger brother, Pete but I was pretty much raised by my three oldest sisters, Blanche, Helen and Delene. I always wanted to be like all of them. I remember when I was younger, I used to tag along with them wherever they went and just wish that one day, I’d be just as cool as they were.

Now, I’m cooler. haha, just kidding.

Anyway, growing up in their shadow, it’s no surprise that I have picked up a lot of their habits. A lot of the things they did when they were my age, I find that I’m doing myself. Of the things that I find myself doing these days, these are the main three that I totally got from my sisters.

1. Reading.

Each of my sisters read everything they could get their hands on back in their younger days, much like I do now. They glommed over all of the older authors, like Judith McNaught, Julie Garwood, Nora Roberts, some Linda Howard, Jude Deveraux (this is the only author of theirs that I can’t get into) and their favorite author back in the day was Johanna Lindsey.

I read like crazy and if I still lived with my parents, I would totally be getting yelled at just like my sisters did when they were living with my parents. Now, it’s my sister Blanche who yells at me to put my books away and set the table, it’s so funny how old she got.

2. TV Shows.

On school nights, I remember snuggling up with my sister Helen (she was the nicest one out of all three of them) and the others with bowls of popcorn, licorice (this was totally for Helen), assorted candy and drinks while we watched whatever show was on. With each season, the shows changed from Wings to Cheers, to 90210 and Melrose Place and then later on, after everyone had moved out of my parents, we’d all meet at my older sister Blanche’s place and watch Dawson’s Creek, Felicity and you know, those shows…TV was such a big part of our lives and I loved these little nights where I got to hang out with the three women that I looked up to the most, which is probably why now, I watch so much hot damn tv, because though we don’t watch tv together anymore, we still have our little gossip fest about what’s going on and who’s doing who on in Tree Hill or in the Walker family (Brothers and Sisters) and our newest show, October Road.

This is so something that will always remind me of my sisters and this is yet another thing that I’ve inherited from them, my love for the tube.

3. Soaps.

Soaps, Stories, whatever you call them. The last thing that has totally made me one of those “Locke” girls is my love of watching soaps. My sisters grew up watching General Hospital and I watched it with them when I was in elementary school, middle school, and even in high school and now, all these many many years later, we all STILL watch and discuss General Hospital together. My sister Helen lives in Colorado and we still have our weekly wrap up calls every Friday to discuss this weeks GH.

We all have different crushes on different guys and this is the reason I wrote this post, because hot damn, my Patrick Drake is FINE! Here’s some of why I love my sisters for introducing me to this hottie filled soap opera.

Introducing, Patrick Drake…

Isn’t he adorable? hehe…

Anyway, these are things that I’ve picked up from my sisters? Is there anything that you’ve picked up that you got from your parents, siblings or a really close friend?

Therese, Look What I Found?

15 12 2006

This is for you, Tita Boom…remember THIS? hahah…

HAHAHAHAHA, I used to know this whole damn concert by heart! haha. My favorite part of this song? “He always looks around, his eyes wander round” haha…Justins dance move to that one? Yep, I’m all on it! haha.

Since I Don’t Have Anything To Blog About?

14 12 2006

Here’s a video for you guys to enjoy…this is my favorite song of the moment, it speaks to me, let it speak to you guys too, kay? LOL.


Video of the Week: Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake.

23 08 2006

This song has been stuck in my head all week long so I’m putting it up on my blog, just because it’s catchy and I like to dance along to it and I need to dance in my office before I die of boredom…so here you go.


Video of the Week!

30 07 2006

This week’s video of the week is once again for my girls, Ames and Grace because I know they’ll appreciate this video just as much as I do…hehe. Check it out, our man makes an appearance toward the end, so for Ames and Grace…check it out! 😉

And dude, can’t nobody say that Ciara cannot dance because this broad can get her freaky freaky freak on!

Enjoy it or not, I did….LOL.


A Friday Bonus.

21 07 2006

This is for my girls, Gracie Girl and Ames, look at our man getting his groove on in this video…don’t you just love a man who can groove like that?

Enjoy sweetums!